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Nipples on a Sunny Day!

Nipples on a Sunny Day!

  Currently, I am a freshman at the University of Oregon.  I am originally

from California, and one of the reasons that I went out of state to go to school was to "expand my horizons" and to discover some things on my own. I have always been intrigued by the tattoo/piercing industry. It is definitely a form of art and expression of one's identity. When I came to school, I already had gotten two tattoos and a barbell in my belly. So, I was pretty much finished with my share of piercings and tattoos. Usually when people come to college they do the piericing/tattoo thing because it's a statement for them say "I am on my own!" To me that's not the freedom of expression that I mean. I have the tattoos and piercings for me, and no one else. I do not go around and make it known to the world. I enjoy intriguing people because I am also not they "typical" type to have this done, especially to get my nipples pierced. That's what has kept myself intrigued.

Since I already have two tattoos and a barbell in my belly, I am experienced in the pain (pleasure for me) principle. I really love that rush of euphoria when you get something like this done. For me, it's a release of excess tension.

    In the beginning of the school year, I met a girl who had hers pierced,

that's what really got me going. At times I have thought, "Who the hell would get their nipples pierced?" I decided for myself, if I did get them pierced, it was going to be for more of the shock value for myself, and just because. There are obvious reasons why I got them pierced, but that wasn't the backbone of my decision to do this. I was planning to make this piercing event a 19th birthday gift to myself.

My friend Rose was going to be my nipple supporter, because she has also gone through the same experience. I felt more comfortable bringing someone who has been through the same thing. One day when Rose and I met for lunch, she asked me when the big Nipple Piercing (NP) day was going to be. Well, since the weather was beautiful, especially for a winter day in Oregon, I decided to make that spontaneous move and get the deed done that day. SO we went ahead and had lunch. I made sure to eat ALOT! Simply because I have had prior bleeding experiences that weren't very fun for me.

So i made sure to have a full belly so my nipples would survive the piercings without bleeding on me. I was freaking out for some reason that even though I stuffed myself silly with pizza, I stuffed my coat pockets with saltine crackers for the bus ride over there. You know, just in case...

    We took the bus downtown Eugene and went to High Priestess Piercing

studio. I was getting more and more nervous. The atmosphere was very clean and sterilized. They also had bunches of literature on piercings, which made me a bit more comfortable. The girl that was working behind the counter recommended the 12 ga 5/8 hoop. I agreed. I signed a checklist that made sure I wasn't pregnant or sick and various other states of being. I signed the release, read over the after-care sheet, and soon enough it was my turn. Rose and I enter this curtained off section in the corner of the room. There was a sign on the wall saying that if you touched the counter or anything, you will be forced to pay $30. They mean business. I accidentally set my water cup on the counter before I saw that sign. But luckily for me, I only got a warning. My lucky piercers name was Shawn.

I felt very comfortable around him; he was very calm. Which is good in the long run. But then I started to get very nervous, which didn't make things any better. SO he simply told me to take and deep breath and the next thing I knew was that I had this beautiful shiny hoop hanging from my right nipple! To my surprise also, there was no blood, which made the situation a bit less stressful.

    Next came the left nipple.  My body was telling me that this was going to

really hurt. Boy, was my body right. It sounded like I was getting tortured. But after about 5 seconds of extreme pain, and me sqeezing the life out of Rose's hand, it was all over and I was set to go home with my newly pierced nipples. I was feeling quite euphoric, but it was a cool feeling. Shawn gave me a bottle of triclosan, sea salt and an aftercare sheet. He made me feel very comfortable about coming in or calling in if I were to have trouble with the piercings.

    So I was set to go.  For the rest of the day, I was a bit sore, but my

nipples have been good to me. The expressions from the people that I have told/shown are quite varied. I get a kick out of it. They always ask why did I do it? Because.....isn't that a good enough reason? They look good, and the cleaning isn't that bad at all. Just remember, don't touch them!! Only with clean hands and while they are wet. The big NP day was friday, and today is Sunday, and I am lovin' it!!!!

Good Luck....

Candice "Carpe Diem"



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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