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female 4mm nipples - piercing and stretching experience.

I had my nipples pierced about 5 years ago, and since then have stretched them to 4mm. I decided to write this experience as I am often asked questions about how long to wait until stretching, and how much it hurts. Also, while a fair amount of men have large gauge nipple piercings, I don't think I know any other women who have stretched their nipples larger than 2.4mm, so hopefully this will inspire some of you to ditch the small rings for something chunkier and more fun.

Before getting my left nipple pierced, I'd only previously had ear and navel piercings, so I was very worried it would hurt a lot more. Still, I wanted it pierced, and reasoned with myself that the pain would be over quickly, so I decided to go through with it. I got the piercing done by Grace at Styx in Norwich, and on the day I drove into the city with my best friend for moral support. On arrival I paid my money and went on in; Styx didn't make you fill in any forms or anything in those days, so once I'd paid, I was ready to go. I was disappointed that she wouldn't allow my friend into the room to watch, saying it was too small, but she was going to be in the waiting room just outside, so I didn't worry too much.

I went into the piercing area, removed my top, and was told to stand up properly while Grace cleaned me up and made the marks. Once she had done this I checked them, and then lay down on the couch. She moved the metal tray around to the side of the bed, and showed me the jewellery she planned to use. A 1.6mm ring, about 14mm ID I think. She told me to look away if I was scared of needles while she prepared the equipment and got the needle out of the package. I'm not scared of needles, but opted to just lie looking at the pretty vines painted on the ceiling until she was ready. She put the clamps on and put an elastic band on them. From reading experiences on BME, I expected the clamps to be very painful, but they weren't at all, certainly not as painful as nipple clamps or just tightly squeezing the nipple with your fingers. Then she did the piercing. It was a very intense pain, and I let out a small scream. Having had other piercings since to compare it to, I don't think it was actually that painful, as piercings go, but I have a very low pain threshold, so everything hurts me! I looked down and saw the sheath of the cannula in my nipple, and watched her put the ring in, which was just a short tug, and then she inserted the ball. I put my top on, was given the aftercare leaflet, and was on my way, with my friend laughing at me for screaming.

That evening, and for the next two or three days, the piercing was sore, and my whole breast ached. I cleaned it twice daily with salt-water soaks, and opted not to wear a bra as it put too much pressure on the piercing and added to the pain. After a couple of weeks it was only painful if I caught it, though it was still getting quite crusty and needed soaking well. Having the ring in made my nipple a lot more pronounced and darker pink, some people say piercing makes your nipples permanently erect - this isn't quite true, but it does make them stick out rather more. So, I wasn't symmetrical anymore.

I remedied this by going and getting my right nipple pierced soon afterwards. The studio and procedure was the same, except this time she wasn't quite on the marks and the ring wasn't perfectly horizontal. I didn't think it was bad enough to want to get it re-done, so I decided to heal it and see how it looked. This mis-placement actually helped me, as the piercing didn't go as deep into the centre of the nipple, and was considerably less sore.

The left piercing was harder to heal, partly because it was deeper, and also because it seemed to get in the way more; my seatbelt wasn't adjustable, and it rubbed on the piercing. I used to drive at least 3 times a day, so this was quite annoying. Every now and then both piercings would seem fine, would have no crustiness or soreness, and I'd think they'd healed, but then one would get knocked and I'd have to resort to salt soaks once again.

The final healing time was about a year for the left nipple, and 18 months for the right. Once I was satisfied they were healed, I decided I wanted to stretch them. I couldn't pull or put any weight on them without it pinching painfully, and it seemed rather pointless to have nipple rings I couldn't play with.

I once again returned to Grace, and with the help of a taper she inserted a pair of 2mm rings for me. After lubing the taper, she pushed it through very quickly, as if she was piercing, and the pain was short and sharp, but nowhere near as bad as the initial piercing. For a couple of weeks after the stretch, my nipples were sore, but soon returned to normal after more salt water soaks. About three months later, I was ready to stretch again, so I returned and got a pair of 2.4mm rings with 16mm ID put in. Again, the stretch was painful but quick, and my nipples were sore for a while afterwards.

