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The Beauty That Is My Left Nipple

My friend has been trying to get his tattoo for weeks now, and has been given many setbacks. One artist said yeah just come in, bring a picture and I'll do it. So we came in, brought the picture, and the artist on duty said it had to be redrawn and needed about a week. So we submitted the picture, it was redrawn, and finally the constant moaning about wanting a tattoo was about to come to an end.

Three of us have become semi regular at Sinkin' Ink... my best friend gets tattoos (two so far, saving for a piercing)... this is my other friend's first tattoo... and I generally try to come out with something (daith, rook, and now...)

When my friend went in to get his tattoo done, my best friend and I were waiting in the chairs provided looking at the pictures of tattoos and the cases of very attractive jewelry.

"You should get something done!!!"

I looked at her and rememered what had transpired right before I left the house.

flashback She stood trembling in the doorway to the family room. One parent sat on one side of the sofa, the other on the opposite side. Both focused steely eyes upon their daughter, counting the number of piercings she had and filing it away for later use. They spoke of unmentionable terrors that should befall her if she came back with another piercing... unspeakable tortures that they would inflict, and then turned back to the television, satisfied that they had made the right impression. end flashback

She must have seen the terror reflected in my eyes, for she gave up the suggestions of further earrings and thought for a moment. "A nipple ring! They'll never see it! Get a nipple ring, get a nipple ring, get a nipple ring, get a nipple ring..."

hours pass "Get a nipple ring, get a nipple ring..."

I was seriously beginning to think about it. Who would see it? I could wear thick bras and baggy shirts for a while, and when it was completely healed, I had a one way ticked to an unnamed destination and a death wish, I could tell my parents about it. So when my other friend came out with his fresh and bloody new tribal dragon tattoo, I asked him what he thought. Mistake; he's a guy, of course he was all for it.

I thought for a while more, then asked Sarah, the piercing artist, if she had time to do a piercing. She said yes and THAT, my friends, is when I felt like I was going to throw up. I was not prepared mentally for a piercing, and I was not ready to expose my boobs to a stranger... I mean, come on... a dinner date at least!

She took me into the back room which was very clean and sterile, as always. She laid out the stuff, showed me the ring (I inquired about the barbell, which would have cost $65, and decided on the ring, $45, because I only had sixty bucks on me). I made it quite clear that I was very scared, and if I had to throw up I wanted to throw up on the two friends waiting for me. That is when I had to take off my bra.

Well, at least I trust her. She's done all my other piercings of note and has done a wonderful job. Plus, it's just a piercing to her. And I'm pretty sure she has a boyfriend. So I was safe. I did one of those cheater "take the bra off without removing the shirt" things that guys hate and then pushed up my shirt so I didn't feel so exposed.

Wearing gloves and a mask already, she rubbed it with iodine and told me to stand up... my boobs had to be in a "natural position" in order for her to line up the ring properly. She made two little dots and asked me to go look in the mirror to see if that was ok. I did so and god, those dots looked far apart. But it was all good, I trusted her, so I said it looked fine, that I was scared, and would quite possibly throw up on her shoes.

She took this in stride and clamped my nipple. I didn't mind this actually... hmmm. :) But at any rate, she picked up the needle with the ring on the end, and asked me if I was ready. I said no, but told her to go ahead. My stomach was turning cartwheels and I braced myself. Deep inhale....

Evidently my cries ("ow... ow.... OW!") were heard in the waiting room by my friends, but the two first ows were in anticipation... she hadn't actually touched me at that point. But once the needle was through and the ring was settled she was right -- while there IS pain, it doesn't linger. It decided to ache a bit and burn a bit at intervals, but it was a lot less painful than my rook.

She told me to go look in the mirror, and I could NOT believe that I had a ring through my left nipple. Honestly, I was in shock. Looked great, but holy crap, that was MY boob I was looking at, and there was a RING through it! I still haven't come to terms with the fact that I have a nipple ring. :)

We went on a great Phisoderm hunt and finally found some for aftercare... and so far so good, I love it and my mother, after inspecting my belly button and ears, was satisfied that I came home clean. Muahahaha.

Here's a hint: After you get your nipple pierced, take Advil. It helped so much with the pain and so far it hasn't swelled. Also, if you're in a car without suspension (my best friend thought it was funny to go over speedbumps) I don't care WHO is in the car with you... hold on to your boob! It doesn't appreciate the bumping.

That was my experience thus far... Wish me luck, and if this goes well I'll go back to get my right nipple pierced. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2002
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Sarah
Studio: Sinkin%27Ink+Tattoos
Location: 32+Hess+St.+S%2C+Hamilton%2C+Ontario

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