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Nipples are on sale?!?

I have this friend named Nikki who's all into piercings and tattoos and all that suspension stuff and I think everyone that comes within 20 feet of her is heavily influenced by all the metal in her skin, this including me. I remember it being a huge thing for me to be getting my belly button pierced, but now it just seems like getting a haircut. So far I only have my ears stretched to 2ga and 4ga, a double tongue web (both 16ga), 14ga navel, and 14ga nipple, but you're talking to a girl who did not even know you could stretch piercings up until a year ago.

Nikki was getting her nipple re-pierced on the weekend, and two days or so before she told me I should go with her and get mine pierced as well. I had the money but there was no way in hell I was going to go through that kind of pain. So I said no, but I'd go with her. That whole week I'd been feeling pretty bad. I was having bad stomach aches and nausea and all that fun stuff, so when we were in the piercing studio I kept having to go outside for fresh air or sit down. Her piercer even asked me if I was feeling okay and if I wanted a glass of water. I just needed to sit down. Our other friend Matt was getting his ear pierced at 8ga, and he was nervous about the size of the damn needle so I figured I would not make a scene about my stomach ache.

I went outside to wait with Kristin and JC because I needed some fresh air, and I asked how much Nikki's piercing was going to cost her. Kristin told me that nipple piercings were on sale that month, and somehow suddenly that changed my mind. I put aside my stomach ache and went back inside and told everyone that I was going to be getting my nipple pierced as well that day. But instead of 10ga I went for 14ga.

This being my second professional piercing out of 8, I was not exactly ready to have some strange chick shove something through my nipple right away. Matt went first, and his nervousness proven wrong, he was okay. Nikki went second, but I did not judge what mine would be like from the way hers turned out, because she had scar tissue, and was pierced at 12ga and stretched to 10ga right away. 14ga is not near as big and scary as that, so I really had no idea what it was going to be like for me.

The piercing girl was awesome. She was nice and talkative and friendly and actually knew what the hell she was doing. Vanessa cleaned me up nice and good, but when she went to put the clamp on my nipple, something kind of strange happened. Every time she put the clamp on my nipple, my nipple would retract into my breast, so if she had pierced it, it would go through my areola into the actual nipple and then back out the other side of my areola. That was not exactly something I would enjoy, so she had to pierce me further back. Damn the ostrich nipple!

She came at me like a mad crazy woman with the needle – well I'm sure she didn't, it just seems like that when you're half naked in a room full of bondage things – and got me to do all those fun breathing techniques. The actual piercing was painful, but underneath the pain I found I really enjoyed the way it felt. As it turns out, the piercing is slightly crooked, but oh well it adds character I tell you.

Afterwards, I had to lie down for a while and finally have that cup of water Vanessa wanted me to have so badly. We talked about Toronto and how it smelled funny, and after a couple minutes I was good to put my shirt and bra back on. Since I was not feeling well, I had not eaten much since god knows when, so we decided to get some food. We went to McDonalds, and as I was in line standing with Kristin I started to black out. I told Kristin I was about to pass out, and sat down. I started feeling kind of queasy, and decided I was going to throw up, which I promptly did. However, the bathroom was locked and whatnot, so I had to go outside and puke in front of tourists. Not the most pleasant experience, probably not for them either, but I felt a hell of a lot better.

For the first week I did not really have much to clean it with, so I just stuck to Epsom salt soaks twice a day. Now I clean it with Saline and everything is fine and dandy. It bled a bit for the first couple days when I cleaned it, and crusties were doing strange things, but hot damn it's worth it. Err. Ahem. Moving on... I had to be careful of what I did for the first couple days – you have no idea how many things actually touch your nipple until you have something in it that hurts all the time. Craziness. But it's well worth it, and I'm glad they were on sale or else I'd still have boring nipples. Or something.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Oct. 2002
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Vanessa
Studio: Mack%27s+Leather+Studio
Location: Downtown+Vancouver

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