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JH / motions nipple piercing story

hen I first begun to think about nipple piercing I dont remember, but it was quite some years ago. For as long as I can remember I've been interested in bodyart, and offcourse this has resulted in a couple of mods. If you're interested in what I've got, and perhaps view a picture of it, you can always go here. My first piercing was the same as most ppls first, namely the lobe. I got that done when I was 12, at my cousins hair saloon. Now, seven years later, I still have that piercing, the only difference is that I stretched it abit, to around 0 ga (~8 mm).

My second piercing was my septum, which my very good friend bowe did. It healed very quick and without any problems. I hadnt really planned to make this piercing, it just popped into my head. I remember thinking: "Ah, what the hell, since bowe is doing it for free, it doesnt matter. If I dont want it, or if it doesnt heal, I'll just take it out, and I havent lost anything on it." I still have it, offcourse.

My third piercing is what this story is about. Piercing one of my nipples is something I had dreamt about for long time, but hadnt come around to do. The only reason for this was that I'm a very poor young man, with little or no money at all. Anyways, I had gotten the money to do it (400 swedish crowns, around 50 USA $) so I called the nearest proffesional piercer, Pål. Pål has a piercing/tatto studio called Custom Tattooing / Professional Bodypiercing, located in Härnösand, Sweden. That is also where I got my first tatto, so it seemed as a good decision about where to go. I and two female friends of mine went there a friday, they were going to have their labrets done, and I my right nipple. After talking to Pål for a while, I went behind a screen, and took the clothes on my upper body off. He talked to me alot, which I think is nice. I mean, offcourse you're abit nervous, even if you already are both pierced and tattooed. Having him talking to you while he cleans his tools, puts gloves on and so is nice. Also its fun to talk to a bodyartist I think, and get them to answer all these weird questions you might have. When he was done cleaning his instruments (or what he did, I didnt really watch.) he told me to lie down, and so I did. First he cleaned my nipple and the area around it, then he went beck to his desk to continue preparing and I lied there, waiting. All this while we talked and discussed bodyart and similar. He came back with a pen and made two dots on my nipple, obviously where he would put the needle and where it was supposed to come out. Then he cooled my nipple down, and pressed the needle through. He might have had some special tool for this, because he didnt take the ring through the hole with help of the needle, he used some other thing that he inserted directly after the needle, from behind it. Then he put the ring through, closed it (CBR 14 ga) and put on a bandaid. That was it. Then he told me some stuff about how to clean it, estimated healingtime, and etc. After that, it was time for my two girlfriends (as in girls and friends) to get their labrets done, so I smoked a cigarette, sat down in a chair, relaxed and checked out his picturegallery.

It took about two months or maybe alittle more for my nipple to heal, I think this is mainly due to that I maybe overcleaned it abit, so it got dry. If you experience this, my tip is that you just clean it with boiled water for some time, and when in the shower just use a mild soap and water. Im 101 % happy with it, especially because the sensitivity of ny nipple increased ALOT. Nipple piercing is for me mainly erotic. I find it very sexy and its very, very nice to have your pierced nipple stimulated. Even before this modification my nipples were erogen, and now one of them is a hell of a lot more erogen. I've decided I'll pierce my left nipple aswell in a near future. I was thinking about stretching aswell, but I think I'll skip it. My belief is that stretching it might decrease the sensitivity, something I dont want.


Signed, Jimmy Hoffa.

If you want to, dont hesitate to drop me a email.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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