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by DeniseDD

A few months ago my husband came home to tell me about a girl he had passed in the airport. He had been really turned on by her nipple ring, which showed very naughtily through her tight silk blouse. My first reaction was, "Sorry honey, but having my nipples pierced is something I will never do!", but I had to admit that the idea was tantalizing.

ABOUT ME: I consider myself to be very conservative, so this decision to pierce something other than my ears was a bit of a departure from the norm for me. I'm 5'4", 120 pounds with shoulder length red hair and blue eyes. I enjoy working out every day to stay in good shape. I am a pilot with my own small plane. I own a successful financial planning firm. I have a four year old, and most people are surprised to learn I also have two college age kids. I'm 42 years old and happily married to a great guy who is always encourages me to have fun.


My husband and I "toyed" with the idea of nipple piercing for a while, until one day I visited our local soft porn store and bought a pair of clip on nipple rings. They made me so instantly hot that I couldn't wait for my husband to get home. We both enjoyed them very much, but were disappointed when they either pinched too hard to be comfortable, or quickly fell off. In spite of the inconvenience they made me feel so sexy and hot that now I couldn't get nipple rings off my mind. I searched the net for information, and learned all I could about the process of nipple piercing. My husband located a piercing salon in town, and I went for a visit just to check the place out.

We visited "Attitudes" owned by Ahna Edwards in Portland Oregon. Ahna was friendly and freely answered all of my questions. I liked her small studio which was warm and very private. She showed me the jewelry available, the sterilized and bagged equipment and needles, and the autoclave. When she told me that if I made a appointment ahead of time they could arrange to have two piercer's in the shop so that I could have both nipples done at the same time I was sold.

Now I couldn't get the idea out of my mind, and I made an appointment for two weeks later.

She warned me to plan the piercing for after my period, when my body would have three weeks of healing before taking on both tasks at once. Since the thought of piercing my nips while they were already swollen and sore was more than I could imagine, I planned carefully. Waiting for the day of the appointment was hard, as I could think of almost nothing else. I spent lots of time on the net, finding photo galleries of piercings and learning everything I could.

I was so nervous when the big day finally arrived that I didn't know if I could go through with it. I really could have used a double Vodka, but followed the instructions about not drinking before a piercing like a good girl. (Actually I was afraid that Ahna wouldn't do the piercing if I came in with a buzz, and I didn't want to go through the wait again.)

We arrived at the shop to find the owner, Ahna and another woman chatting quietly. The homey private atmosphere was comforting. I'm very surprised that in spite of being so horribly nervous, my memory of the whole event is so crystal clear. After filling out the paperwork they helped me pick out my jewelry. I have to say that their selection was not large, but since I wanted a pretty standard 14kt. CBR, that was not a problem. Because my nipples are rather large, we selected a 5/8", 14 gauge. I was surprised to hear that they would use a 16 gauge, but I went with the larger size because it is more often recommended. Since I had asked most of my questions on the first visit, we got right to the piercing.


We all went into the small piercing room in the back, followed by my husband, who came to hold my hand. I was told to undress as both piercers began to ready the room and equipment. Everything looked as it should, very sterile. They cleaned and marked my nipples carefully on each side, asking me to approve the placement. I knew from my reading that the piercing is supposed to be placed at the back of the nipple, but not into the areola, and right through the center on a woman. (The marks looked OK to me, although as it turned out the left piercing is notably lower than center on the nipple. I should have checked more closely.) I tried to avoid looking at the piercing equipment, but my heart just about stopped when I saw Ahna wrapping the clamps very tightly with rubber bands. From this point, everything went very quickly. Wearing clean latex gloves (of course) they attached the clamps to both nipples at the same time, checking the placement. The clamps HURT LIKE HELL, and I was hoping that this would be the worst part. It wasn't. Ahna said, "On three," and counted quickly. The pain was excruciating as the needles pierced through both nipples at the same moment. It was a hot, searing pain, as if the needles had been red hot. I instantly went into Lamaze breathing, to keep from screaming. It seemed like they let the needles sit there for an eternity as I dreaded the coming insertion of the jewelry, but I know it was actually only a few seconds. The jewelry followed the needle through first one nipple and then the other, and it was done. I started to black out, and they laid the table down flat so I could lay back. In just a couple of minutes the pain began to ease, and I felt OK and sat up. One at a time, they attached the amethyst beads I had chosen, and closed the rings. I'm sure the actual piercing took less than 20 seconds start to finish, but my memory of it is all like slow motion.

I didn't watch any of this process, having seen pictures of the actual piercing in BME, I knew it would gross me out. My husband watched with great interest though, and it didn't bother him a bit. I don't think there was any bleeding at all, and there was none later. I dressed and paid for everything. The cost was $232, which included the gold jewelry and cleaning solutions. I thought this was pretty expensive, but well worth it!

For two days after the piercing it felt as if someone were pinching my nipples hard, all the time.

After that, it was not too uncomfortable, and wearing a soft bra during the day and a snug tank top at night really helped. I find my nips get very sore if I wear too loose a sport bra when I work out, but otherwise they are very comfortable now.

It has been two weeks since my piercing, and I love my new nipple rings. They look very sexy, and I love wearing clothing that shows them off a little. I now feel orgasms in my nipples, which is new for me and a real turn on. I don't know if this will last, but I certainly hope so. Also, my nipples had always lay rather flat, and they are now much more perky and look great under silk sweaters.

I am looking forward to ordering some very special jewelry with a diamond charm in a few months to celebrate my beautiful pierced nipples. They are well worth both the pain and the cost. The whole experience has been a real turn on, and I can't imagine being without my new secret jewelry. As for my husband, he is no longer looking at women in airports!

Respectfully, Denise DeniseDD@prodigy.net


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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