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Four In One Day

Four In One Day

I've been interested in piercings for about six years now,

and when I moved to the San Francisco area I became even more interested! There was always something in my way that prevented me from getting the piercings that I wanted. Now that I don't have to worry about finances, parents, or lack of a decent piercing shop in my area, I decided to get all the piercings I had ever wanted.

Anne Greenblatt pierced my tongue a few months ago, and I

was very impressed with her skill and attitude. I wanted to get a tragus ring, labret and both nipples. I thought that it would be a nice idea to get them all done at once. I made my appointment with Anne and told my friends at work that I was getting more jewelry. My coworker and dear friend, Bill, got very excited and said that he wanted to come too! He wanted to get both nipples and a labret stud as well. I emailed Anne and she said it was OK to bring Bill. My roommate, Andrea, came along to observe.

When we got to Anne's, we spent a bit of time picking out

jewelry and signing forms, and deciding who would go first. Since I was getting more piercings, I would go first. I picked a 16ga SSS captive bead ring for my tragus, and the bead is white onyx. I was not nervous at all. Anne's demeanor is calm and positive, which is contagious. A small clamp was put on my ear and she told me that it was going to be slow, and probably painful. It has to be done slowly, because if the needle is pushed through too fast it might poke your ear. The needle wasn't too bad, but the jewelry insertion hurt a lot! I think the wiggling and tugging were what bothered me. Before I knew it, I had a tragus ring. It hurt a lot while it was happening but once it was in, it only burned and hardly bled. I jumped up to check it out in the mirror, and sat back down to get my labret stud.

I picked a 14ga SSS labret stud, because I thought the

fishtail looked scary. She showed me how the disc and ball screw on to the bar, and how after I healed I could attach spikes or gems in place of the ball. Getting a labret really makes you notice how asymmetrical our faces are. My lips are uneven and one of my eyes is a little tiny bit higher than the other one. She drew a dot on my chin and had me check if it was centered. I made Andrea and Bill help out and after a few tries, we got it right in the center. Anne used the same size clamp that she'd used on my tragus. The labret piercing would also be slow- if the needle was pushed through too hard or fast, I would have some sore gums as a result. I barely felt the clamp but the needle hurt a lot more than I had suspected it would. I closed my eyes and thought about cute fuzzy animals and it was over in seconds. She handed me the mirror and I was thrilled. That little stud really looks awesome sitting in the middle of my chin like that. I don't know how else to describe it, other than it looks like it belongs there. I decided to take a break and let Bill have a turn.

Bill prefers gold tones to silver, and gold does go better

with his skin tone. While perusing the bod-mod magazines that Anne had, he decided to get a septum ring too. Andrea and I were amused when Anne was digging around in Bill's nose looking for the right spot. While she was at it, she explained how septums heal up fast and have little pain. Bill didn't flinch at all when it was done, and he was wiggling the ring around with no pain right after. He got a titanium stud for his labret, which looks really neat. When he was done, it was my turn again!

I have rather large breasts and pretty small nipples that

don't like to stick out a lot so I knew that piercing them might be a bit difficult. Anne said that barbells would be best for me, they'd be less likely to reject because they cause less pressure. I picked 10ga titanium barbells for my nipples. I knew that these were going to hurt, so Anne gave me a little stuffed animal monkey to squeeze. I squeezed the hell out of him and it didn't hurt as bad as I was expecting. This was the first piercing of mine that I actually wanted to watch, so I paid attention to everything. After cleaning them with surgical scrub, she put dots on both sides of my nips and told me that a cork would be used instead of a clamp. The needle was dabbed with a bit of sterile water-based lubricant and went through me with no problem. When the barbell was in the first one, I was very happy about my decision and prepared for the next one. I didn't watch and just put my head back while it happened. When it was over, I had a wonderful endorphin buzz and was very excited! My nipples looked really damn cool. I put my shirt back on and let Bill take his turn. I realized that the pain in my nipples was actually pretty enjoyable! It was tingly and electric, so I knew that I'd done a great thing to myself.

Bill got gold rings in his nips, and they look wonderful. I

can't wait to get rings in mine. Then I will get an amazon chain and enjoy my beautiful mod to the fullest! My tragus is the most problematic so far, it oozes constantly and it feels weird to sleep on, but I like how my ears look now. I am a fan of asymmetrical ear piercings- I have 3 in one ear and 5 in the other. The labret has been the most painful but everyone says it looks perfect on me. It's getting better and I am very obsessive about cleaning all of my piercings so it will be fine. My nipples are doing well, they have stopped hurting for the most part, and have helped me to feel more confident about my body. Piercing has become very important to me, and I am so pleased with my newest mods!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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