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o, now I've done it! I've pierced my left nipple by myself. I decided to log all events that have anything to do with that event here. Here my diary is.

November, 26 1996

I was very upset and was thinking about piercing all the time. I really couldn't be calm for even one minute and I decided I cannot wait anymore. Of course I was afraid of some problems that may be caused by such an action, but the fear couldn't stop me. My Kathy told me she won't do it for me, because she has no experience, only in ear piercing. I couldn't wait while I find an experienced piercer, and anyway male nipples aren't so complicated as female ones. So I decided to do it my myself. And at last I wished to do it by myself.

And so I prepared syringe needle, which I sterilized for about a hour in boiling water, pure spirit, iodine, lots of paper towels and so on. I closed myself in my bathroom to prevent any disturbance, but brought phone with me for the case Kathy will call.

[100 bpm]

Despite I taken a spoonful of Novo-Passit (calming) my heartbeat appeared to be at 100bpm. Oooths.. I washed all around the nipple with antibacterial soap then rubbed the area around with iodine.

[120 bpm]

Now everything was ok and I only have had to proceed. I took the needle, took the nipple with hand in mostly according way and put the needle in. It cut in easily and craved more than half of the entire way more easily than I thought.

[140 bpm]

Oooths. Suddenly needle's movement became much more difficult. I felt it inside with my left hand's thumb but it wasn't out yet. [180 bpm] Much stronger... And its tip appeared from other side! Another try and AAARRGH! I had it entering at one side and its tip exit from another! This was a sensation to me that I've had seen NO BLOOD AT ALL!

At this moment the phone rang and I was happy it did. It was Kathy, I talked to her for an hour, maybe two. Thank her for calming me down, though she did not know what I've done.

I went to sleep at about 6:00am and had to have another portion of Novo-Passit to calm down and sleep. I had to wake next morning and go to buy some kind of jewelry to insert there. Most annoying thing was sleeping with the nail in my nipple. I tipped it with a piece of eraser and glued to my body with plaster.

November 27, 1996

I awoke at 12:00 at morning, felt interesting. I was much more patient than yesterday and needle didn't bothered me so much. I went to nearby jewelry store and bought small probe-925 silver earrings. I made the preparations like yesterday's ones and went to proceed.

Now there was some blood, but very little of it, I just had to dry several blobs while I was inserting a ring. I had to remove the needle completely and insert the ring after. Surprisingly it found its way much more easily than I expected it to. There wasn't much pain though I was in unusual state that time, quite excited, so maybe it was much stronger than I tend to think. I closed the ring, removed plasters and washed all around with antibacterial soap. Very little of blood, I'd say when you slightly cut your finger with kitchen knife you see MUCH more blood and here was apparently none at all.

I feel nothing bad in my nipple. No pain at all, I just feel the ring in it, maybe a slight irritation. I'm glad. Now I expect what Kathy will say :) ?

November 27, 1996; Night.

We returned from celebration of the Guitar Player Day, Jimi Hendrix' birthday. I hesistated to show what I've done to Kathy as long as I could, but at last she taken my shirt off and saw the ring. She was quite surprised and liked it very much. We have a long conversation about this sort of things and she told me that maybe she wants to do something like what I've done but I recommended her not to do it by herself. Anyway, I'm happy that she liked it.

November 28, 1996

I feel nothing annoying, irritation decays gradually. The only problem is in inserting a ring after removing it --- I can hardly find a path for it inside there but I hope this little problem will eliminate itself as piercing will heal. I also use to move the ring in all possible directions to prevent bad and narrow healing.

November 29, 1996

Everything stills ok. I only have sometimes to remove dry stuff from edges of the ring. I feel pain only when I rotate the ring after I long time haven't touched it --- that's because it dries up to the flesh.

I decided to stretch the hole to the width of solid part of the ring. I found a carpet needle and pushed it through the hole. It hurts, prehaps stretching is more painful than piercing itself. In the evening I took the other ring which I reshaped with small file and pushed it through partially stretched hole. It was painful and difficult, but now it's ok. The feelings are the same as two days ago --- a little more painful but now I can clean it more easily and more accurately.

P.S. (fall '98) Well, it was a long long time ago. After a while I realized that silver doesn't come along with my flesh very well, so after several attempts to master custom rings I finally found a piercing studio where I bought a 14ga surgical steel captive ring. I would not recommend to anyone to do it by yourself, that could be much easier than in my case.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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