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A nipplely experience...

must say that everyone has a different experience when it comes to the pain of a piercing. I had read a lot of stories about nipple piercings and pretty much all of them said that it was an incredible pain even though it was over in a matter of seconds.

Here goes my experience. I went to the piercing shop(Ritualistics, Edmonton, Alberta) a little over a week ago to get my left nipple pierced. I was nervous about the pain and having to stand there without a shirt on while some stranger stares at my breasts, even though they see it all the time. But I've been to this shop before and I like the lady who was doing my piercing. So, she went through the piercing with me, cleaning, helpful hints such as tight clothes and hot baths and then we went to the piercing room. I was going with a CBR and she wanted me to pick a bead. Then she showed me the size of ring she would be piercing me with. Holy crap was it ever big, diameter wise. I asked why the heck it had to be sooo big and she said that with a bigger ring it'll will sit flatter against your nipple. You want this in the initial healing period so that the nipple scar tissue doesn't end up healing with the ring sticking straight out which would look quite funny. Okay, I agree on the size with the note that in a month I can come in and get it downsized. Off goes the shirt, damn it's cold. Then I have to stand there while see cleans my nipple and makes the marks. I felt kinda stupid but she was nice. Next step is to sit in the chair. She puts the clamps on saying that this might feel uncomfortable. At this point I closed my eyes because I don't want to see what's going on. Clamps really didn't hurt at all. Then goes the needle, barely any pain at all, I honestly barely even noticed. Then the jewelry was in and I was like, 'Your done?', wow, that totally did NOT hurt one bit. So, she showed me how to move it around while cleaning it and this kinda freaked me out because my nipple was getting pulled and stuff, no pain though. And that's it, I was done. It was quite funny the next couple of days because my nipple was continuously hard and if I wore a tight enough shirt you could see the bead and that made it look like I had two hard nipples. Also, if I had my shirt off the ring would stick straight out so that looked funny. The bra helps to hold it down. The first time I cleaned it there was a drop of blood and that's it and it looked like there were tiny little scabs around the puncture wounds but those have gone now. Yes, it has crusted up not too terribly bad though. It's best to clean it while you're in the shower. I continuously wear a bra even to bed, I don't like when it gets nicked on anything. It's definitely way more sensitive then before, it's quite neat. So, it's been a little over a week since I got it done and I think it's quite cool. I can't wait to get a smaller ring put in though, a couple more weeks for that. One bad thing though is that since I got it done my navel piercing has been giving me grief. I've heard that this can happen because now your body has to work twice as hard because it has another piercing to heal, hopefully it gets better. So, like said before everybody is different when it comes to the pain of a pierce. I'm still shocked at the little to no pain that I felt. Mind you I am not complaining. If you have any questions feel free to email me at jessica@fifthd.ca. I also have stories up about my navel(One girls long experience...) and tongue(tongue@Ritualistics) piercings if you care to take a look. Thanks for reading my story and if you're thinking about getting any piercing done, go for it, they're great (especially the ones with functionality!). :o)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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