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Piercing in an Asian Country

rcing in an Asian Country

I am a guy living in an Asian country. I have been interested about piercing for quite a long time now. I was fascinated by images of pierced people. I have seen on TV, in Fashion magazines etc. More I thought about it more I wanted to get myself pierced. But I never thought I'd end up enjoying it this much. To this date I have acquired five active piercings. (Septum, both nipples, belly button and frenum ring)

At the beginning I just wanted to get my ears pierced. But it was not as easy as you would think in my country. Even though you find quite a few youngsters with there ears pierced at the popular clubs gathering places etc. it is not the accepted norm in the universities and professional circles. As I was a university student until quite recently and my need for piercing is essentially to derive sensual and erotic pleasure and not to project myself as a 'rebel' I had to satisfy myself with temporary piercings. I would temporarily pierce my ears and occasionally my nose. (Of course nose piercing is not new to us because of the big Indian influence we get. But it is strictly for women)

Even though I was aware that other parts of the body could be pierced I didn't gave much thought to it until I came across BME one day. That changed everything.

Last year after finishing my studies I moved into my own place. That lent me the privacy I needed and I was ready to collect my piercings.

First I decided to pierce my right nipple. But I had to solve few problems before getting pierced. In my country we don't have piercing parlous or people specialized in this. Ear piercing is the only standard service one can get. Jewelry such as SS CBRs and barbells also does not exist. I had resort to my own devices. I did some shopping to buy some silver earrings and ear-studs, which are ver y simple in design. I also bought few sterilized syringe needles, pair of surgical forceps and other required stuff.

Next I told about this to my girl friend. She was rather surprised by the idea but she didn't oppose it at all.

She also wouldn't help me in piercing because she was too scared to do it.

So I had to do it myself. On next Saturday I was ready to get my first permanent piercing. I arranged the required items on a small worktop. Then I 'marked' the piercing position with lightly pressing a safety pin. Then griping the nipple with forceps I pressed the syringe needle against my nipple. There was a quick burning sensation and I was pierced! I had no problem in inserting the ring. After two days I pierced my left nipple as well. Now I have two little silver rings dangling from each of my nipples, which give me a real thrill. Once in while especially when I am at home I'll connect the two rings with a silver chain (thanks to BME!).

Later I showed my piercings to my girl friend. She was really amused by it. When she wants to tease me now and then this usually is the topic she takes on. Some times she uses it as very handy 'blackmailing' weapon against me! I think she secretly adores it.

My next piercing is my frenum. Instead of having a stud, I settled on a ring which will pass through the frenum and wrap around the 'neck of the glans. It was very much easier than the nipple piercing. As I am not circumcised ring is not visible even when the penis is exposed. It is really great, specially when I have a hard on.

By now I'm really bitten by the 'piercing' bug. I could wait only one week before getting my navel pierced. This time my jewelry was a silver stud with a ball closure. Again I followed the usual method using a sterilized syringe needle and forceps. It was the most difficult and painful piercing. To insert the stud from top I had to pierce from inside of my navel to out (top). Once it was done I felt that it was really worth the pain I had to go through. I like this piercing very much because it really looks like something grown out of my body since the closure bead is hidden inside my navel. Now I want to retain a small pendant from the stud, so it will hang in the center of my navel.

I took sometime before my next piercing. Actually I was contemplating on what to get pierced next. I have decided not to do another genital piercing for a while. I was running out of hidden places on my body. So I decided on getting a septum piercing. It was fairly easy piercing except for the very watery eyes I got while piercing. Now I wear a 10 mm dia. silver ring at home and a plastic retainer tip (taken from a plastic earring) in public.

I haven't really decided yet on what to get pierced next. Maybe it is an ampalang. I think it is little bit too much for a self-piercing. Anyway I'll take a long break before starting the next phase of my piercing since I don't want to get pierced just for the sake of it. I just want enjoy these piercings first. Even though I liked body piercing for a long time I never guessed that the actual piercing would give me this much pleasure.

You can e-mail me at: jandd@mail.usa.com



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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