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French tits

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Well, writing in a foreign language seems at first a bit difficult for me, so, I apologize now for my deficient English...

I'm a Frenchman, 25 years old, living in Paris and France is not really an open-minded country about body modifications. For example, tattoing is still related to criminals or soldiers whereas such countries as Great-Britain, Germany or even Italy are more tolerant in Europe.

As far as I'm concerned, I've always been interested in mods. Younger, I wanted my ear pierced, it was a new tendancy for french youth but it was seen like a rebellion or not good for wise kids. My father refused - I was a wise kid in a wise family. But it was still on my mind. Then, I discovered at the beginning of the 90s, body piercings : at first, nostrils were flourishing. I loved the concept. I thought it was possible to be pierced elsewhere on the face or the body like lips or eyebrows or navel, even genital piercings. So I was not amazed when these piercings also appeared in France. Then, my interest in piercings increased a lot. This interest was also increased by a member of my family who became body piercer. In family meetings, I explained to my grandma or aunts to help him that it was as so stupid to have an ear pierced than the nose or the lips. No particular reasons could explain this : just cultural habits.

I've waited until last year to have at last my first piercing, done professionally. I had already experienced self-piercing, with a needle and ear-rings (in the tits, lip, navel) but could not wear it much longer than one or two day, just to experience it and see how it would look like. I knew it was bad for my health conditions to keep it. I needed a professional piercer.

As a teacher in public school, I cannot have facial piercings, it's not yet "culturally" correct. So I made my choice for tits. Both of them. I made a list of body piercers in Paris. I went to Tribal Act - I highly recommend this adress in Paris, near Republique Place. It was a rainy monday in november. I entered the shop, some people waiting. I discussed about my project with one of the guys - can't remember their names -, I had no rendez-vous, he talked about the effects, the procedure, he asked me if I was sure to do it. I said firmly : Yes. We made a date, one hour later. I came back. I followed the piercer in a room, really clean. We discussed about it while he was preparing all the stuff. Saying that usually, tits are pierced one at first, the second one later to help better healing. He proposed to make one and then to see for the second how I would feel. He described the whole procedure, in detail. I made my choice for bigger gauge beyond the steel rings he proposed. He made marks for the piercing, cleaned my right tit with Betadine, was of course wearing gloves, the needle was in a sterile pocket. Everything O.K. He put the clamps on my tit. He took the needle. I was perfectly quiet. He said to breathe. And pierced my tit. No pain. Still quiet. It was done, I had a needle in my tit. He then placed the ring, closed it. Asked how I felt. Quiet. Asked if I wanted my second tit pierced too. Of course. Same procedure for my left tit. Still no pain. Maybe because I had already done it myself and was not afraid about it. He said he was impressed, I was so quiet and he knew so much people, guys trying to look like strong males and nearly vanishing when it was done. I looked in a mirror how it was and felt really happy to have both pierced - for symetry... It took just fifteen minutes, some seconds for the two piercings. While paying (about 150 $...), I was already projecting another piercing, discussing about it. Before getting out of the shop, they gave me a little leaflet, explaining precisely how to care my piercing (procedures, products, etc.) and I immediately went to pharmacy.

The first two weeks were a bit difficult, my tits were very sensitive, closely packed on the rings. I was obliged to sleep on the back whereas I used to sleep on the belly.

But at the end of the first month, I could sleep again as always. Now (fifht month) I can play a bit with it and I feel a real supreme sensation when I touch them and make a massage with a finger - clean, of course. It's really a pleasure and the piercing has developped the sensitivity of this erogene zone. I'm completely satisfied.

However, there are still crusties on them when I wake up on the morning, even in the fifth month (I've read the healing process was about four month but I also read that it could be longer sometime). I think I should go back to my piercing shop - just a pretext... for another piercing. Indeed, I'm planning other piercings. If I cannot have yet facial piercings like lips or septum, I may have a tongue piercing. I could plan it for the holidays, when it can less be seen, healing process being faster - I can then remove it periodically, in the day. But I can't wait for the summer holidays. So I think about an ampallang before. Thank to BME, I've seen some pics and I love the look. And if the effect is the same as the tits, I already love the sensation... And after this, maybe a navel piercing - or multiple navel? I don't know for the following. But I know I've entered into a new stage in my life.

One day maybe I will have my facial piercings. Maybe I would then be very old. But how to anticipate social and cultural evolutions? Ear piercing for boys received really social contempt fifteen years ago. It is now well widespread so much that it is now indifferent to people. Some not so young colleagues in my school do wear a ear piercing. Some pupils (from 14 to 20) also wear other piercings : navel for some girls, I've seen yesterday one eyebrow on a boy, nostrils are more and more common in the corridors and in the streets...

The point now is : is this just in fashion? Or will this go on to become a new cultural tendancy? In every civilisation, body modification has existed (that is moreover a mark of civilisation, because it reveals the control and the self-consciousness of the body). In the occidental civilisation, modifications were light and especially reserved to women : makeup, ear piercing, even hairdressing are basical mods. For the men, as strange as it can sounds, beard shaving can be regarded also as a modification. In other civilisations, body modifications are differently developped. The process of increasing global relations got the civilisations to be in touch together. So, we can think - and hope - that the cultural exchanges will be deeper in the time and will develop new habits.

Thanks to BME.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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