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Welded nipple ring

Way back in 1988, aged 26, I was active in driving rally and at the same time I was having thoughts about having an earring. But, I concluded, that having a ring in the earlobe would be a nuisance due to the fact that I was using a helmet quite often. I thought a lot about it and came to the conclusion that I really wanted a ring and the ear was out of the question due to the trouble with the helmet. Through a coincidence I saw an article in a 'mens-magasine' about a woman in Denmark who had pierced her nipples and I found it attractive and it really looked nice. It seemed also as a 'alternative' way of having a ring and that very idea of pissing people a little off appealed to me. I'm not all that provokative but i'm having this idea that if "all the others" are doing it a certain way I can do things my own way. Then, in January 1989, after a lot of thinking I bought a normal earring and, using an injection needle (mom is nurse), I pierced my right nipple and inserted the ring. It was in no way painless but I was determined which made up for the missing clamp. I actually used an eraser instead of the clamp, something i can't recommend. As I now know it's taking longer time to heal with a normal silver ring in but finally it was cured and to my surprise I found that it had increased my sensitivity in the nipple quite a lot. After a little thinking I bought another ring and went through the very same procedure but this time with my left nipple. Again it was sore for 3-4 weeks and then it was too VERY sensitive, to my delight. After some months I had had a couple of times where the rings had been caught in closes and such and as the ring was thin it did hurt when it happened, almost did cut into the flesh. For that reason I considered removing them but I loved the sensitivity they gave and the pleasure of playing with them. So I came up with the idea that thicker rings wouldn't 'cut' as much when caught so I started to expand my nippleholes by inserting thicker rings into them and allowing them to grow to fit. It took a couple of years to expand them to the size I wanted and by that time I had expanded them to a size which allowed me to insert my littlefingers through the holes. This was not my real goal but it sort of came by the way but then 5 years ago I would like to have a ring permanent installed into my left nipple as I thought that two heavy gauge rings would be a little much for 'outsiders' to see. During this time i actually had my nipples extended to a degree where i had to decide if i was to use the original holes or make new ones. I made new holes the same way as before and started expanding them which means that i'm actually doubled pierced in both nipples. Now it was 1995 and at that time there was no stores within my range (at least not within my knowledge) that had piercing jewelry so I had to make the ring myself. I managed to find some 4mm stainless acidproof steel which was soft enough to bend (with great force) so I made a ring, polished it and inserted into the nipple and was satisfied. At least for a while, because the ends were somehow always ending up in the nipple and it was unpleasant. After a bit more thinking I decided that a closed ring would be perfect but how do you insert a closed 4mm thick steel ring into a hole in your nipple??? The solution I used is a little unusual: I inserted the ring and WELDED it into place with my MAG-welder with stainless acidproof thread in it which was a leftover from a previous job. It is not easy to weld steel so near the body and not get burned but I made shields from thick cardboard and had an ample supply of wet cloths to cool the ring down. The type of steel I used is a poor heat conductor and thus I had a chance to cool it before it was too late. After the welding was done I used abrasive tools like files and such to remove the excess of the welding and now it's impossible to see where the ring is closed. The ring is now sitting safe in my left nipple and I have no thought of removing it although my wife (met her 1996) said that when the kids came along (now 3½ and 1 year old) I would have to remove it 'for the child's sake'. But as I haven't picked out the tool to remove it (angle-grinder) it's still in place and there it remains.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2001
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: D.I.Y.+%28Homemade%29
Studio: Home
Location: Bornholm%2C+Denmark

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