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Nipples @ Looking Glass Tattoo

e is my story!

This started one day when I went to Looking Glass Tattoo in Bonita.. Which is near Naples, Florida. I had driven by this place so many times looking for it! Well one day I finally managed to NOT drive past it and stopped there! Wow, as soon as I walked through the door I felt so comfortable that I never wanted to leave.. I had really wanted to get my tongue pierced for a long time and I thought that I would talk to the piercer/tattoo artist there, Paisley jon about getting it pierced.. Since I didn't have any cash on me I figured that I would just wait until I saved up,( I had a credit card, but I figured that since American Express wasn't labeled on there payment acceptance list that it wouldn't work.) well, I asked jon anyways about if they took American Express..He wasn't sure either! So, he asked that if he ran it through the machine and the transaction went through would I want my tongue done, I was like OF COURSE! So he processed it and it went through!! I was sooooo happy! Anyways. it didn't hurt at all! I was so proud of myself! I didn't twitch or scream or flip out!(this was my first non-ear piercing!!) So, this lead up to me visiting The Looking Glass every time I wasn't working..Just the other day I walked in there and thought about getting another piercing...I never really thought I'd ever want my nipples pierced! I was taught that only lesbians got there nips pierced and that I would be sick and perverted and labeled a dyke if I got mine done.

Since I don't usually care about what people think anyway(THEY're not going home with me or paying my bills are they??!?!?) I decided that piercing my nipples would be a good choice. I was only going to pierce one, and I was pretty embarrassed about having to take off my bra for Paisley Jon...(my nipples are shy!) but, then I knew I really wanted one pierced so I just went for it... Well, it hurt,, not a lot but enough to make me wake up! I then realized that if I waited to get my other nipple pierced I might not do it for a long while, so I told P.Jon to do the other one... this one(the right one) hurt a little more, only because I thought more about the first one.. after P.Jon cleaned me up, I put my bra on and went outside to smoke a ciggie! Well earlier on, I had been talking to these people and told them I was going to just get my navel done, but I skipped that and went for the nipples...(not because I didn't like navel piercings just because I wanted something a little more extreme.) Well, these people were really nice and they(a mom and a daughter) wanted their navels pierced, well the daughter couldn't because she had an outie and needed to grow a little, but the mom really wanted one but was scared. SO I offered to get my navel pierced if the mom would. She agreed because she wanted to watch the piercing and so I went through a navel piercing also! Well, the mom got her navel pierced and her daughter got her eyebrow pierced, they were really nice and took a picture of me, P.Jon and my tongue sticking out when they left(they weren't living in Florida or something.) Well, so far on the nips so good,(considering it's only been about 18 hours! ) and anyone who want's to talk/ has any info on nip or any other piercings... gimme an e-mail :

Beau311Dis@aol.com By the way.. I'm Amy


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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