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Female nipple stretch- go bigger!

When I first got my nipples pierced, I did not intend to ever stretch them. The 14 gauge captive rings looked beautiful, and of course I did not want to risk damaging my perfectly healed piercings. However, as time progressed and my nipples healed completely (this took around 5 months), I started to consider nipple stretching. Above all, I am a fan of symmetry- since most of my piercings were already reaching the 10 gauge mark, I decided that a nipple stretching project would be my next undertaking.

As I said above, any body piercing should be healed before you begin stretching, especially something like a nipple piercing! This is obviously a place of heightened sensitivity, so careful planning and slow stretching is important. For my own personal stretches, I did the first one (14 to 12 gauge) at home, using two 1/2" stainless steel barbells, while the second stretch used two 9/16" titanium captive rings.

Since I did not have the proper type of jewelry at hand to stretch from 14 gauge to 12 gauge, I opted to buy new barbells from the local piercing shop. Although I did have one barbell at my house already, upon inspection I noted a few small scratches on the surface of the jewelry. This could cause complications later on in the healing process, so I decided to just be safe, spend the money, and buy new jewelry that was trustworthy. Although I bought the barbells at the shop, I decided to put them in on my own, in the comfort of my own home.

After taking a nice, hot shower (making sure to wash my nipples thoroughly with Provon antibacterial soap), I was ready to attempt my first nipple stretch. Both barbells were still in their protective packaging- I knew they were sterile because I waited as the shop sterilized them. I carefully removed the first 14 gauge ring from my right nipple, looking for any signs of irritation as I removed it. Everything looked fine around the piercing holes, so I decided to continue the stretching process. First, I washed my hands with Provon again, then removed the first barbell from it's protective packaging. Using a small amount of Astroglide (this, for me, was a very good and safe lubricant for all of my stretches), I lubed up the end of the barbell and lined it up with the piercing entrance hole.

I should take a moment to say that this is probably not the best way to perform a nipple stretch, as I found out later. Use of a taper is a MUCH more comfortable and less damaging way of nipple stretching. But to continue... Applying a constant force to the barbell and a pressure against the other side of the nipple, I could feel the progress of the new jewelry. This was not a vary painful process, but there was a definite soreness once I passed through the center of the nipple. The barbell exited the nipple cleanly, with no blood and a very little amount of cells collected from the inside of the piercing. I screwed the ball onto the end of the barbell and was done! The pain, aside from the actual stretch, was minimal. I stretched very slowly- one nipple was done maybe over a range of a few minutes.

As for the other nipple, I decided to hold off for a few days, before finally stretching about a week later. The piercing on the left side has always seemed to have more problems, and I did not want to risk irritating the area further by stretching. Besides, no one could see that my jewelry didn't match anyway! Once both nipples were stretched, healing was very easy. I pretended like the piercings were new again, doing a sea salt soak about once a day, and making sure to keep the area irritation free (including remembering to rinse out any salt residue, which is a bit more difficult to do with barbells). This continued for about a month and a half.

Although I was happy with the stretching I had done at home, I opted to have the transition from 12 gauge to 10 gauge performed by a professional. I also determined that my body heals much better with titanium jewelry, and therefore ordered two rings for the procedure. The shop was more than happy to stretch my piercings for free (as most shops are, as long as you have your own sterile jewelry- but tips are always welcome following the procedure!). I must say that, while more painful than my first stretch, this way was much safer. Of course, it was probably more painful because the jump from 12 to 10 is much greater than that from 14 to 12. After a few hours of soreness, and a struggle to fall asleep, my nipples seemed back to normal in the morning. It's been a few days now, and I can freely rotate them in the shower when cleaning. I thought that I may stop at 10 gauge, but only time will tell. Anyone who is considering stretching their nipples, I would recommend going to a shop and using a taper- this will cut down on scar tissue and trauma to your piercing. Good luck!


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on: 12 Jan. 2003
in Nipple Piercing

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