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Just a nomal Friday, my story

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It was a normal Friday Afternoon, me and two of my friends were out and

about having one of those famous girls nights out. And I wanted to stop by "Self Expressions" a tattoo and piercing shop that I get all my work done, and get the beads in my Tragus rings changed. I had been thinking about getting my nipple done for about three years, and I had told one of my friends about it, she thought I was crazy.

Walking into the parlor always gives me a rush, the feeling that I am

getting ready to do something for me, something that no one can ever take away. On this Friday I had the same feeling, I knew that I was getting ready to do something big. We asked to see the beads and the piercer Tom gladly pulled them out of the case, he asked if I needed anything else. That was when I started asking questions.

How much was it to get your Daith pierced?

How about the nipple?

What was the pain level of the nipple piercing?

I asked most of the basic piercing questions, and I had done this

before with my tongue and with both Tragus' so most of the information I already knew. The funny part was the evil little giggle that I was giving off, and the look of terror on my friends faces. My friends pretended to be horrified, but deep inside I think they were impressed that I had the guts to do such a thing. I let them live vicariously through me. We picked out the jewelry three matching pieces in my ears. (Won't my mom be proud) and a different piece for my nipple. I choose a black bead for my nipple, because lack is my signature color and I thought lets keep our favorite color close to the heart. He took the two pieces of new jewelry back to the piercing room and started the cleaning process.

For the next little while I walked my friends around and let them take

in some of the views. I love introducing them to new things, finally it was time to start, he called me into the little room and asked which I wanted to do first. I choose the daith so that my friends could watch, he asked which ear I said left. And he started, the needle went in slow, very slow and the pressure on my ear was amazing. I have to admit for about five seconds I was really uncomfortable. One of my friends walked out of the room she said it was making her sick to her stomach. When he pulled away and the needle was in. My one friend Screamed "oh my God." I laughed. Tom thread the earring through and placed the bead and that one was done.

Now it was time for the one I was dreading...the nipple. My friends

left and Tom closed the door. I asked him how much that I needed to take off. He told me to strip to the waist. I started blushing, and told him to hang on that I was getting shy. He patted me on the back and told me not to be shy, that he does this all the time. He had such a calming and friendly smile that my shyness just faded away. So I took of my clothes and sat in the chair, he put a new pair of gloves on and started. He started by asking which nipple I wanted, I voted for the right. He marked the position with a purple pin and started to clamp it. He said "the only way I know to make this easier for you is to take a big breath of air and on my count blow all of it out of your lungs." On his count I took a deep breath and pushed all the air out. I have to admit, I was shocked it didn't hurt. I wasn't even uncomfortable. Now do I say that it was because of the breathing, or is it because I had been married for six years, and my x-husband had been playing rough with them for that long. Either which way, it didn't hurt. I think Tom was even amazed that it didn't hurt me more. After the jewelry was in he let me look in the mirror. I was smiling from ear to ear and all I could say was "Fuck my ex-husband this looks good!" Tom laughed and told me how nice it looked. I got redressed and walked out my friends were staring at me in disbelief, "we didn't even hear you scream". I smiled and tipped Tom, always tip the man who is adding holes to your body. This is only the second day with my two new piercing's, and so far so good. I will have to let you know about the healing process later.

Heather [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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