Then I was happy with my body. I didn't get any more piercings or tattoos for a couple of years. One day, the itch to get pierced returned, and I got a couple more piercings. All this thinking about my body made me decide I wanted my nipples stretched again. I had returned to Styx for my first new piercing, but Grace had left to have a baby, and there was another woman piercing. She pierced my eyebrow satisfactorily, but told me lots of stuff about piercing that was untrue, and didn't really seem to know what she was talking about. So for later piercings I found a new studio, Precious Piercing in Norwich. The staff were a lot more interested in the whole bodymod scene, and certainly knew what they were talking about, so I felt it was a good choice.

I went in one afternoon to get my nipples stretched, and found the only 3.2mm rings they had in were of 14mm ID. They were large enough to put in my nipples safely, but I didn't like the way smaller rings looked. I decided to go for the stretch anyway, and put larger rings in once they had come in stock. Ginge stretched my nipples, starting with the left, and explained he prefers to insert the taper slowly, as twisting it around and in and out of the hole helps ensure the lubricant gets right in, and the heat of the motion means the skin stretches more easily. This worked fine to get the taper about two-thirds of the way in, but after that it started to really pinch, so I told him to just get it over and done with. There was a sharp pinch as the taper went in, but once the jewellery went in it felt fine. The right nipple was a lot easier, almost painless, probably because it wasn't placed as deep as the other. My nipples weren't sore at all afterwards; I didn't need to soak them or anything. This wasn't much of a surprise as it had been a very long time since the last stretch.

I returned to the studio about 6 weeks later to see if my larger diameter rings had come in, and the short answer was that they hadn't, and everyone was blaming each other for forgetting to order them. The problem was, the studio was shutting in a couple of days, the staff were all taking summer off before deciding if they wanted to open a new shop later in the year. Ginge had a final search through the jewellery and the only thing he could find was a pair of 4mm rings with 18mm ID. These were really chunky, and I loved them, but was a little concerned about stretching again so soon. I didn't have much of an option, as waiting and trying to stretch them at home without a taper didn't seem like fun. So, I decided to go for it.

Ginge took me into the studio and found a space for me to sit. As they were packing to leave, and this was the secondary studio, I had to perch myself on the edge of the bench which was covered in bagged up suspension hooks. I knew the stretch wouldn't be that easy, so I told him just to go for it, rather than trying to be gentle and spreading the pain out longer. I opted to have the left nipple done first as I knew it would hurt more, and wanted to get it out of the way. As he did each one, I let out a short scream again. I felt really guilty as there was a girl about to get her labret pierced in the next studio, and she was really scared of the pain; I didn't want to put her off by making loads of noise, but I just couldn't help it. Once the rings were in, my nipples were a bit sore, and the left one needed salt soaks for a couple of weeks until it was back to normal.

My nipples have been at 4mm for about a year now, and I am really happy with them. I like the way they look much better now than with smaller rings, and they are a lot more functional. I can hang substantial amounts of weight from them, and pull or twist them hard without them hurting.

My advice to anyone who wants large nipple piercings is:

If you don't already have piercings, get them pierced at at least 2.4mm. This means you're part of the way there already, and the piercings will probably heal more quickly and with less chance of migration.

If you already have piercings, make sure they are totally healed before you start stretching. Even if they are not generally sore, if you've had the piercings less than a year, chances are they won't be ready. Some people have to wait much longer. I know it's frustrating, but in the long run it is much better to be kind to your piercings!

Don't try this at home! With ear and some other piercings, it's easy to just get larger jewellery and shove it through, but if you do this to your nipples, you'll end up hurting yourself far more than necessary. If you want to do it yourself, buy a set of tapers. If not, most studios won't charge you to put in jewellery if you buy it from them.


submitted by: vampy
on: 28 March 2003
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Grace+%2F+Ginge
Studio: Styx+%2F+Precious
Location: Norwich

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