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My first Piercing

a strange day. I was wandering around Brighton with my girlfriend of the time (She has her nipple pierced) and I decided that I wanted my nipple pierced. I had been thinking about it for a long time but never thought I would have the guts to get it done. I had seen how much pleasure her piercing gave her and figured that if mine gave me half that it had to be good. We wandered out to Perforations, which is where she had her piercing done, and numerous friends of mine also got pierced. As we went in I began to feel nervous. It was strange. I spoke to the lady behind the desk and explained what I wanted. She said, "Certainly take a seat." So I'm sitting there and starting to sweat and get very nervous. At this point the lady behind the desk and one of the piercers begin a conversation about suspension. At this point I realise that what I'm here for is nothing and that I really should stop worrying. Anyway the lady notices that I'm looking a little pale and starts chatting to me about all sorts of piercings that she has had and taken out and such like. The next thing I know I'm getting real curious and interested in all off her different piercings this helped a great deal. It was because of this lady getting me interested I found BME. I calmed down a bit and after a 30 min wait I was called down to the piercing room. We were taken to the Green room and the piercer asked me to take my top of and sit on the table. He then made loads of jokes and put me at ease, which I was very shocked about. There was some very cool mellow trance tune playing in the background and I just sort of focused on that and tried to forget that a stranger was about to shove a needle through my nipple. He cleaned the area and swapped gloves then marked the area and swapped gloves again. He explained that all the equipment was sterile and I saw it all being produced from Sealed bags. He clamped my nipple, which felt good in a very strange way. He then asked if I was ready. I said yes and closed my eyes. I felt the needle sliding through and expected pain. I was very shocked. The pain was really not anywhere near as bad as I has expected at all. What pain there was vanished very quickly and became a dull throb. I was quite shocked when I looked down and saw a 6-inch needle through my nipple He placed the jewellery before I noticed and asked how I felt. I was feeling a little light headed so I sat on the couch for a little while before I went upstairs to pay. He explained that light-headedness could be quite a common thing in nipple piercing. While I was sitting on the couch he started chatting about other piercing and his work. He was a very interesting guy and I feel incredibly bad about forgetting his name. (He had pink hair and two very nice stretched lobes.) I went upstairs and handed over the £20 and walked out on to the street with a huge smile on my face and feeling really dizzy. In my daze I even forgot to tip the piercer. I got a drink and a chocolate bar and began to feel much better. All in all it was a fantastic piercing by a fantastic piercer at a fantastic studio. I would recommend the studio to anyone looking for a piercing in the area. I live in London near three different piercing studios and I'm still willing to make the hour's trip to get pierced there. Three months on The healing process has been quite a long one but I have been under a huge amount of stress and have been working very hard so this is understandable. However now that it is healed it is fantastic. I love having it played with and as my clothes rub against it feels great. (Particularly while head banging and moshing!) My new girlfriend is obsessed with it and feels the need to play with it all the time like when we are walking down the street. She is going back to Perforations to get hers done in the next couple of weeks. I'm considering getting the other one pierced and maybe stretching them a little. They are currently at 1.6mm and I'm considering 2.4mm or slightly larger. The other possibility is to get a pair of vertical piercing's in my nipples too. If anyone wants to chat about the experience or add comments bout the stretching and the possibility of vertical piercings feel free to e-mail me. Thanks for listening Rogue


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 2000
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: A+Great+Guy+with+pink+hair+and+two+really+nice+ear+tunnels
Studio: Perforations
Location: Brighton+UK

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