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P>I am here to tell you about my first piercing experience. It was my left nipple. Well actually if you want to get technical it was my right nipple and I did it myself with a safety-pin. I was 14 at the time, and it didn't last long. Anyway, I want to share my first "profesional" pierce with you.

About 7 years ago I was at the beach surfing, having a good time. I decide to take a break and go up on the pier and grab a burger and a few pics of my friends. Little did I know that day would change me forever.

I order my food and hear someone calling my name. I turn around and it is an old friend of mine I hadnt seen in about 4 years. We get to talking and he tells me he just got out of rehab/halfway house and proceeds to show me a nice huge tribal thigh piece. I tell him he never struck me as the type to get tattooed, especially that big!He then tells me he has a ring in his navel. I was like what?? A ring in your navel? Let me see. It intrigued me. I started asking all kinds of things about it, I wanted one. Not there (yet) but i my nipple. I tell him this and he tells me that he can do it for me. That since he has been out of rehab he has started to "apprentice" a local tattooer. (that I knew as well) I make an appointment with him for the next week and srtart to prepare myself for it.

The day arrives that I am going to get my nipple pierced. I had told a few people about it and they all thought I was either crazy as hell, gay, or both. I didn't care. I wasn't doing this for them, I was doing it for me! I just knew that it was teh right thing to do. I walk into the shop and find my friend. He tells me it wil be a few minutes. I tell him OK and begin talking to one of the tattooers. (I had been in here before gettig ink so I knew everyone allready) After about 15 minutes he tells me he is ready for me.

Ok. here we go I am thinking to myself. I kow I want it but I am starting to get a little nervous. I go through some jewelry with him and finally decide on a 14g. CBR. I don't remeber the diameter of it. After jewelry selection, I am instructed to take my shirt off and sit down. I do so. He pulls ona pair of gloves and begins setting up the area, the whole time explaining to me what he is going to do and everything. Totally different person now that I am in his "studio". Very professional. He asks me if I am allergic to shell fish. Why I ask? Because I need to clean you with iodine or something like that. Been so long I can't really remember everything. He cleaned the area. Did I forget to tell you it was my left nipple? Well that's what it is I am getting pierced. He cleaned it, then he changed gloves again. After he cleaned and put the new gloves on, he went over aftercare with me. Telling me that I needed to clean twice a day with hibiclense. And never tuch it with dirty hands or let anyone touch, lick it.

After going over that, he picked up his marker and marked my nipple. He didn't get the marks exactly right so he erased them and tried again. This time he got the marks just right. HE asks me if I am ready to go through with it, if I am feeling allright. I assure him I am ready, and he picks up his clamps. He bigins to tell me that the clamps are probally going to hurt worse than the actual piercing. He clamps them and then grabs the needle and gets ready to push it through, the whole time making sure I am feeling OK, and ready for it. Excellent bedside manner. He tells me he going to count off to 3, and then take a deep breath. He begins the count: 1. . 2. . . 3. . . . deep breath. . . . and the needle is through!!!!!I cannot begin to tell you how it felt. Itwas the most incredible feeling I have ever felt in the world. Such a rush!! I felt as if I were floating, total out of body type feeling. I remeber hearing him ask if I was allright, how I was feeling, thats when I came down so to speak, and looked ansd saw the needle in my nipple. He then grabbed the ring and slowly inserted it through my nipple (following the needle). He fixed the bead on to it, and it was over. Took a whole 3 seconds. Felt like an eternity though. Because I was a little nervous I assume.

I got a little light headed as he was going over the after-care with me for the 3rd time. Clean it twice daily with hibiclense, don't touch wioth dirty hands, l;et anyone else touch or lick on it.

After I was feeling better and looked at my new nipple, I felt like the happiest person i the world! Different from everyone else. An individual. This is when he tells me that this was his first nipple piercing. But he did an EXCELLENT job.

Since that first piercing he has done numerous on me. Some have worked out, some haven't. I will be telling more as the time comes.

I highly recommend thatvif you don't have your nipples pierced, get them!! It has made my life, both sex and regular, better. It wil chnage you in ways that I can't explain. See things differently.


turbodog@bmeworld. com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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