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Nipples Hurt

After a very good experience having a PA done in 12G (because I was a wimp) then stretched to 10G (to early on my part) and then healed and stretched to a very comfortable 8G (Anatometal is the greatest). I decided that it was time to get some thing else pierced. I got paid a bit more than I was expecting and after buying things I needed I found that I still had enough left over to get my Nipples done. I dropped by Paragon on a Thursday ostensibly to check if Gus was working the next day and to see if they had 4mm Garnet balls for CBRs they were out so I figured that I would bring in some from my own collecting (hey folks bead shops have a wide selection of semi precious beads you just need to pick carefully to avoid ones with flaws in the stone). Gus told me that he was indeed working from 12 to 6 so I told that I would likely be in the next day. I didn't sleep much Thursday night though it is doubtful that anticipation was the cause I was more relaxed about this procedure than I was about my PA (Gee ya think). I went to work as usual and upon getting out for the day I rode my motorcycle to Paragon. As I walked in Gus walked out of his office and asked if I was still up for doing my nipples today. I said yes and he had me pull up my shirt we discussed size (14G). I told him I had some Garnet beads to use so he took them back to be sterilized along with everything else. Figuring that I would get a bit light-headed afterwards I had brought a book to pass the time I read this while we waited for the gear and jewelry to sterilize. After a bit he called me back to the same room I was in for my PA. Still as clean as the proverbial doctors room; I shed my Tee shirt and sat down to wait for him to prep everything. Again I was impressed with his dedication to sterile technique. And after a bit he had me stand for the cleaning and marking of my nipples. That done I lay down on the table and Gus put the clamp on...a singularly (actually duel since I had both done) unpleasant experience. Gus had me take a deep breath and upon exhale I felt a deep burning in my left nipple OUCH!!! Ok where is that endorphin rush they all talk about ahhh there it is. Ok now it doesn't hurt quite so much a little tug and in went the ring, on went the bead, all done that side...NEXT...I wondered aloud whether to wait for the endorphin rush to subside or to just go a head and get the second one over with I chose the later and am quite happy. He then moved around to my right clamped again (ouch I really don't like that) lined up the needle and had me breath again. The same now familiar burn but much less intensity however it came through with a pop that caught my attention. Again the tugging and in went that ring. I looked down and presto I was pierced) I don't like needles at all so I don't look ever, not even at shots). I mentioned the fact that it hurt less to Gus and he said I was lucky that isn't the case with most people. I sat up, felt fine, stood up to put my shirt on and got woozy Gus had me lay done and dug out a glucose tablet...yum tasty raspberry. After recovering my equilibrium I moved out to their waiting area to pay up and rest a bit...riding a motorcycle wasn't what I was ready for just yet. About 10 minutes of reading later and I was ready to go I needed fresh air, not that there was stale air at Paragon, jus that I needed to get out. On the road I discovered a new an interesting feature that I hadn't thought of, the wind continually pushes my leather jacket against my chest letting me know just what I have done. Other than that it was an uneventful trip home. As I finish this tale I have re-gathered all my treatment/cleaning supplies from my PA as well as finding my Shot glass. I can't wait for these to heal though I know it will be a while. This really did hurt a whole hell of a lot more than my PA; I am quite happy that I got it done first I may not have done it following this procedure. Again I have come away pleased with my treatment and service at Paragon Gus runs a first rate operation and is a very nice guy. If you are in Honolulu and have an "Urge" for a piercing, Gus at Paragon Piercing is definitely the first choice here in Honolulu.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Sept. 2000
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Gus
Studio: Paragon+Piercing
Location: Honolulu+Hawaii

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