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Pierced nipples @ St Marks

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I have always loved and been fascinated by piercings. When I was only 13 I got my first mod, a 16 gauge eyebrow ring. I was the first 8th grader to get a piercing, and although my motivations were merely cosmetic, I admit that I loved the reaction it aroused in people. But, that lone piercing only lasted me so long. The summer of 9th grade, I took the train to Greenwich Village in NYC and went to St. Marks Place where I went into one of the many piercing parlors there and got my tongue pierced, with no questions asked. In the Village, I guess that they don't really care about ID. Well, maybe the piercologist didn't care that I was still a minor, but my mom sure did! I got kicked out of the house briefly, and after sleeping at some male friend's houses, my parents let me come back home. I sat down and had a long talk with my mom. She ended it by saying,"Okay, get anything you want pierced, but don't get the middle of your nose cuz then I won't be able to look at you. And if you want any genital or nipple piercings.....JUST DON'T TELL ME, DON'T LET ME FIND OUT, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!" I agreed.

Fast-forward to the monday before my 15th birthday: School just let out, and me and my friend are bored as hell. She said,"Let's go to the city and get something pierced!" And just like that, we were off, in her shiny red jeep. She ended up getting a 14 gauge barbell through her tongue. Then, it was my turn. I wanted a second eyebrow ring (to keep my first one company!), but I already had plans to get that done on my birthday. "I dare you to get your nipples pierced!" my friend said. "What?!" "If you get your nipples pierced, I'll pay for them. It'll be a birthday present!" I asked the flamboyant unpierced man at the front desk how much nipple piercings cost. "$35 for one, $65 for both," he said. Quite an expensive piercing! I figured that I should seize the moment and get them now so that I wouldn't have to pay. I nervously drew my breath and requested the two-nipple deal. I'm not going to divulge the name of the place that I got pierced, as to protect them since they knew I was only 15 but pierced me anyways. I was instructed to come into a back room with the pierceologist. "Wait a second," he said. "Before I pierce you, go next door to the deli and get a Snickers bar." He told me that this was because your body goes into such a shock from getting pierced, that your blood sugar drops and I should eat to keep from passing out. As you can imagine, this made me extremely nervous. Anyways, I downed the candy bar, and went back into the store. The piercer, a dreadlocked dirty-looking guy with two lip rings and a hoop through the bridge of his nose, said unceremoniously,"Alright take your clothes off." Instinctively, I hesitated. He said,"What are you so worried about? I'm just going to stick a needle through your tit!" This guy was great making me more nervous by the moment. He even went so far as to put on a song on the store's jukebox because it was good "stripping music." So I was lying down topless on a table in the back of a piercing parlor, at the mercy of this sadistic stranger. "Now your nipples have to be hard in order to be pierced, so I want you to picture me naked, chasing you around a sandy beach." This didn't help much, so he proceded to stroke my nipples with his gloved fingertips until they were fully erect. I wondered why he didn't just use ice, but I was in no position to ask questions. He then took an iodine pad and rubbed it on each nipple, and made little dots with a Sharpie marker so that he knew where to stick the needle. Then, the moment arrived: he produced a hermetically sealed needle and waved it in front of my face. "Say, 'Hello needle'," he commanded. "Hi," I said weakly. "NO! I said say,'Hello, needle'", he told me. "Hello needle," I managed to utter. He unwrapped in and put it in a jar of some kind of sterilizing fluid, along with my 14 gauge hoops. He then took out a pair of forceps from a drawer. Remembering my eyebrow and tongue, I said,"This is the worst part, right??" "Yup," he said, and tightly clamped these onto my poor nipple. Now, that was PAIN. "Breathe in deeply now, and don't breathe out until I tell you to," he said. I obeyed as he positioned the needle at one of the Sharpie dots. "Now, breathe out," he said. As I exhaled, he swiftly stuck the needle through. I looked down, and I felt the rush and the blood sugar drop that he had told me about as I watched as he removed the huge steel needle and slipped the hoop through the hole. He then took out a huge black captive bead and used it to close the ring. I felt faint and weak, until I remembered that I still had one more nipple to go. He tried to reach over to do the other one, but since the long side of the table was pushed up against a wall, my fairly big breasts presented a bit of an obstacle for that. I ended up having to lay down sort of upside down as he repeated the procedure. Now, I had thought that the first one hurt. But it was nothing compared to the second. Since my body was already in shock, my nerves seemed to be standing stiff, and he had trouble pushing the needle all the way through. It was an indescribable pain, but suffice to say that it was worse than anything I have ever felt. A few drops of blood trickled from the fresh holes, but he assured me that it wasn't a problem. He folded up a paper towel and slipped it into my white bra, as not to stain it. "I haven't done that since 7th grade!" I said, laughing a little, as I put on my thankfully loose shirt. I called my friend into the back room and showed her my new modification.

On the ride home, it hurt every time we went over a speedbump, and for a week or so there was a constant shooting pain. I couldn't open the refrigerator or the freezer for a couple days because it made my nipples super-hard and it hurt like hell. But after awhile, the pain turned into a pleasurable sensitivty, and they look so cool. And guys seem to like them. As one person told me,"Okay, first of all, it's a TIT, which guys love more than anything, but not only is it that, it's a tit with a toy attached!" I think that pretty much sums it up. I still got my second eyebrow ring, and who knows what's next!

I UrBaNi I@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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