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first became "modified" about three and a half years ago, while a college freshman. It all began with a simple navel piercing. I think I became modified then as a way to prove my independence from mommy and daddy. Anyway, that piercing was slow to heal, got infected, and subsequently was removed. That is an entire story in itself. However, I did get it re-pierced last winter because I think it looks really cool and quite sexy :) I am also tattooed, a Celtic knot on my left shoulder and a cute little butterfly next to my navel. All of those events happened within my first year of college.

Three weeks ago I was preparing for graduation, you know final exams, paperwork, red tape, and all that crap. One of those evenings my boyfriend and I got to talking about bodmods and stuff. I told him I was satisfied with the mods I currently had, but had considered the thought of getting pierced nipples. He thought that was really cool idea, the conversation ended and that was all for that subject, or so I thought...

Two days later was the commencement ceremony. (btw I now have a BA in Performing Arts) That evening my boyfriend and I went out to dinner. It was there that he gave me my graduation present. It was a sappy hallmark card, and a certificate that went like this. "This coupon entitles the bearer to one pair of pierced nipples at the location of her choice." Later on when we got home we started to research nipple piercings.
Inevitably we found this site, BME. It was here that I got almost all of the info I needed to make my decision.

The next day we looked up tattoo/piercing shops in our town. There were only two. We went to both to see the facility and talk to the piercer. I decided to go to the same shop that did both of my tattoos a couple of years back. Jeff was the only piercer on the staff, but he is really qualified. He has pierced many a nipple in his day. His schedule was full for that day, so I scheduled for the following Tuesday.

Tuesday came fast. My boyfriend and I got to the shop at about 3:30pm. My appointment was at 4:00. During that half-hour I filled out all the legal mumbo-jumbo. It helped keep my mind off my impending fate. Jeff came out of the piercing room promptly at 4:00 p.m. with a freshly pierced client. While his apprentice/helper was prepping the room for me, Jeff came to the waiting room and did some counseling with me making sure that I really wanted to do this. After that we picked out the jewelry...two stainless steel cbr rings.

Once in the room he had me remove my shirt and bra. He examined my nipples and suggested that they be pierced at 12 gauge. I trustingly agreed. He then went on to mark both of my nipples and then had me check in the mirror to see if the location was O.K. Then he clamped the left nipple down. He had me AND my boyfriend(who held my hand) practice deep breathing while he prepared the needle. 1,2,.....3 and my left nipple was now pierced. While still on the endorphin rush he clamped the right one and pierced it swiftly as well. The jewelry was then inserted and I stood up to look at myself in the mirror. I turned to give my boyfriend a quick thank-you kiss. He has this huge grin on his face(I think he had a hard-on too.)

I put my shirt and bra back on an went over the after care instructions with Jeff, While my boyfriend paid the bill. (I am sure that it was the best 90.00 bucks HE ever spent) It has now been two weeks since they were pierced. I am following the aftercare instructions religiously. They are healing very well, and I just love the look and especially the feel of my new nipples. About the only problems I have had so far is occasional soreness and keeping my boyfriend from playing with my nipples. All in all, this is probably the best present I have ever received in my whole life. For any girl that has EVER thought about getting pierced nipples, DO IT! You will absolutely love it.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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