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Paired Nipples

Paired Nipples

When I was about fourteen years old I received my first piercing, which was my left ear. I was so excited to get my ear pierced, being only fourteen years old and not having a clue at what other people were doing (as far as piercing), it was something new to me and also a step forward with my parents. It took forever to talk them into it. With in the next year or so I gained a little more freedom and pierced my ears twice more. Then I started to get a glue at what really was going on in the piercing world. I didn't need to go find it, it came to me. My friends were starting to get pierced, you see people all time in public. I became very fascinated with piercing so I decided I wanted to get pierced. But just because I wanted to doesn't mean that I could. If my parents saw a metal bar going through my eyebrow or lip they would freak out, plus I went to a private school which did not help any. So I gave up on getting a piercing but I never stopped thinking about it.

Five years later and still living with my parents, I have three tattoos one covering just about half of my back. I can say that my parents have really loosened up and they should be I'm 20. At this point I still didn't have any piercings. The reason I didn't have any piercings was because I have always limited them to my face.
Well it dawned on me that there are other places to be pierced.

At this time I had a girlfriend, she's a shy, innocent girl, or that's what she seems. I love girls with there nipples peirced so I had mentioned it to her and after thinking about it for awhile she decided to do it. That's all I will tell you about her experience and get back into mine. After she got her nipples pierced I decided that I wanted mine done as well. It would be the perfect piercing for me because no one could see it.

I called the piercer who my girlfriend had gone to and set up an appointment. The appointment was for the next day so I still had time to be nervous.

The next day I showed up for my appt. and was very nervous. I walked up to the counter and told the woman who I was, she then gave me the appropriate papers to fill out. After I had filled out the papers she gave me a choice of jewelry, I picked 14g 1/2 inch CBR's.
She put them in the sterilizer and told me that the piercer was getting ready. So I waited nervously not knowing what to expect.

Let me take minute to tell you about this shop. It is the cleanest in town and has a very good reputation here. I send all of my friends there. Do you want to know what shop it is? Okaaaaay, Halo Precision Piercing Tsn, AZ. I would really recommend getting pierced there.

After a couple of minutes the piercer, Barb, came and got me. She told me to take my shirt off and stand while she marked the enter/exit spots on both nipples. I then checked to make sure they were to my liking and they were. Barb then told me to sit down and she went over the whole procedure with me, making sure that I was comfortable with it, asked if I had any questions and proceeded.
First she put the clamp on my left nipple and made sure I was comfortable. At this point I was very nervous. Oh I didn't mention that a friend of mine was sitting in the corner watching. Barb told me to take a few deep breaths and she then poceeded to insert the needle through my nipple, I didn't even flinch. Of course I felt it, my nipples are sensitive. The feeling was undescribable, it wasn't pain it was a very weird sensation. . I looked in the corner to see my friend cringing. While I was thinking about what had just happen she slipped in the jewelry, I didn't feel that at all. She then made me observe her throw the needle away, changed gloves and proceeded with the right one. She clamped it, pierced it and put the jewelry in. This one hurt a bit more though, it also bled a little bit. She then told me that the worse part was over. She threw the needle away and went to wash her hands while I looked in the mirror.
They were very cool looking. I put my shirt on as she walked back in the door and she began giving me care instructions verbally and in text. I was to clean it with Provon twice a day for 4-6 months.

I was then on my way. My nipples weren't bothering me to much, until my friend and I started running across the street to grab something to eat. They were burning and it was pretty uncomfortable.

Sleeping was a real pain in the ass, I had to tape my rings down so they wouldn't flip around at night. This went on for the next month. I would recommend barbells until the heel up. After a month went by they were starting to feel better. Just when I started to think it was all over my right nipple began to hurt and swell up. I called Barb, my piercer, and asked her what was wrong. She said to do sea salt soaks once a day. So I got a 1/4 table spoon of sea salt and a cup of hot water and soaked it for about 20 mins. I took the cup off to find puss coming out of my piercing, quite a bit too.
This happened a couple more times and now I am cured. I was so afraid that I was going to have to take it out.

It's been three months since my piercings and I absolutely love them. It's definitely worth that first two months of being uncomfortable.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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