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If at first you don't succeed

ry starts back in the summer of 1992. While browsing through a shelf of new books at my local public library, I came across one with a chapter on body piercing. Although I'd heard about it before, and had seen pictures, this was the first time I'd found a factual no-nonsense account of what it was really like - what it involved, all the details. I became fascinated with the idea of a piercing, and determined to get one myself. It took me weeks and weeks to pluck up the courage, but I decided to go for a PA. It was mainly because I couldn't stop thinking about what it must feel like to have a ring in such a sensitive place, but also because like many people I have a "respectable" job where I know I couldn't get away with a piercing that would show, and a PA was the one that would be least likely to! It was a great experience - I'll write it up someday - and so the following spring I decided to get my nipples done as well. Strange though it may sound, I can't really remember that much about it now - it was a long time ago. What I do remember, though, is that they gave trouble from the word go; they seemed to take it in turns to become red, sore and swollen - I was in agony. To cut a long story short, it wasn't many months before I noticed to my horror that the left one had started slowly creeping outwards; it was rejecting. Foolishly, I did nothing, hoping that it would stop and settle down. Needless to say it didn't, so eventually I succumbed to the inevitable; one Sunday morning I sat in the bath with a pair of pliers and took them both out. At the time I was just glad to see the back of them - they'd caused me so much grief - and I was relieved that I hadn't got an infection. But as time went by I found myself missing them, and wishing that things had turned out differently. I got a new computer at home, with Internet access, and when one day I stumbled across the BME website and read about some of the other piercing experiences, it was that as much as anything that convinced me to have another go. The place I'd used before had closed down, and I didn't fancy either of the other two local piercing places - they looked a bit sleazy and they never seemed to be open whenever I was passing by - but then I remembered having once seen Piercing World at Nuneaton, where I worked. I psyched myself up over the weekend, didn't try for an appointment because I didn't trust myself not to wimp out at the last minute, and just went along in my lunch hour on the Monday, hoping they'd be open. I was in luck. I nervously pushed open the door and went inside. Ahead of me was a small counter behind which were some book covers on display. To the right, in the shop window, was a glass display case containing rings of various styles and sizes. An assistant was helping another customer choose a suitable piece of jewellery - just like any other jewellers' shop I'd ever been in, really. Behind me, on the wall, were framed certificates registering the shop's ownership with the local council. All very legit and respectable; I was beginning to feel more relaxed by the minute. "Can I help you?" I turned round; the assistant was standing there. "Oh yes, do you do nipple piercing?" I heard myself ask. "We do." "Uh, could you do mine then, please?" I was trying to sound dead cool and casual. "Well, I can't ....... but Dean can!" I think she must've sensed the way my heart sank to the floor and then flipped over on its way back up; it was the way she smiled as she said "I'll just go and tell him he's got some custom." I filled in the consent form, and in next to no time the piercer arrived. I was reassured to see that he'd got lots of facial piercings himself - at least he's going to know what he's talking about, I figured. I chose the rings - stainless steel ones in what I assumed was a beginner's size - the cost was going to be 20 pounds each. He took me through into the piecing area, which lay behind some wooden screens of a vaguely oriental design. There was a plastic-covered adjustable reclining chair, to the left of which was a tall trolley with lots of plastic trays stacked one on top of the other. It reminded me of one of those things garage mechanics use to park their tools in while they're fixing your car. He put on a pair of disposable gloves and ripped off a length of paper towel to cover the chair, which for some reason I still can't really explain un-nerved me slightly. He had me stand up straight, hands by my side, while he wiped my nipples with a cleaning solution, and then marked the placements with what looked like a green felt-tip pen. There was a mirror in a little alcove over in the corner; I was invited to check them out to see whether I thought the placing would be right. I said yes; they looked fine to me. He showed me the needles in their once-only sealed wrappers and the sterile rings that he was going to use, and then asked me which one I'd like done first. I replied that I really didn't mind; having got this far, I was determined to have them both done whatever happened. We decided on the right one first, so he applied a liberal squirt of of a freeze-spray anaesthetic. He told me that it wouldn't be too bad, that I'd just feel a slight prick as the needle went in - well perhaps just a little bit more than that! We both laughed at his rather picturesque understatement, as he gave me another squirt of the freeze spray and I climbed up into the chair. I couln't see what was happening, but I got a step-by-step account. First a clamp was put on and tightened. It may have been the effect of the freeze spray, but although I could feel my nipple being squeezed hard - really hard - I found it a not unpleasant experience! Now it was time for the actual piercing. "Ready?" he asked. "Yeah!" Go for it!! I felt a sharp stab of pain. It was like being at the dentist - you know the moment when the drill penetrates through the bottom-most layer of tooth enamel and suddenly jars against the underlying nerve? But then, in less than the time it's taken you to read these two sentences, it was all over. "You OK?" he asked. "Fine!" I replied truthfully. "Just putting the ring in now." I felt a less painful, grating sensation as the ring was inserted, and finally a small final twinge as I heard the "click" of my new ring being closed around its ball. "There, wasn't too bad, was it?" "Nope!" "Ready for the other one?" I got down off the chair, moved round to the other side, swapping places with the mechanic's tool trolley, and climbed back up. The procedure was the same as before, complete with running commentary, and in next to no time I was listening to the instructions on how to look after my new piercings, while he inspected his handiwork. "Hmm, no blood anywhere there." He sounded impressed. "How are you feeling now?" "Perfectly OK." It was really strange, but I didn't feel anything out of the ordinary, like I always spent Monday lunchtimes getting a piercing! "Care to take a look?" I went over to the mirror in the corner again. Wow! I was now the proud owner of a pair of glistening new nipple rings. He'd done a very neat job; the positioning was perfect. He taped some paper towels over the piercings to give them some protection for the first few hours, and as I was putting my shirt and tie back on I felt bold enough to ask whether he did a lot of nipple piercings. Evidently facial and navels are more common, but he does do some nipples - mostly male, but usually only the one; it's a sort of fashion thing, apparently. He told me it was a nice change having a pair to do! I emerged back into the shop grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat. This was going to be the painful bit - paying! The cost was 35 pounds (that's about 56 US dollars); they were gving me a 5 pound discount for having both done together. Excellent!! As luck would have it, I always work late on a Monday, so it was almost 8 o'clock before I could get home to take a proper look. I experienced a momentary panic as I started to peel off the sticky tape; what if my new rings were stuck to the inside and I ripped them straight out?! But then I calmed down, and as I inspected the inside of the paper towels, I saw to my delight that there was no bloodstaining - just a few spots where the piercings had seeped slightly. I followed the instruction sheet and put on my loosest T-Shirt - the "True Romance" one; rather appropriate, I thought. This all happened to me around Easter, almost five months ago. Since then, I've taken a lot more care of my nipples this time round, and they've given me no trouble; I've been back to get my nipple rings changed for the next size up, but I've also had my PA stretched twice, and my navel pierced as well. It's a great feeling having nipple rings; I love having them and playing with them (even if I can't do it at work!), and the feeling of someone else playing with them is even better!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Sept. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Dean
Studio: Piercing+World
Location: Nuneaton%2C+UK

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