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I am a freshman a NCCU. During Spring Break this year, 1999, I planned to go home with a friend for the first four days of the break and then on the fourth day Tuesday, we planned to meet with two of her friends and leave Charlotte,NC for Daytona Beach, Florida.

In the last few years I have been viewing BMG because I have always been interested in piercings. I learned about BME when I was in high school. I decided to get away from the usual reports that people wrote about in health class and I went with body piercing for mine. While searching for more detailed and less kiddie like information on piercing I called a few placed of business that were listed in a book that I was able to find. One place that I called gave me your address. Reading about peoples experiences and looking at you photo gallaries mad me interested in my latest pierce.

Back to the story.

For the few years that I have been visiting your website I have been thinking of getting my nipples pierced. One of my friends guests for the Spring Break trip to Daytona, mentioned that she really wanted to have her navel pierced but sht could not because she and her mom had agreed that they would wait until the summer and have theirs done together. We were in Daytona for two days when she talked to her mom and got to OK to be pierced without her. That day she told us her plans. I decided that I conjured up the balls then that would be the day for me too. After much walking Inez says "I want my navel done here." She was refering to a place called "The Corner." It was a really cool store;in addition to body piercing, they, like most of the stores in Daytona, The Corner sold all types of hot wheather clothing and, of course, all types of body jewelry. The thing that mad this place cool was the fact that there was a live DJ with two large leather chairs for a audience. They also had a guy who did movie-style temporary body art. This place wasn't merely a clothing store or a place to get pierced or painted. This place was a party. This was the place that I would walk in an ordinary person (although I had my navel pierced about two years ago it's kind of becoming common) and leave as a "wildchild"; a person willing to take risks; a sexual freak even.(that is, if I had the balls to do it)

So we walked around for a little while, got some food and then it was time. (kind of) Inez announced "I'm ready to get my belly pierced" That little bit made me nervous because soon I'd have to decide. Once we arrive and leave that place it will be over. Either I'll have gotten my hole or I won't have. I decided that once we leave if I didn't have It then I wouldn't get it. At least not then.

We went in and two of my friends looked at clothes while Inez and I looked at their jewelry. Then Inez paid for her navel and we waited for a minute because there was a line of people wanting new holes. I took this this time to make up my mind. Nervously I decided to be "stuck" and paid my money. A few moments later the piercing guy called Inez into his little sterile room. I watched her get her new hole. To my disadvantage he kidded around with Inez saying that the navel was the worst. We both laught. She told him that I would be in his chair soon for my nipples and he stopped mid-sentence and said "Now that's the Worst!" I was like Oh no don't say that. After Inez, some guy went next to have something done. I had to wait my turn. As I waited I became very nervous. His comment did not help although I new he was tring to lighten our moods. For that I did feel comfortable with my piercer but not with the idea of what was to happen. I sat down on the leather couch in front of the DJ and tried to change my train of thought by listneing to the music and watching the DJ's hands I calmed down some. As soon as I relaxed myself I turned to see my guy, the piercer calling me over to his little room by waving his middle finger. All three of my friends came into the room with me behind the closed curtain for my visiual support. Inez held mu hand. I was told to sit in the "magic seat" and come out of my shirt. My guy was getting out two new needles, forceps, and my jewelry. This didn't make me more nervous because I saw these things the day I got my navel pierced. He turned around and although I was laying back with my eyes closed I knew that he was cleaning my soon to be hot spot and in his words "waking up my little girls." I told him that I didn't want to know what he was doning. "Just do it." I asked my friends to tell me a story to move my mind. I laughed because they each said, at the same time, "one upon a time ther was a girl" I stopped them "No, not that story" Before I knew it he had stuck the needle through my first nipple(I sighed in SLIGHT pain, not much) then the other needle was through. I had my eyes closed the entire time. Only after that did I look down. I watched him insert my CBR ring. I didn't feel that at all. At this point, I still had a needle in my left nipple. Since I watched him insert my first ring, I did so with the second. That I felt a little, not like the needle and not sensationless like the insertion ot the last ring.

The hard part was over. Now all was left was to close the rings and attach the little silver like balls. It was over. I felt a bit nausous so I sat in the chair for about four minutes. Then I stood in front of the mirror to look at my new pierce. I like them. My guy(the piercer, rember), said that they look good and are perfect. So perfect that he wanted a picture for his porfolio. I bought a new navel ring that was sold there-that he had never seen on an actual person before. He asked to put it on for me and he also took a picture of that. I think that I had a good expierience. If you have a question for me about my exerience feel free to email me.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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