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teenage male nipple and pa in knoxville tn

name is steve and I live in Knoxvill TN. It all started when I was about 8 when I moved into a new place and ther was a guy that had his ear pierced and I decicded that I wanted my ear pierced but I thought my mom would not let me and she did not. So in 6th grade I pierced my left ear 2 times and my right ear 1 time. I did not get caght but I could not where them at home. ok now to the nipple and the the pa. I was not interested in any other piercing till i was in 7th grade when my girlfriend got her eyebrow pierced and then i wanted something more than just an ear piercing but my mom would not let me where the ear rings around her by this time she found out about my ears so i was thinking and i thought till about the end of the school year. I was thinkng about a gentile piercing but i did not know if they could be done till i saw a pic on the net or i was going to do nipples. I finally decided nipples but i did not know where i was going to get a needle and the rings. the next month i got 2 14ga cbrs. the next step was getting the needles my mom works at a hospitle and one day she brought home some needles cause my dad is diabetic so i take 2 but they where to small so i got a kniting needle and the next day i was in my room with all the things i collected. i got a pen marked both nipples and toke thhe needle and put it on the mark and started to push. i thought it was just going to push it throw easy but it was hard after i got it throw i left it in for about 10 min and toke it out next was enlargeing it that was hard and it hert like hell but i got it throw and toke it out and put the cbr in the other one went about the same way.that night i taped them down and in the morning i t was a little sore but that went away. now i did not do any thing till 9th grade when i decided i was going to do a gentile piercing i did not know what but i found bme and read experyences and looked at some the sample pics and decided on a pa i got the junk form the same place cbr from afterhoughts in west town mall in knoxville and the needle from my moms bedroom and i still had the kniting needle. i decided The summer after 9th grade i was gong to do it and that summer i got all the stuff again and put the kniting needle in alcohol and i pulled down my pants marked it and put the needle on the mark and began to push it was not nearly as hard as the nipples but it hurt a little more i was suprised that ther was not much blood cause a lot of stories about peaple doing a pa and bleeding a hole lot but there was not a lot of blood but enlarging the hole was a pain in the dick fter that i talk it out and put the 14ga cbr in and pulled p my pants and went to bed about 2 in the mornig i woke up with a huge erection and my dick was reel sore i finally got back to sleep and in the mornig it was not as sore but i had to take a piss i was wondering if it would sting spray every where so i sat and and tolk a piss it stung like hell and it still stings a little and i have streched it to a 8 ga in a bout 2 and a half months eich i did with a bigger kniting needle and that was harder to do than the piercing now i am about to start 10th grade and streched the nipples to 10 ga and the pa to 8 i should my girlfriend the nipples about a year ago and my girlfriend thinks the nipples are sexy and wants me to piere hers she does not know about the pa but i plan to show her soon im hoping then shell want a gentile piercing. now she gave me the money and tomorrow i am getting the cbrs. she wants them done before school stars and im going to do it.im thinking about doing anonther piercing idont know what but maybe a scrotal ladder or maybe something like that my mom found out about the nipples about a week after i did them and i think she was kinda neterested in it but now she lets me where the ear rings and did not get mad about the tits but does not know about the pa and i plan on her not knowing about it i suggest if you play football or any other high contact sport take out the rings in one football game my nipple rings almost got ripped out but iwass lucky i plan on asking my mom about her litting me do a eyebow or both or a tonge if she says no i will probably do it anyway please send sugtgestions on a new piercing or questions to me at steve80820@aol.com thanks for reading and if your thinking about doing a nipple or pa i say go for it it is painful at first but after it heels its wounderful

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: myself
Studio: home
Location: knoxville+tn

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