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Self-Nipple piercings

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I never really considered getting a body piercing until I had pierced my own lobes and cartilage. My family is very religious and for some reason my mom and dad thought that me piercing myself was somehow against God, or they just didn't want me to do it because of their image at the church. After I had pierced my ears a few times (against their will, of course) I decided that I wanted something a little bit more adventurous. I needed to get something under my clothing so my parents wouldn't freak out or anything. I was over 18 at the time, but I am a tightwad I guess, because I wanted to pierce myself, no matter how much anyone advised me not to. Some people tell me that i'm just into self-mutilation, but they have no grounds for those claims as far as I am concerned.

I wasn't sure just what I wanted to pierce, but after a few very unsuccessful tries on my belly button (one of which grew out within a week, despite my careful cleaning and care), and some advice against males getting their belly buttons pierced, I choose my nipple. I wasn't really very nervous to do this, because I would be doing it myself, and I could take my time, and because I knew exactly what I would do. However, I had no idea what I was doing. To this day, I wonder what on earth made me think that I could do it right because I hadn't even read anything on it or asked anyone about it who had already had it done, let alone do it themselves.

I had just gotten back from church and was skipping sunday school (go figure), when I decided that I was tired of waiting and that I had the guts to do it. I only had an hour to do this in, and since I had no idea what I was doing, I was worried that couldn't get it done in time. I gathered all my piercing gear, which included a big freakin needle that my mom had (I think it was a 14 gauge and it had an eye on the end), some ice, alcohol, peroxide, and neosporin. I began by icing my right nipple. I hadn't really decided which nipple I wanted done, so i figured that I should do my left one so no one would call me gay, so stupidly and naturally, I started on my right nipple, because I got confused in the mirror. Man i am a dumbass. Anyways... I wanted to numb it so i kept up with the ice. After a while, I realized that numbing my nipple was stupid, because i couldn't feel my fingers, and I didn't want to end up piercing my lung. I soaked everything in alcohol, including my nipple and half my body cause i accidently dumped it in my excitement. After I was fully thawed, I took my fat needle and started piercing my right nipple on its right side. It didn't really hurt that much. It felt about like a needle being poked anywhere. I was very surprised, and quite relieved.

After the initial pin prick, I was really freaking excited, so I was in an adrenaline rush. Pushing the needle through my nipple was a whole lot harder than I expected. I still don't know if it was because the needle was dull (and it was, which was really stupid of me) or because it is really that hard to pierce tissue. I pushed every which way to get the needle through, but it wasn't going anywhere. I realized that I would probably have a huge bruise there from all the fruitless pushing of the pin, but I wanted to finish what I had so eagerly started. After almost 20 minutes I had the needle in about 3/4 of the way, but no matter how hard I pushed, I couldn't get the needle to pierce through the last layers of skin. It was way too dull. I wasn't really hurting that bad, although I was always under the impression that nipple piercings hurt like hell. I wondered what the heck was the matter with me. I thought that if I had something to push on the left side of my nipple when I was trying to pierce it from the right, that it would be a little easier. I didn't want to use a thimble, so I thought that maybe I would use an ice cube. I pressed hard and the needle came shooting through the other side of my nipple about an eigth of an inch, shattering the ice cube, and stabbing my fingers that were previously holding the ice cube. That was about the most painful part of the piercing itself...During this whole ordeal I blead just a few drops.

After I managed to wrestle the needle so it was sticking out half way on each side, it was time for my parents to come home from church. I didn't know what to do so I just put all my stuff away and put on my shirt so i could get ready. Whoa did that suck. The needle that was sticking out on either side kept catching on my shirt and tugging at my very sore nipple. I slapped neosporin all over my nipple and I taped the sides of the needle to my chest. This pressed the needle into my chest really hard. I wore the needle and tape for about 3 days.

I finally decided that I needed a hoop. I jumped straight to a 14 gauge hoop with a captive bead. I pulled out the needle with much pain. This turned out to be an idiotic idea. I didn't realize that the holes closed up so fast. I forced the hoop into the side of my nipple that I first started to pierce. It would NOT go it. I stuck a stud in it instead and waited until the next day. The next day I started in with the hoop again. My nipple was leaking nasty stuff, and it lubricated the hoop as I pushed it in. Things were going great, except for the fact that I could not get the hoop to go through the other side. I tried for at least an hour. I was about to give up, and then I had the most idiotic idea of all. I pushed the hoop in hard so i could see where it wanted to come through, and I took an exacto knife and cut the skin where I saw the end of the hoop. Yeah, there was some blood there all right. It was worth it though because I got the hoop in. Getting in the bead was also a lot of fun because my nipple was so sore.

Looking back on what I did, I realize that I pierced my nipple in the most idiotic and unsanitary way possible. Despite this, I took really good care of my nipple afterwords, cleaning it every time I went to the bathroom. I'd say that my nipple was pretty well healed after about four months, however, this just means that it didn't hurt after about four months. I have no idea if it was healed or not. I don't clean it anymore other than when i shower, and it has been a whole year now. I have had no complications with healing or anything else since my nipple has healed. I have changed hoops many times, even to go as large as a 10 gauge. Right now I have something a little smaller so it doesn't look like I have a pregnant woman's nipple when you see it through my shirt.

I win first prize in idioticy on the worst piercing job ever, but it has been fine ever since. I guess I should consider myself lucky. E-mail me with any questions or comments.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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