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The Journey So Far

I don't guess I am the "type" of person one would expect to be pierced, though to even write that line is laughable in that it reveals stereotypical prejudices with which I was indoctrinated from youth: "men with piercings are a bad element." Anyway, I am a professional with three degrees, including a Ph.D. I am rather conservative in my political stances, but I do not argue with anyone about anything. All that is to say that if you saw me in my suit & tie, you probably would not imagine that I have 4 gauge nipple rings and a 4 gauge Prince Albert.

I think this journey began when I saw the movie "A Man Called Horse" when just a small boy. I can remember peering over the front seats of my Dad's car at the drive-in theater screen. When Richard Harris (God rest his soul) was pierced with those eagle's claws and hoisted into the air as a test of his humanity, something inside of me bore witness to the correlation between enduring pain & being a "real" man, not just an animal--something like the spirit mastering the flesh. After that, I fantasized in my imagination about being tied to a rack and whipped or suspended by cables attached to my chest. Even as a boy I would become sexually excited by the thought of taking the pain, my blood oozing out, and absorbing all kinds of mistreatment.

As I matured (a debatable issue), I discovered sex—YEA! As I learned what felt good to me & what did not, I found that I was most aroused by the pinching, scratching, and biting on my nipples; the harder the better, even to the drawing of my blood. It got to the point that without this pain I had little interest in the rest of sexual forays and variations. For whatever reason (repulsion, fear of inflicting permanent damage, lack of interest in such activity), few would go to the lengths I desired to go in feeling more and more painfully intense sensation. So, I took matters into my own hands, so to speak. I started experimenting with needles. I took the ends off of hypodermic needles and would pierce myself with several, mostly through my nipples, until I achieved the level of pleasure desired. I graduated to larger upholstery needles. This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship between me and metal.

Years went by before I ever heard of professional nipple piercing and body mod jewelry. It was stumbling across the BME site that exposed me to the wide variety of people in this communal experience, as well as the varied types of piercings available. I read the experiences and viewed the pictures sent in by people for months before I decided to give it a try. My one reason for reticence was that a few of those who got their nipples pierced reported the loss of sensitivity in their nipples after the piercing; that would be disastrous for me on so many levels, especially sexually! I guess I also wondered about the jewelry interfering with a lover's teeth. For that reason, I opted for barbells so that the metal would be easily removable to allow access directly to my flesh.

I was initially pierced at 14 gauge and it felt heavenly! The needle going through was almost metaphysically satisfying. All day long and many times throughout the night thereafter, I was aware of my chest as never before. The sheer delight of my accentuated nipples rubbing against my shirt was exquisite; if the jewelry caught on something and pulled, producing a sharp jolt of pain, even better. I was disappointed with how small the metal looked though. Being muscular and large in the chest, the 14 gauge jewelry looked miniscule. I had to stretch, stretch as quickly as possible, and stretch I did. Always pulling at the jewelry, hanging weights on them, inserting tapers, I started the journey toward what I thought was my goal, 8 gauge rings. I am now up to 4 gauge circular barbells. I love this size because of the weight and the aesthetics; they look & feel great!

What's next? I've ordered "nails" to put vertically behind the present holes. I am started with one inch long, 12 gauge nails. We'll see where it goes from there. I have not regretted a single moment of my experience; I only wish I had started years ago. I know that compared to many who have extreme modifications, my experiences are rather tame by comparison. Still, I am happy with what I have thus far done. One day I hope to try a suspension and realize a childhood dream. I did follow with a Prince Albert, now at 4 gauge, and I have ordered a Prince's Wand. The nipples though are my favorites so far.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Dec. 2002
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Randy
Studio: Randy+Adams+Tattoo
Location: Fort+Worth%2C+TX

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