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A long (nipple) story

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When I heard about body piercing for the first time I was quite indifferent, thinking it was pretty stupid letting someone pierce your body with a needle.

Then (hormones were growing) I started to see a lot of sexual implications in it and body piercing became attractive, even thought (or probably because) I still thought it was for "Freaks".

Anyway the matter was beyond me. A couple of years later, my cousin told me shegot her navel pierced. That of course was surprising but it let me start thinking in a different way.

So, thought I still found (and find) pierced woman and man sexy, I decided it was basically a way to express yourself and get closer to your body and I started wanting to get a piercing, but I wasn't sure about my real motivations, it could just be a desire of transgression and freedom from the conventional rules which I felt very heavy at that time.

But since after a couple of months I found myself still wanting it, I decided it was time to move up.

There were three problems: 1) I was without money, 2) I knew that my parents would have never allowed it and I didn't want to discuss with them for a thing I decided to do for myself; so I must not let them know 3) I was and still am a scout leader.

I think this point deserves an explanation. Even thought there's nothing "wrong" or "weird" in getting a piercing (at the end I got aware of that), there's still a lot of people who believe it's not a thing "Good boys" should do. Thought my role as scout leader is being an educator beside the family, I didn't want the children (they are quite young) get confused because I behaved in a way their parents didn't agree with.

It's important at their age to trust someone their parents also trust. They have to learn the importance of doubting and deciding on their own step by step and possibly without traumas.

So I had to get pierced in a "hidden place", (decided for the nipple) but there was still the problem that we take shower together during the summer camp (if we don't someone could decide that showering is not necessary for "just" 2 weeks and it would not be so pleasant). I decided to wait after the camp to have one year to let the piercing heal and eventually take it off when bathing with them.

So since my birthday is on august 21 (it means money given) and my parents went on holiday and the camp was on July, I made an appointment to the piercing studio for August 28.

I asked a friend of mine to come with me and give support. He was not so happy (he said I was crazy), but at the end he accepted.

During the previous week I was quite excited and was wondering about the whole thing, but I had no doubts; the only thing I was not sure about was the possibility to get a bad scar.

In fact a couple of years before I had to remove three freckles and I succeeded in getting some cheloids.

Anyway I sent an E-mail to BME (Shannon) and asked to the piercing studio and they both said it would be OK.

OK, the Big Day arrived: the appointment was for 4 PM, but I was there at 3.30 with my friend.

The piercer, a girl I had already met a couple of months before because we have a common friend, was really kind, she asked us to come back in 20 minutes because she was still sterilizing the tools. We went to take an orange juice and smoke a cigarette to relax. My friend was quite nervous while I was (surprisingly) calm.

Then we went back. The studio was very clean and looked quite professional, like a dentist studio.

Tattoos and piercings are performed downstairs in a separate room, which is easier to keep clean.

There were a small autoclave, a couch, a table and some shelves. My friend stayed on the stairs, reading, or pretending to read, a magazine while I talked to the piercer about the procedure and, of course, the pain. (I had gone to the dentist a month before and it had been very painful, I was expecting something even worse). I took my T-shirt off and lied down, while she took a forceps out the autoclave: it was smoking, so we waited until it got colder. She arranged disinfectant, the needle (a new one), and the bands on the table and wore the gloves.

Let's start. With a pen she signed 2 symmetrical points around my nipple and cleaned it with disinfectant.

At that point I noticed that my friend was really nervous so I told him he could go, because I was OK. The girl agreed "Yes it's better for everyone" and he fled. (He called me that evening, apologizing.) I was alone, waiting for the rest.

She pinched the nipple firmly with the forceps and I said something like "Ouch!" just as an automatic reaction, because, really, the pain wasn't so bad: let's say like when you bite your tongue.

Anyway she said that the clamping was probably the most painful moment. It was the best thing I could hear. (I was still remembering the dentist.) I was sweating a bit, but tried to relax. Then she took the needle (it seemed so big!), and asked me to breathe heavily for three times.

One Two Three... Nothing. She smiled. "Aha! Breathe again" and after a while (the hyperventilation was working out fine) I heard her saying, "I'm going". I closed my eyes.

Well, I'm not stoic at all, but I had to admit it didn't hurt so much and she had been really quick; I was nearly asking her to pierce the other nipple too, while I was there, but then I decide that one was enough for the moment. I was surprised because I was feeling really relaxed She took the forceps off and replaced the needle with the ring (a 14 gauges beaded ring). That was not painful at all. Then she wiped the blood and disinfected the wound.

"The End!" she said and sat down: I noticed she was sweating more than me and looked stressed, but she said she was satisfied with the work and that I had been a good patient. (!!!) After a couple of minutes she allowed me to get up and look my nipple at the mirror.

I liked it. She spent some time teaching me how to handle the piercing and let him healing properly, then I put my T-shirt on and we went upstairs. We smoked a cigarette together, I paid (not so much) and finally went out... Wow! I was really happy, a bit confused but very satisfied: I got that piercing done...

I immediately sent an e-mail to my cousin (I had to!) and she congratulated with me.

During the following week I told about the piercing to some (the closest) friends and even thought they were quite surprised, they said they liked it.

My parents of course still don't know about as well as my scout children too, (we well see next summer).

I think I made the best decision, and my "colleagues" (the other leaders) agree with me.

The nipple got some infections while healing (thought I was quite careful and cleaned it 3 times a day, I used water and salt and a disinfectant the piercer suggested me to use), but after 6 months seemed to be stable. Now (8 months later) it's quite OK.

Anyway I'm still happy; I like it and feel it as a part of my body. I try not to show it to people that could be shocked (I don't want to change other's mind, I think respect is to be given even to those you don't agree with), but I like when someone says "I like your piercing". I don't feel different now nor it changed my lifestyle or my beliefs, but I feel "nicer" to myself.

Last month I got my navel pierced, but this is, of course, another story.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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