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Nipple Experience.

he planning of the various piercings I intend to try has long occupied my mind.

The foreskin(3) and frenum (2) piercings I have been in place for many years, so it was time to add to them. I had considered a PA or Ampallang for quite a while but the absence of professional piercers in my area inhibited the opportunities.

In September of last year I had a trip to Brisbane planned so the opportunity to visit a Piercing Studio presented itself. On impulse I decided on some Nipple pierces. I was a little worried because I had rather small nipples and they had virtually no sensitivity. A call to The Piercing Shop assured me that that would be no problem so an appointment was made to have both piercings done with 14 gauge SS barbells.

The studio was well appointed and set out specifically for the piercing Practice. Each of the rooms was well appointed and gave the feeling of confidence in the hygiene and professionality of the establishment.

The piercer required me to lie on a reclining couch, he type usually found in Dental Surgeries, and the lights adjusted to provide good visibility and access. The initial part of the process required the placing if a small ice pack on the nipple to get it erect. The piercer then marked the position of the entry and exit and applied a piercing clamp. The entry of the needle was somewhat of a shock, in that it was more a burning rather than a painful feeling . The sensation was apparent for a few seconds and followed by the feeling of the barbell being introduced to the needle hole. Apart from the initial pain there was a feeling of relief and achievement.

The second nipple followed a similar pattern of treatment but the pain seemed more intense, possibly a reaction from knowing what was to follow. The introduction of the jewellery and completion of the procedure left a feeling if euphoria and achievement.

The sensations and feeling of having completed another statement of one's individuality has to be recommended. I feel that only a piercing can provide this, though I imagine a tattoo would provide a similar feeling.

The treatment and care of the piercings to the point of healing took about 8 weeks. The process at that stage only meant that the skin surface had sealed and the chance of infection had diminished. The hardening of the skin so that it would withstand the rigors of day to day living take time over and above the initial healing period.

I had decided to stretch the openings to about 10 or 8 gauge
when I had the piercing done. I followed a process of introducing a circular barbell one gauge larger until and skin breakage had healed and there was no indicators of healing occurring. This process has taken about 3 months and I have reached the stage of being able to use an 8 gauge ring or barbell with comfort.

My nipples have a newfound sensitivity and have now enlarged to comfortably accommodate the horizontal 8 gauge barbells I wear constantly and the 10 mm Captive Ball Rings I use when I meet with my naturist group and friends. I am still looking out for additional jewellery that I can wear with or in place of my nipple rings/barbell

Regards Dave H.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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