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My permanent nipple tubes/shields

My permanent nipple tubes/shields My story goes back a long time. My mom pierced my ears when I was newborn, so I was used to allways have pierced ears. From I was a small girl, I tried to push my limits by piercing different parts of my body. I pierced my own nipples when I was about 13 years old. I didnt know anything about piercings, so i used different needles and old ear-rings in my new holes. The holes healed, and things were doing very good, actually. I must have a body who adapts very fast I guess. At that time I put on my first pair of high heeled shoes which my dad bought me for my new summer-dress. I loved them a lot, and since that day, Ive been in my heels more or less permanently. After some days I felt pain in my achilles-scene, but I didnt care, I just wore them all the time. The toes were pushed into the middle of my feet, and I guess since I was only 13 years old, my feet was not grown finished, so I kind of grew into high heels. Now, 22 years later, Im stuck in my heels for the rest of my life. I cant flatten my foot anymore. My toes are permanently bent into the middle of the feet, as in all ladys pumps. But its ok, Iv got used to it. And I like the thought that I can wear nothing else than heels. Even in the shower I use heels. The same year my mother thought my waist was to big for my dresses. She got me a steel-boned lacing corset and started tightening the laces. It felt wonderful, and, like my shoes, Ive been in my corset since, and Im now totally dependent on the support the corset gives. My waist is 57 cm corsetted. But, back to piercings. At the same time as I streched my nipples, I streched my earlobes. The holes got bigger and bigger, and I really enjoyed it. Graduall I streched my nipple piercings, and got used to wearing bigger and bigger objects in my new holes. After some years, I think I was 19, my holes had 8 m.m. rings in them. These were stainless steel rings, very heavy. I liked them a lot, and, since I was single and the rings were extremely stiff and hard to get in and out, I was kind of stuck with them without tools. I got them on in a piercing-studio, and the guy who installed them had to struggle hard to close the ball. Ha had sweat on his forehead. My thought was "These rings are in to stay!" So my 8 m.m. rings were in their holes for a couple of year without being taken out. At that time, I first thougth about permanent decoration of my breasts. I decided to go for 8 m.m. tunnels. I headed back to the piercing-studio, and met the same man who installed my rings. I guess he didnt like the thought of getting the rings out again, because it was so much trouble the last time. I was having a look at what they had in stock, and saw these marvellous steel nipple shields. I got to have them on, was my only thought. It was my turn, and I asked to get the rings out of my nipples and into my now 7 m.m. holes in my earlobes. And I wanted nipple shields and flesh tunnels. The flesh tunnels I wanted, was one-piece, flared out on both sides. Luckily he had them in stock. He advised me not to use them in my nipples, because they was very hard, or nearly impossible, to get out again once in. I told him I wanted adorments which was practically impossible for me to take out. My thougts about the word "permanent" was stuck in my brain. He took out the rings, installed my new nipple shields and nipple tunnels. They slid right in place. The shields were very nice and tight, and fit right under the end (flares) on both sides of the tunnels. So they stayed in place. With great effort he did get my nipple rings into my earholes. They also looked stunning now! All that weight! I was now very happy with my "new" breasts and earlobes. People started to comment on my huge ear-rings and some even asked why my nipples were so big, they could clearly see something through my bra. Well, not when I wore an overbust corset, as I sometimes use. This was 8 years ago I think. I was very happy with everything, and "permanent" was still strongly in my brain. I decided to have a talk to a lokal smith. He said he could, if I was sure thats what I wanted, weld the tunnels to the nipple shields. But he said: "Once on, they are on forever!" These words were getting me horny! I was now sure that this was what I wanted. So I agread on a date for doing the welding. The date came up (25 juli 01), and I went to the smith. I have been thinking long and hard every day that this is realy what I wanted, and every day the answer was yes. Besides, my holes gives me no trouble, no pus or anything. I met him in the door, and he locked it. Just him and me was in his workshop. He told me he was going to weld under water because of the great heat the welding process will produce. But still, I would feel pain or be uncomftable while he was doing what I wanted him to do. Then he put me into a big tank, like a fish-tank or something. He told me he had cleaned it well the day before, and the water had to be quite cold. I was cold after short time in the tank, but he worked fast. Before I knew it, he had started the welding prosess on my right nipple. It felt like a short burn, but I did ok. He asked me how I was doing, and checked that everything was ok. Then he finished my right breast. He welded both sides of the tunnels onto the nipple shields. Due to the coldness in the water, he quickly continued with my left nipple, and two short "burns" were all I could notice. Maybe it was the cold water doing its cooling job. He helped me up, giving me a big towel to dry myself. He gratulated me with my new permanent nipple decorations. That was a marvellous moment, imprented in my brain forever. I looked at my breasts, and saw that he had to polish a little. I knew I would never again see them without my shields and tunnels. They were now a part of me, and could not be removed. Ever He polished them, so the welding spots looked nice. I was going to pay him for the job, but he would not let me. Ha had so much fun with this, he could not take money for it. He is a very nice man, about 60 years old. I guess his member was hard while doing this job! So here I am. My life has changed a bit. Other people can take out their jewellry, but I can never again take out my nipple tunnels and shields! They are on to stay. And I love it!!!! Just the thought of it, makes me horny as hell! Right now Im thinking of a new permanent adornment on my body, but thats another story. Hope you enjoyed my experience. Feel welcome to email me, especially if you have done similar things, or are considering it. Ilse says goodbye! ilse_berg@hotmail.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 2001
in Nipple Piercing

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