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finally, my nipple is done!

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I've had the idea of getting my nipples pierced in the back of my head for a long time. Ever since I got 2 earrings in my left ear in january of 1996 in Miami, all I could think of was getting more piercings. If you ask me, IT SURE IS ADDICTING!! The feeling of getting your body pierced is just "something else"!!

Well, I'm from Bogotá, Colombia, South America. Piercing is not very big over here, even though it's been catching up quite a bit lately. Back in 1996, any piercings in a guy were considered the "gayest" thing you could ever do. That didn't help my plans a lot, that's for sure. I was selected to be an exchange student in Wisconsin for a year, that was my golden opportunity! I wasn't going to be in Colombia for a year and I could get my ears pierced without anyone over here knowing what I was doing. On my way to Green Bay, WI, I had to stop in Miami for a night. I caught a taxi, went to a mall close to the airport and got 2 earrings in my left ear. It felt great! I wore them the whole time I was in the states, but, of course, I had to take them off as soon as I got back to Colombia. I must say it, I was rather dissapointed!

Time passed by and I was more and more anxious to get another piercing, but a nipple ring was just out of the question. First of all, it's really expensive down here and I couldn't afford it. Second, mum would freak out if she knew. I mean, "her little kid getting a nipple ring"??? No way! I've always been the "do-good" type of guy. Good grades at school, responsible and all that. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, would expect that from me!!

I had to wait 2 more years before I got my next ring. This time I was going to Australia and New Zealand for 3 months. It was the perfect chance to get it. But then again, I wasn't brave enough to get my nipple pierced. I thought about it for 14 hours in the plane from Los Ángeles to Auckland, New Zealand. I thought I had decided to get it as soon as I got over there, but once I was there, I just couldn't do it! When I got to Melbourne, Australia, one of my friends who I had met in the States and I decided to get another ring in our left ear. It was the "cool" thing to do in Australia at the moment. It felt pretty good and looked damn cool!! that's for sure, but I still wanted my nipple ring more than anything. My friend said that I was just out of my mind. Maybe I was, but I just wanted my nipple ring!!

I came back to Colombia, started Uni again and forgot about the whole "nipple" matter. One day, I was going to school in the morning and the idea just came to my mind. I had decided to get it next wednesday. I didn't care about the money, I didn't care about what people would say or think of me, I just had to do it! The only thing that made me think twice about it was the pain. I'm not very good with pain at all! I just HATE pain!

That wednesday, I got out of my History of Colombian Politics class at 12, caught the bus to 82nd street and went to "Music Television", the piercing place. I had taken $60.000 pesos with me 'cause I didn't really know how much it was going to cost me. I was nervous as hell, all I could think of was the pain I was about to feel in there. When I got to MTV, I was all soaked and wet after walking 5 blocks under the rain and hail. It was soooo cold! But I just had to do it! There was no turning back now!

Once in MTV, I told the girl downstairs that I wanted to get my nipple pierced. She looked at me funny (that will tell you how unusual that is in Colombia! even the girl at the piercing place looked at me funny! jeez!) and told me to go up to the third floor. I got up there and there was a guy, long hair, full of tattoos and rings all over. That's not my style, I mean, I think a ring here and there is cool, but not like that! Anyway, we started talking while he finished doing a tattoo on this other guy's butt and he told me everything about the ring I was about to get. I had second thoughts about what I was doing, but as I said, there was no turning back. There was no way I could make it all the way back there. I guess I'm just too chicken! When he was done, he asked: "Well, are you finally going to get it?" and then he smiled. I felt this "thing" going from my head, stopping in my stomach and then going down to my feet. I was scared as hell! I don't know how, but I said: let's get this over with.

We went down, choose the ring from a big drawer full of rings they had and then signed a whole bunch of paper work. I paid $44.000 pesos (about US$30) and then we went up to the third floor again. I was shaking! but I couldn't get out of there now. I had paid for it already and I wasn't about to waste $44.000 pesos, NO WAY IN HELL! I took my shirt off and the guy started cleaning the area. He put 2 little dots on my nipple and that was where the ring was going to be. I layed on the bed and 3 minutes later, my nipple was pierced!!! I thought it was going to hurt like hell but it didn't!! The pain was actually nothing! I sure thought it was going to hurt more (I guess you've heard this before, eh?). Well, he put the ring in and I was done. I was told some things I had to do to help my "new addition" heal quicker and within 10 minutes, I was on my way home. I just can't tell you how good it felt to have finally done it!

The next day at school, I had that stupid smile you have when you're happy. Everyone kept asking me why I was so happy. I had decided I wasn't going to show them (my friends are not very open minded to that sort of thing) but at that moment, I changed my mind. We were all together at the Uni Cafeteria and I told them I was going to show them. I put my shirt up a bit and they saw it. Oh Boy! they were in shock!! They sure didn't expect that from me. They were in shock for about two hours, but after that, they loved it. Pretty much all my friends at school found it cool, and even 2 of my professors liked it as well.

Right now I've had my nipple ring for one week and I haven't regretted getting it at all. I'm really happy with it and it sure was worth the wait. Jeez, I keep wondering "how could I live all this time without getting my nipple pierced?" I must say I want to get my right nipple pierced too but I want to wait for a couple of months before I do that. I'm already starting my "piercing fund"...




submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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