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Slavegirl Gets Pierced

hough I am new to the world of body piercing I am finding it truly pleasurable. As a new slave I have found that there are many things that can be done to increase the pleasure for both my Master and myself.

I would like to take the time to share my experience of my first body piercing. Being a female slave it was inevitable that my first piercings would be my nipples. I received my first piercings in January.

I took care to do research to find out the ins and the outs of having the piercings done. This I found very helpful for putting my mind at ease about the piercings.

In my research I visited the shop where I planned to have my piercing take place and I took the time to meet my potential piercer. I found this to be another good move. I familiarized my self with the area of town the shop was in,made sure it wasn't a dive and met the piercer to see if he really knew what he was doing. (My piercer is Ricky from VOODOO Body Piercing in Denver Colorado.)

He showed me his credentials and explained the whole process. I took a list of questions with me ranging from healing time and prices to procedure and cleanliness. I asked about sterilization and even about breast-feeding. He answered any questions I had at the time and suggested that I go home and think about what was told to me. There were times that I had to call because more questions came to mind after I left and he answered those as well.

Then the big day came. The nervousness that I felt as I rose that morning and proceeded to prepare my self for the piercing was so intense. I showered and made sure I was fresh and clean. I drove to the shop getting there early I sat outside and waited. The excitement was overwhelming. Finally the day had come that I was getting my first piercing.

I have to admit that I was a tad bit reluctant for the fact that I was unsure how it would feel. But I went to the shop and said lets do this thing. The piercer had me sign a wavier of liability and a consent form stating I was of legal age. At this time we decided at this time to go with 16 gauge [Note: 14ga is recommended as an utter minimum for nipple piercings - Ed.] rings though my Master has indicated that he wishes to increase the size at a later date. I had expressed to Ricky that I wanted my rings for more that decoration and he agreed that a 16-gauge ring was a good place to start. He told me that anything smaller would easily pull through if used to roughly in play. We choose the rings and then he took me back to the room and asked me to have a seat. The room was very small. It had only a table like the ones seen in a doctor's office. And a curtain was pulled behind us. To the right of the table where I sat was a small cart that held all of the piercing tools, the rings, the gloves, and the gel.

Though I was very nervous I could not help but be very comfortable with him and that made the whole experience easier. I was confident that he knew what he was doing and that I was in good hands.

Once asked to open my shirt, I had a short shiver of excitement and my nipples instantly hardened. There was no turning back.

My piercer had me close my eyes and take deep breaths, as my eyes were closed he explained exactly what he was doing. Again I can not say how at ease it put me to know that he was an expert in his field. He sterilized my nipples first thing then he took a tool that looked like a pair of small tongs and placed it on my left nipple. Then through the end of the tongs he slid the needle. I do not remember the needle going through the nipple, but I do remember the slight discomfort when he slid the ring through. He pierced my left nipple first, when he was finished I kind of felt like that was it, piece of cake. Then came the right nipple. Oh my.

He did the same with the right nipple as he did with the left. But as the needle went through the nipple I gasped. It burned instantly. And the pain took my breath for a moment. My pierce made sure I was okay before he proceeded to talk. He explained that the right nipple was a little more sensitive, and that was the difference in the piercing of one from the other. Boy was he ever right. Understatement of the century!

After both nipples were done he explained in detail to me the cleaning process. He said if I were to listen to him I would not get an infection or have too hard of a time healing.

As soon as I got home I told my Master, who was not able to come along,all about it. He thought they were fantastic but was very strict about the cleaning routine. I was to clean my rings at least three times per day with anti-bacterial soap, and was to move the ring about with each washing. Aside from washing I was banned from playing with them until they were fully healed. I could not wait!

I found it very very important to follow the rules of care and cleaning after the piercing was done. It really did help ward off infection and it was essential to my happiness. I got a bit of an infection in the right nip, but buy sticking to the cleaning regime it soon cleared up.

As I was healing, I was made aware of my beasts oh so regularly. From the constant pinching and slight burning sensation to actual pain when you accidentally rubbed up against something. Made for constant reminders that I was a slave.

I have found that piercings are a great way to have that constant reminder throughout the day, while passing oneself off as vanilla, that you are not your own. I am looking so forward to finishing my piercings and to utilize them appropriately.

I am fairly sure that Master is going to be joining these first two rings with a chain at some point, and he has already enjoyed playing with them in our more intimate moments. I must say that I really enjoy this play too! My nipples feel fantastic now and I would recommend this to anyone.

I am preparing myself for my next piercing, which is going to be a barbell placed vertically in my hood along with rings in each of my inner lips, with great desire and expectation. I only hope that you all find piercings as exhilarating as I do. My Master also plans to have my tongue pierced to, I can't wait.

My Master is very pleased with the nipple rings and can't wait for me to get the genital piercings. We both feel that I could benefit from a piercing in my clit but I can not find a piercer in the whole of Colorado who is willing to perform this for me. I am not sure if I am even suitable for such a piercing as I am turned away without even an examination. It seems our litigious society has most piercers worried about being sued if anything goes wrong. If anyone out there knows of a reliable piercer who is willing to even entertain the idea I would love to hear from you.

One thing though that I feel is very important is research. Look into it, ake sure you are comfortable with your piercer and with the procedure of the piercing. But even more important be sure you are comfortable with the piercing itself. Take time to think about it and explore it.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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