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My Four New Nipple Rings

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I have been reading BME for quite some time now.  I am

really fascinated by the various stories and experiences about all the different kinds of piercings that are available. As for myself, I have quite a few piercings in a variety of places. However, my first piercings were my nipples. From the very beginning, I was amazed at how the piercings increased the sensitivity and size of my nipples. They still remain my most favorite piercings. I started off with 12 gauge rings and sized up to 10 gauge. I then added 12 gauge vertical barbells. However, I still wanted to increase the size of my rings and I really enjoyed reading about and seeing the pictures of the larger gauge, multi-ringed nipples on BME. I also kept up with the bios of the various piercers. I ran across Todd Bertrang and was really interest in his larger gauge piercings. The more I read, the more intrigued I became. I finally called and we talked about what I currently had and what I wanted. I mentioned that I wanted a larger gauge piercing and that I really enjoyed having the vertical barbells as well. He said he would have to take a look but that I may want to consider a 6 gauge double piercing with a larger diameter ring in back of a smaller ring. He said that for many people these double piercings greatly increased the sensation of the nipples. Needless to say, Todd described exactly what I wanted. I e- mailed Todd on several occasions with some questions on the piercings and he always responded very promptly with good precise answers. Finally, I made an appointment to have the piercings done.

As the day approached, I must admit that I was a little

apprehensive. Despite having had a number of other piercings, I was really interested in the procedure and the look of double 6 gauge rings. I might add that I had taken out one of my old rings a couple of weeks earlier because of its migration, but I left the other one in. I arrived at Todd's house at the appointed time and he was there waiting for me. Let me say, that this is a very nice place and has all the necessary equipment of a studio. In fact, I rather liked the more relaxed atmosphere for a change. The first thing that I noticed was that there was no rush. Todd made some lavender tea and began telling me about what he would be doing. He looked at my nipples and took some measurements. He felt there would be no problem with the 6 gauge rings, two in each nipple. In fact, he decided to enlarge the hole where my smaller gauge ring was located.for one of the new rings. He also decided to scalpel in the rings. He explained that he thought this would be better for me with four rings going in and that if I experienced any pain that it would not be as intense as using a needle. However, the procedure would take a little longer. I opted for the scalpelling and after a few more questions and answers, it was time to get started.

I told Todd that I was a little nervous since I had not

had not had any previous piercings scalpelled before and the fact that I was having each nipple pierced twice. He reassured me that everything would go quickly and to just relax. Todd has his autoclave set up very close to his kitchen. I noticed that everything was sterilized and thoroughly clean. Todd changed gloves on a number of occasions during the entire time. I must say that while I made a pretty good face with the first piercing that it actually went very quickly and with no problem. Todd was right, there was some pain, but it was not as intense as I thought or expected, especially with a 6 gauge ring. We then proceeded with the other three rings and before I knew it, I had four new, 6 gauge nipple rings. All during this time, cleanliness and the use of sterile equipment was very noticeable. As I mentioned, Todd changed gloves repeatedly. However, he did not rush me through the procedure. He gave me a chance to catch my breath between each piercing so that by the time it was over, I was fairly relaxed. When I finally saw the completed piercings, I was extremely pleased. The rings looked great! Needless to say, 6 gauge rings make a statement and two rings per nipple, one larger in diameter than the other, make a very noticeable statement! After we finished, Todd took pictures which I think look great. Then, I had some juice and Todd explained what I should do for the healing time. Todd said that the larger gauge piercings heal faster and that if I followed his suggestions, that I should be fine in about three weeks. Of course, the total time for nipples to heal completely is much longer, but I was still amazed that in three weeks I would be over the initial stages. I loaded up with herbs to make a tea for soaking purposes and anti-bacterial soap. I followed the instructions to the letter, including the use of a moisturizer that Todd recommended. It has been the easiest healing that I have had with any piercing. Naturally I was very pleased and it only helped to make the whole experience a really good one.

When I told a couple of friends what I was planning, they

couldn't wait to see the results. Needless to say, the reaction was great. Several friends who had talked about getting their nipples pierced, finally did it! I do get a lot of questions about the procedure when people see them and they are a good conversation piece. Basically, I just like the look and the feel.

I have already talked with Todd about some new piercings, but first I want to talk about adding a third ring in each nipple. The sensitivity is fantastic and the size has really increased. I also want to size up, but Todd said not to rush it. He thought that increasing up one size per year would get me to my goal of 0 gauge rings. That is definitely on the agenda. While I had a good start, the size is now around one- half inch in length and getting bigger! I really recommend Todd. He has a great technique and the positive results show!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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