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T-Bar nipple piercing

T-Bar Nipple Piercing Hi my name is Sian, I first posted details of my piercings back last year (around Sept) since then I have acquired a few more piercings notably t-bar nipple piercings. This is a piercing that goes down through the length of the nipple so the only visible part of the piercing is at the tip of the nipple. My interest in this type piercing came from several articles I read here on BME pages and after long e-mails with a woman from Sweden who already had t-bar piercings. The pics she sent me looked so pretty I was determined to have my nipples done this way. Should she read this may I thank her for all her helpful advice. So this is what happened: - I have had all my piercing done by Helen and after a visit to her to explain what I required and show her some pics and diagrams I was sent, she measured my nipples and we parted to await her obtaining modified bar-bells and a suitable t-bar. As things turned out Helen was unable to buy suitable rods and turned to her husband (he is a gold/silversmith) who was able to make all the necessary bits. I finally got a call from Helen asking me to pop in and see her, as everything was ready. Helen showed me the modified barbells, which were thicker than the existing ones I wore vertically through my nipples, each had a hole in the centre that was threaded to take the t-bars. The t-bars seemed quite long and each had a threaded hole in the end that would stick out from my nipple to allow me to fit different studs. It all seemed a bit complicated so I arranged to come the following Sunday to have my nipples pierced. I intended to go with a friend of mine and the more we talked about it the more excited and nervous I became, so when I got a call from Helen on Friday morning asking if I could come that evening as she was going to be busy on Sunday I quickly agreed. It was a relief to cut short the waiting so I called Tanya my friend to check she could make it. My friend Tanya came with me, infact she drove me to Helen's and I was so nervous. When we got there Helen was fantastic she has a room at her house where she does nearly all of her piercing work but first we sat in her kitchen and had a coffee while she explained everything to me again then she showed me the special jewellery. There was a new barbell rod that would replace my existing one, this new one was a bit thicker and had a hole just below centre that the t-bar would screw into. The other difference was the bar was surgical stainless steel rather than gold like my existing one but it still had gold balls at each end. Then she showed me the t-bars, she had made them with an end that could be unscrewed so different jewellery could be fitted to the end of the bar. The ends I would have to start with were half balls so the flat side would be against the end of my nipple, her husband had set a diamantee stone into the half ball which was gold while the rest of the rod was surgical stainless. The other thing she explained was she had arranged that the bar instead of being smooth had a spiral like thread down its length. Helen said she felt the weight of my existing jewellery could pull my nipple back and leave a lot of the bar protruding from the end of my nipple, which she thought could be a problem. So with this spiral thread the t-bar would be sort of screwed into the new piercing in my nipple and would stay in position not allowing my nipple to slide up or down it. Then we went into Helen's special room, she had decided I should sit rather than lie down so her dentist type chair was all ready for me. Helen had her assistant with her who helped me out of my top while Helen removed the jewellery from the little plastic bags and put it all in a surgical fluid. Then she removed some of my existing jewellery, she left two of my rings in each nipple, then she cleaned each nipple and surrounding area and slide a sort of plastic tube into each of my vertical nipple piercings. She said she would use a local anaesthetic spray to help deaden any pain then she asked if I was ready would I rest my head back and relax. I was talking to Tanya and really trying to relax but my heart was in my mouth. First I felt a sharp sting at the end of my nipple then a real burning pain also I felt cold liquid on my nipple and the pain just died away, I could still feel Helen touching my breast and the base of my nipple but no real pain. Then she began on my left nipple and I was so tense waiting for the needle to touch the end of my nipple, I really felt it when she started the second piercing and I was so glad when the anaesthetic spray began to work. I did not watch her pierce me so the first I saw was two thick needles sticking out the end of each of my nipples, it looked so weird I felt a bit funny. Helen said the piercing was done and the needles went into the plastic tubes in my vertical piercings and she would have to remove each of the needles and quickly fit the bars down through the new piercings. While she did this her assistant continued to spray a little anaesthetic on my nipples. I watched as Helen inserted the second bar she screwed it in rather than slide it in, like my other piercings. Then in went the new vertical rod and the t-bar was screwed into it. After this everything was cleaned before Helen replaced my other rings and the horizontal rods, she told me not to wear anything hanging from my rings until my new piercings had healed but she thought the chain I have between my horizontal rods would be ok. Finally Helen held up a mirror for me to look, I could see the domed stud and the glittering little diamonds on the end of my nipples it looked amazing. I was so pleased with the result and to have it all over it made me cry a bit. I had another coffee in Helen's kitchen while my boobs dried off a bit, the whole process had taken nearly two hours. On the way home Tanya and I stopped at a pub for a drink and here the local anaesthetic began to wear off and my nipples felt quite sore and throbbed a bit and the whole of my boobs ached. The following morning the aching had almost gone but my nipples felt sore and I could hardly bear to have anything touching the end of my nipples. I remember just having to keep looking at them, as I was so pleased I had it done. I can also remember when I realised that my nipples were sticking out like thimbles. At the time I thought they were just a bit swollen and this would ease off. At work on the Monday I found when my boobs moved under my top my nipples were so sensitive and a bit sore so I tried wearing a bra but this pressed against me too hard in the end I found wearing a half cup bra under my top helped. I work for my mum who runs a chain of fashion shops and I work in the offices not in the shop so this was not a problem. The only other problem I had was my nipples were really are sticking out and showed through a thin top and at that time I couldn't bear anything too heavy or thick covering them, and as my boobs are far from small this did attract a bit of attention still that was fun. I went back to see Helen several times so as she could check my nipples and she did offer to get some shorted t-bars made for me once everything had healed. Well all this happened back in the middle of October last year so 8 months have passed and my nipples are fully healed and along with the 5 other piercings in each of my nipples I now have a glorious diamond stud at the tip of each nipple. I never did get shorter t-bars made, as my nipples healed, I found I really enjoyed having them held fully erect (my t-bar rods are 18mm long). The increase in sensitivity is more pronounced than I thought it would be, my clothes gently rubbing the end of my nipples causes a lovely tingly sensation, while other forms of contact soon have me squirming nuf said. I have had a few other bits pierced since but maybe I can cover that another time. Tanya and a few others close to me have since had their nipples pierced with t-bars, I seem to have started something among family and friends. If anyone wants to read my previous posting and can't find e-mail me as I still have it on file somewhere and could send it. Sian


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 July 2000
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Helen
Studio: Home+studio
Location: UK

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