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Nipples at 15

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Well, I finally did it. I've been wanting to get my nipples pierced for about a year... I'm only 15 so I couldn't just go out and do it. My dad would have to agree and a few places wouldn't even do it then because I'm a minor. So my dad said I could get that and my madison if I got good grades this time around... Of course, we agreed that I would do it myself considering that weird law...I had been waiting long enough, so I attempted to do it myself before my grades came. I ordered a dozen 12 gauge needles from some place online (really easy... too easy...) and I experimented with them... I was afraid at first because I didn't want to mess up and lose all feeling in that ever-so-sensitive area.. my dad's warnings had gotten to me.. I had 23 piercings before I did my nipples, 17 being earrings, 4 being oral, and the last 2 being the world's most common--my navel. I did 21 of them myself. I didn't mess up on any of them and I'm very proud of that. Not to mention surprised.

Well, last Fryday nite, I decided it was time. I spent a few hours on BME and some other sites concerning piercings... I read this message board full of people bashing piercings--especially nipples, "How stupid and pointless. Who would want their NIPPPLES pierced..." stuff like that. I am still not clear as to why, but that really charged me up. I was so intent on doing it I got dizzy before I even made it to my room. So I washed my hands, busted out my needles and CBRs, and marked the spots.

When I had tried before, I made the first attempt on my left nipple. I did the same thing this time. It was weird looking down at this really sharp needle getting shoved through that certain spot... The skin was really tough. It didn't want to go through no matter how hard I pushed. So I finally grabbed the skin above and below it, took a really deep breath, and pushed it in. I was so happy when I saw the tip of the needle protruding from the opposite side. I didn't feel any pain, contrary to popular opinion. Might I add that it was perfectly aligned. The most suitable CBRs I had were different gauges--a 14 and a 16. They were really small in diameter, too... as in, they were my former lip rings. So I put the first CBR in, that being the 14g. I was really glad I didn't get dizzy and pass out. I've heard that happens...

Now it was time for the right side. I opened the package containing the other needle... The same thing happened. The darn thing didn't want to go in, despite all my efforts. So I busted out my mad shoving skills and pop! it was in. I put the ridiculously small CBR in and looked at my lovely new piercings. I think I did a fairly good job...

That all happened on Fryday and on Sunday I went down to Little Five Points (for those of you in Atlanta)to Kolo, one of the best piercings places I've ever had the pleasure of frequenting. So I talked to Chuck about getting some new rings for them. He said it was probably to early to stretch them, but that would be the best thing to do because anything lower than 14 usually rips. He talked to Gigi and she took me into the back so I could show her my handiwork. She decided to stretch the right one to a 14 and change the CBRs to normal sizes for nipples. I agreed and she proceeded to do it. I was laying down so I couldn't see what she was doing, but I don't think she even had to use a taper pin, just shove the CBRs through. She said they looked good. As in, not infected, and just to make sure I take care of them. I've been using sea salt and water, along with Phisoderm antibacterial and there isn't any soreness or blood. No crusites either... I figured they'd be a pain to sleep with but I found that wearing a sports bra helps a lot.

And because I'm the only person at my godforsaken school with piercings, everyone expects me to have just about every part of my body pierced so I didn't bother telling anyone. You can easily see the beads through my shirt and I think I caught my teacher staring at them... quite bothersome.

I'm going to Kolo to get my madison pierced next month. That's not really something I want to do myself.

...hate mail, questions or comments... tweeker77@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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