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my first pierces ever @ perforations

ello there!

        Well its now Monday, two days after I got my nipples pierced and

I'm feeling I tad tender but good with it! I dident write up a full thing of my experience, so hear it goes!

For the last few weeks iv been wanting to get my nipples pierced, or should I say for the last few weeks I have been Vocal about it. I never thought that I had the bottle to go threw with it, witch is why last week I said "I Should have my nipples pierced this week end"... Well I cinda forced my self into getting them, it (amongst other things) became a matter of pride. I rounded up a friend to come with me, moral support etc.. And the date was set for Saturday!

Friday comes and I get a call, my friend cant make it, due to money and

a few other bits and pieces. Needless to say I was very angry and let down, after all he IS my best friend, still G.

Saturday and I'm woken up by my alarm clock at 9:30, early for a

Saturday, and I gather a few things together to be washed so I can be nice and fresh for my experience later in the day. But there is washing already in the machine, this means I will have to wait before I can put mine in the machine. Setting me of schedule by about 30 odd minutes. Not good for the nerves. I get the three S's out of the way, shave, she*t, Shower and I'm reedy to go. After a short train trip and a long walk up a ruddy long steep hill I'm at the Main train station. Were I will (still thinking that I wont go threw with it) take the 1 hour 45 min train trip to Brighton.

After possibly the longest train trip ever in the history of every thing

ever I'm in Brighton a meagre 10-20 Min walk from "Perforations". I stop to have a drink (coke, thinking that a beer would cause my nipples to explode) and now I'm thinking what the shop will look like and what the pierce will feel like. After all, I have only ever been in 1 Tattoo shop and never in a piercing shop! A quick trip to the loo and I'm off, with a nice red map to navigate with. I find Little Preston Street and finally find a little path to the Piercing studio.

At this point I get a little worried, for some reason I thought the shop

would be big, with a nice Big glass window Looking out on the street with a real bustle of activity. But in reality, after walking hew this little path and going down a few steps there is an open door that Leeds to the piercing studio. I was now very nervous and my heart was going like a horny rabbit on speed! As I walked in all a saw was two people behind this big black desk and around the walls loads of people sitting down, chatting and reading mags etc.. The lady behind the counter (Rose I think) greeted me and I managed to spit out, "I would like my nipples pierced please?" she said OK and gave me a form to fill in, I'm not to sure how I managed to do it but I did get the formed filled in (my brain not quite working I filled in a bit of the 'legal garden' bit, Doh!). Seeing as there was absolutely NO were to sit (the place was FULL bit time) I had to stand against the wall. Sweating like a hog thinking to my self "MY GOD, I'M HERE!!! I CAN'T GET OUT OF IT NOW!". I was told that I had about a 1 1/2 hour wait on my hands, long enough to get really Really REALLY nervous. A few people went and I got a set, and down I had calmed how a bit and dried up some what too.

The bloke next to me asked what I was in for, 'Nips I say' what else do

you have done have done 'Nothing, net even my ears!' at this point the two people behind the desk (Warren the Owner and the lady, rose? I think) winced a bit and said "Piercing Virgin! Ooh! Ouch!"... After a bit of a laugh he said, "Dont worry martin well take good care of you!". Witch made me De-clench me bum cheeks a wee but. Any way slowly the people went in for what ever they were getting done and ever time they came out I would wonder what they got done.. To the untrained eye they looked gust the same as they went in!

The bloke next to me gets called in, my heart races because I now that

I was next! This lady who was getting her tongue done was saying she was nervous (she had a few things done already) and I thought out loud "Your Nervous!", soon after that I was taken into the piercing room....

Warren Deen walks me into the piercing room, I no that the shop is

moving soon so there isn't much on the walls. The room looks spotlessly clean. In the Middle of the room is the Piercing table, behind that some shelves and a good quality Hi-Fi system (the amp was an NAD, very good indeed!). He talks to me about this and that, all the wile asking me if i'm ok etc and he some how puts on music with out my noticing it. Its nice and calming, they have a policy of playing music to enhance the mood and to relax you etc. He tell me to sit up on the table and puts on his gloves. Infront of the table is the counter top with the gloves/marking pen/Autoclave sink and a few other bits and peaces. Wile prepping himself he asks me if I want an anaesthetic, originally I was adamant that I didn't want anaesthetic but I was Soo nervous that I had second thoughts. I mean, like I said, I dont even have my ears pierced! I'm sitting there in all my strechmarked glory wondering about this, he sagest that I do the first one with the anaesthetic and then decide on the next. That made sense to me. I was asked to stand up so he could mark the entrance/exit holes, warren kept chatting to me the hole time witch was a god sent, helped the nerves no end. He gets out a the pack with the needle in it and shows me as he opens it, this was my point of no return and it dawned to me as he put the clamps on that this is really happening and I'm really gona get my nipples (or at least one) pierced. Clamp on, he gets a glass bottle with a clear liquid in it and sprays me with it, warning me that the clamp should feel like it gets tighter, witch it did. He (with KY jelly) lubes up the needle, although he sowed me the needle in the pack and opening it I dident really notice what the needle looked like. Nothing like I would have expected, all of the needle that you see is the tip, a white plastic sheath went around the rest of the needle, looking back I am glad that the needle was like this, dident make it look so grucem.

Clamp on, marked up, lubed and numbed he lines him self up with the

needle. I looked the other way so I dident see what technique he used but after a few deep breths BANG! and it was in. I felt it, it was painful but an odd pain, I'm not to sure weather the pain was actually there or if I made it but it did hurt. I looked down and saw the white plastic sheath threw my right nipple. I had a little lay down G and then he put the jewellery threw, again I dident see this, but it wasent to bad. After making sure I was ok and that I was sure I wanted to go threw with the other Nipple he prepped up for the second round. This time I was determined to do it with out the anaesthetic, so he clamped me, lined him self up and I started my Lamaze. He took more time letting me breath this time before he struck and BANG! it was in. This time the pain was more and allot different, a bit like pinching your nipple hard, but more intense. Nothing like I expected, a very strange experience. Nearly as soon as the needle was in and warren asked if I was OK I got the famous Endorphin rush. It hit me like a done of bricks, a bit like your first joint, when your waiting for it to take affect and then it cina descends on you, but this was allot stronger and allot faster. I laid back for a wile and chatted with warren, I was real proud and I think he was too. The receiving tube and the jewellery was pulled threw, that was also very pain full. He put the ball in the ring and taped me up. I couldn't believe it, I had actually did it! I thanked warren and we went out into the waiting room to pay. I tried to give him a tip but he wouldn't take it so I stuck the fiver in the HIV/AIDS research box (witch was quite an effort, feeling like I did). Said thanks again, said by to every one and left for the train station, having a few drinks on the way.

The trip home was a long one and I was feeling very strange, I brought

my self a cup of coffee and a cup of tea at the station. I gave the tea to a homeless bloke with a pound on the lid, called home, no one was in so I left a message and the coffee on the phone! I went strait to the Pub that I work in and got a drink, after some time I told the boss and a few people that I new etc. My boss was cinda Squicked, have me a free shot of something, witch I drank in one, with no ill effects, not even that shiver you usually get. Went home called a friend (the same on that could not come{!}), removed the bandages and after some TV went to bed. Still cant believe that I did it, because my nips are real flat the pierce seems to have been quite deep and they are still tender. Like I said before the one that had the anaesthetic is the one that gives me the most grief still. So in the long run its be the most painful one.

Well thats my experance Sorry its so long but hay! its not every day you get pierced for the first time...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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