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self-pierced nipple experience.

f-pierced nipple experience.

The first mistake I made was convincing myself that my [typically tiny] male nipple (right) would accommodate a 2.4 mm hole without complaint. It was not to be so.

I'd ordered some piercing needles and captive bead rings from Wildcat in Brighton, UK. I'd wanted a pierced nipple for years, but somehow never got round to doing anything about it - until now.

I was adamant that I was going to do the piercing myself. I'd only been pierced by someone else twice - my first ear lobe and my nose. Both holes were made using a piercing gun. I'd since pierced my own ear lobes and cartilage, and was looking forward to sticking a needle through my (small, but perfectly formed) right nipple.

The benefits of having someone else do the piercing are obvious, really. Especially someone who's pierced other nipples before. They have the confidence that comes with skill and experience. They know where to pierce. They can't feel your pain. They've got clamps.

The point at which I was first struck by this realisation was when I was bouncing up and down in the bathroom, alternating muffled 'oomf's with 'ow's, with an intravenous cannula dangling from my right breast. The cutting edge of the needle had entered the nipple, but not yet exited. I had discovered an interesting ganglion of particularly sensitive and rather tough flesh hiding just below the surface. The wound was bleeding slightly, I was feeling a little anxious, and the little marks I'd made to guide the path of the needle had somehow disappeared. I started to panic.

"I'm completely mad...I must be...ohshitohshitohshit...this really hurts...but I've got this far...[push]...ohshitohshitohshit...oh for god's sake, stop being such a wuss...there is no way I'm backing out now...[push]...ohshitohshitohshit..."

And so it went on for - oh, about two minutes, I guess. It seemed a lot longer.

Without anybody else present, I was unable to share my relief with anybody else when the damn needle finally poked through the other side. My knees gave, and I sat on the edge of the bath to insert a 12g 3/4" cbr. It looked great, and I enjoyed the feeling of the ring in my nipple as I cleared up, got dressed and headed into town.

Day 1 - fine, slightly bruised feeling [ha! no surprise there]. Day 2 - good, nipple much more pronounced and very sensitive. Day 3 - OK...mustn't forget to soak this sucker in saline. Day 4 - I'm sure that soap and water will be fine.

After two weeks of very little aftercare and attention (apart from admiring the piercing, pulling at the ring, twisting it round, trying out a bar bell instead, then deciding to go back to the ring) the wound had become a little sore. My SO was convinced that my entire right breast was going to fall off (and kept on telling me so), but I was sure that everything would heal up fine.

A week later I was convinced that I had an MRSA infection and would require major reconstructive surgery, if I pulled through this stage. I decided it was time to visit my doctor.
I took the ring out before I left for the surgery.

I felt a little self-conscious as I explained why I was there.

"Yes, I did this to myself. Why? Well, because I thought it'd be fun, I guess. Oh yes, everything was sterile. Of course, I took the ring out at the first sign of infection, but it doesn't seem to have cleared up."

My doctor looked unconvinced by any of my suggestions that I had been taking care of my new pierce and got down to the job at hand. He informed me that the wound was infected (I didn't look surprised) and I seemed to have acquired a 'rather nasty' dermatitis (I tried to look interested, with a hint of professional detachment).

"I see", I said.

The appropriate potions were prescribed. My doctor also suggested that if I waited for the wound to heal, I could pierce the site again (but behind any scar tissue that might form). He noted that [small] male nipples were a notoriously difficult piercing, and asked if I was into piercing 'big time'.

I mumbled something unintelligible, thanked my doctor for his time and scurried out quickly. I guess I half expected him to start discussing the benefits of an ampallang over an apadravya. It was all a bit unexpected, and I was in no mood to chat. Shame on me.

The ring was replaced before I took the first dose of antibiotic. All healed up very quickly, and the only hint of history lies in the pink new skin that's not yet been exposed to the sun. That and the hole, of course.

My nipples currently sport a brace of shiny new 8g 5/8" cbrs - one each.

Cyberjelly 1999


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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