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Piercing my nipples

I got my first piercing when I was 14, my mom took me to get my belly

button pierced. When my boyfriend got his tongue pierced two years ago we started getting intrusted in more hard-core piercings as we figured if the tongue could help out with sex, so could anything else. We go to a went to a strict catholic school where we wore uniforms and the whole deal so obvious facial piercing were out of the question until we left. But when one girl came in with her nipples pierced I found what I wanted to do. I was only 16 and my mom would not agree, besides, most places here in Boston won't do any sort of nipple/genital piercing under the age of 18 under any circumstances. Besides that, the idea of some guy grabbing my nipples to pierce them did not appeal to my boyfriend. I could respect that much, as he had decided what he wanted was a PA and the thought of a guy grabbing his dick to pierce that did not appeal to me either.

But by the time I finally turned 18, I'd let go of my fear of the piercer groping my boyfriend and told him I thought he should get done whatever he wanted. I of course did this in the manipulative way of hoping he'd see that if I could change my mind, he probably should too. It worked. The weekend after my eighteenth birthday we went to the same place I'd gone to for my navel and eyebrow for our appointments with Mike.

Some places won't allow someone to come with you as a hand holder, luckily

for me I could take my boyfriend back with me for moral support. The night before I'd called my brother at college hoping he'd be able to give me some comforting words as he'd had his nipples pierced that past summer. It told me it was going to hurt like Hell and coming from him, that was absolutely no comfort. He has seven tattoos and has gone through 15 pierces (he's taken some out along the way) and he said his nipples hurt the most. So by the time I sat down in Mike's black leather chair my hands were already soaked with sweat. When he was finally ready to begin he told me to take off my shirt and bra. I am extremely self conscious so for me, although the pain was yet to come, this was the worst part. I reminded myself, as I had my boyfriend, hundreds of times in my head that this was his job, he was not paying attention to anything but the piercing.

First he had to clean my nipples to get them ready to mark.  The room was

pretty much freezing so when he got out the marker they were already hard enough for him to see what he was doing. I was having both done at once figuring that if I did it at once I wouldn't be able to chicken out and be suck with only one nipple pierced. He marked both and then began sterilizing his equipment. I watched him pull the clamp out of the whatever it is he used to sterilize tools, it looked like a rice cooker to me. He got out the set of needles too and was ready to start the actual piercing.

In the past, the clamp was the only part that in any way felt

uncomfortable, but this time when he stuck the needle through the first nipple tears streamed down my face and I could feel my face getting hot from not letting out my breath. My boyfriend was holding the opposite hand and he told me later he thought I was going to break his fingers. The second nipple felt just as bad and when I looked down my chin all I could see were the two needles sticking through my nipples. It is a bizarre sight to see anything attached to your nipples and it made the pain go away for a bit. He got the jewelry ready, he was using 16 gauge rings, and then threaded them both through. The whole thing happened very quickly, but my nipples immediately began to throb and burn. My breasts were entirely red, but the rings were through. He told me to just lie still for a couple minutes so that I wouldn't pass out when I sat up, but even when I finally did, the room spun and my boyfriend had to support my back so I could stand up.

I didn't want to put my shirt back on right away because any sort of

touching of my nipples was going to kill me. I propped myself up in the other chair in the room while my boyfriend got pierced himself, I guess that hurts a lot less, but he can tell that story. Anyhoo, when we could both walk we got ourselves home and for the next two nights it was ice on, ice off for my nipples. After that they more or less didn't feel too bad. It took a while to get used to, for the first week or two tears would well in my eyes whenever someone accidentally hit me. After those two weeks, everything felt normal again. I washed them as I was supposed to. Twice a day with warm salt water and antibacterial soap, I did so for the recommended two months though they were pretty much healed before then.

When we were both ready to function sexually again, the whole process

definitely seemed worth it. My boyfriend has always had a thing for my nipples and with the tongue ring it was great, but with the added jewelry, it was that much better. I can deal with pain for two days to get the lasting benefits of my nipple rings.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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