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female nipple piercing

few months ago I decided that I wanted to get something pierced, but I didn't want to get a facial piercing or a genital piercing for various reasons. And the belly button piercing is getting a little too cliche for me to take, so I decided that I wanted to get my nipple pierced. At first I was worried that my nipple would be permanently erect (that was what I had heard), and I was worried about breast feeding (which I have been told I will still be able to do if I ever want to), and I was worried about pain. I am really afraid of needles. In fact, I pass out from things like flu shots and things like that. But I decided the best way to ring in the new year, and celebrate my 18th birthday (which is December 31st) would be to get a barbell in my left nipple.

I came to the conclusion that I wanted a barbell from looking at looking at the pictures on BME. PLus I heard that barbells were less likely to migrate or get caught on things. Sounded good to me. Plus if I ever wanted to, I could always put in a CBR.

I had a friend who got her belly button pierced at a place in Seattle called Michelle Hamilton Salon (www.mhsalon.com), and I had gone with her. The place was clean and did things by the book, and the people there all seemed really nice. So I decided that Michelle Hamilton Salon was where I wanted to go. And then I found out that there was an ad in the Stranger (an alternative weekly paper in Seattle) for 20% off of jewelry at MHS. So that settled it.

I went with about 4 friends, as part of my birthday celebration. The piercer, known as Lisa the Gentle Piercer, was really nice and professional. She put me at ease, and I warned her ahead of time that I don't do so good with needles. Turns out that I did just fine (but that comes later). So she went through her aftercare instructions with me as she was getting everything ready. Then I took off my shirt and bra and she disinfected me with something that reminded me of iodine (but I don't know if it was). And she also drew lines on my nipple to make sure that she would get it in straight (I don't remember if that came before or after the iodine) Then she clamped me, which really didn't hurt as bad as I expected. I was thinking it would hurt like a titty twister, but it didn't.

Then she asked me if I wanted anyone to hold my hand, so I held two of my friends' hands. She had breathe deeply for a little while, and get relaxed. Then She told me that I was to breathe in, hold it for two seconds, and then breathe out when I felt ready for her to pierce me. I decided not to hesitate, or I could be laying there forever trying to psych myself up for it. So I did what she said, and she pierced me on the exhale. It was so quick, less than half a second (which I have been told is one of the signs of a skilled piercer). It didn't hardly hurt at all, just a little bite. Not nearly as painful as getting a shot (and a completely different kind of pain from the tattoo on my hip that I got 2 years ago).

Well about 30 minutes later it started to get really tender. I think that all the endorphins must have left my system. I found that the less my breasts bounced, the less it hurt. So I just kinda walked slow and stuff. I am glad that i was wearing ablack shirt because later in the evening the blood had oozed through my shirt (not as much blood as I expected though). That night I cleaned it, which took about 15-20 minutes to get all the blood off, plus I was being really gentle because it was tender.

That night I slept with a sports bra on because it helped it hurt less. The next day there was a little blood but not much. Not enough to even soak my bra. And it hurt a lot less too. The next day it had stopped bleeding totally. It got to the point that even if I bumped something with my chest it didn't even hardly hurt at all. I kept wearing the sports bra at night for the next 2 weeks. I followed (and still do) the aftercare instructions to the letter. I found that putting a wet piece of paper towel on my nipple for about 30 seconds or so helped soften some of the crusties a little better so I could clean them off easier.

Now I have noticed (15 days later) that my nipple is more sensitive, in a good way. And even though it hurt before when my nipple got hard (right after piercing) I find now that it feels very good. I have decided to get my right nipple pierced now too. But I will wait until I get another break from school, so I can get pierced at MHS in seattle again (I live there, but go to school across the state).

Anyway, it was a very good experience, and I am glad that I got it done. And, especially for a needle phobic like me, that it was less painful and scary than I had expected.

Happy Piercing!

Amanda G.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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