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Nipple Piercing experience @ Infinite

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I ended up at Infinite in Philadelphia when the group of RABits (members of the newsgroup Rec.Arts.Bodyart) that were participating in the Philly to DC Munch ended up their on Sunday afternoon. There were two carloads of us there and everybody was getting something done while we were at the shop. So after stalling for a while I finally asked the counter girl (Angela) about getting my nipples done. She said that they could do me after they were done with all the rabbits and I was penciled in for the slot after my brothers. Angela helped me pick out a pair of 12 gauge captive rings, a set of blue dice beads and a set of cool blue fiberoptic beads. Part of me wanted to go ahead and get 10 gauge rings but after one look at my nipples Angela assured me that I was better off starting at 12 gauge. I went and sat back down in the waiting room and chatted with my brother and his girlfriend. Well, I feel silly about it now but at the time I was really, really nervous. I was sweating, it was January. Then the other RABits came out with their much less mundane piercings and it was time for Roger and I to go into the piercing room. He was first so he took his pants off and Weezie marked and poked his frenum and Angela and I watched. I ducked out side into the front of the shop for a moment to pee and give my final farewells to the RABits and then it was my turn to get in the chair. We started out with Weezie washing his hands and donning rubber gloves. I then stood up and Weezie marked my nipples with a fresh blue sharpie pen. I sat down and he clamped my left nipple in the forceps (it only hurt a little) he instructed me on how to breath (breath in, then breath out on the count of three) and before I even remembered to let it out we were done with that nipple. He commented that I forgot to let out my breath and I felt a little silly and promised to remember next time and we went at it again with the right one. Then we got to the hard part. Getting the little dice that I had selected onto the rings. The right one went smoothly but the left one had an improperly drilled hole in it and would not fit on the ring. After trying for what was probably only 30 seconds or so (but seemed like several minutes to me) Weezie told Angela to go get another, properly drilled dice. This one actually fit and we were finished. Weezie wrapped up all the sharps and put them inside his gloves and disposed of them. I stood up, looked in the mirror, smiled and put my shirt back on. Everybody asked how I liked them and I told them that I liked them a lot. I stuck around the shop a little longer talking to Kristin and Derrick. Then I stepped out onto 5th street and felt the frigid January air rush up my shirt and give me a huge nipple erection. It would be an understatement to say that that was painful, at the time it felt like it hurt even more than the piercing itself. I winced at the pain told Roger (my Brudder) and we ambled down to Essene (local health food place) to chat with Timo and get ourselves a late dinner.

When I got home I left it alone till the morning when I

took a shower, at that point thy were still a little sore so I just washed the crusties off with some antibacterial soap and left it at that. For the next few months I washed em twice daily with Antibacterial soap and gave them a salt water soak every once in a while (I know, I'm supposed to do em twice a week or so but they were doing nicely without). I kept them out of peoples mouths for the first three months cause I'm paranoid about infections and I gave them a little of this magic oil that Angela gave to me for piercings once in a while (which is absolutely marvelous for keeping gauged ears from stinking BTW).

I guess the reason that I got them done was partly because

Angela was always bugging me to get something done and telling me that I'd love them once I got them done. Another reason that I got them done was because I thought that I would like the way that they'd look (gee, I was right, I do like the way that they look).

Overall I've been really pleased with my new rings and I've thoughougly enjoyed showing the off to people. They're a good attention getter at parties and I always find myself playing with them all the time when I'm in class or watching TV. One problem that I have had with them is that they sometimes interfere with snuggling, getting my rings knocked around does tend to make me cranky. When I first got them I had to ban one of my friends from my bed because she knocked them around and caused on of them to reject it's brand new tissue and set my healing back a month. But other than that one problem things went very smoothly with them and I'm planning on stretching them to 10 Ga. this weekend.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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