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Yet another nipple experience

ast summer, one of my best friends had passed away in an accident and I went through a period of feeling out of context. All of a sudden, everything that I did on a daily basis seemed absurd. I felt like I had been missing the point all of these years.

And I realized that I'd never really made much of a habit of paying much attention to my body or what it needed. Sure, I put a bandaid on a cut. Fed myself at regular intervals. I pretty much took care of maintenance, but never went out of my way to do something that went beyond usual cleaning rituals.

So, I started thinking again about getting my nipples pierced. This was something that I had always wanted to do, but never did because it seemed like such a departure from everything else I had ever done. For some reason, I had myself convinced that just because I didn't -need- jewelery in my nipples, it wasn't worth doing.

Then, a girl I worked with got her tongue pierced. I asked her if she could recommend a good piercer, telling her that I wanted my nipples done. She told me that her piercer was a star. So I called the shop and talked to the nicest most sympathetic piercers that totally made me feel comfortable. So, I made an appointment.

When the big day came, I had a bit of a strange experience. My ex-boyfriend called me and went off on a rant about me being a freak for wanting my nipples done. He told me it would make my nipples fall off. He told me I'd lose all sensation in my nipples. He called me about a million names. We ended up having a big argument and it came down to me telling him that he had no say over what I did with myself or my nipples and that I didn't give a rat's a$$ how he felt about it.

So, he was quiet for about ten seconds and then asked me if he could come watch. This really pissed me off because he just got over telling me how stupid I was but actually thought I'd share the experience with him. I banned him from watching. 8P

I was a tiny bit nervous during the train ride out to the shop, but I was also really looking forward to it. When I got to the shop, the piercer I'd spoken to earlier wasn't there. But, another piercer was there and she was really nice. I went into the room with her and she told me that she became a piercer after some untrained jerk made a mess of her nipples. She wanted to make sure that it didn't happen to anyone else.

She was very relaxed and spoke to me about aftercare beforehand. She washed her hands and then put on gloves. Then I chose jewelery (14ga 5/8 SSS CBRs with silver beads). She showed me the autoclaved jewelery. Then, she cleaned my nipples. She had me stand while she was marking the holes and then checked the placement when I was lying down. Then she clamped my left nipple. This pinched a wee bit. She did a breathing exercise with me and did the first pierce and I barely felt it. I felt a tiny shiver go through my entire body and I felt the pressure of the needle entering and exiting my sking, but it wasn't what I would call pain.

Then, she prepped my for the second nipple. I was clamped again and she repeated the breathing exercise and then pierced the right nipple. This one hurt, it wasn't unbearable, just more pronounced. And she put in the jewelery and cleaned me up. When I was sitting up the piercer actually had to tell me that I was allowed to look at them. I was a wee-bit light-headed after the endorphin rush X 2.

I was surprised at how little trouble I had with the pierces. The first night the right one bled about a drop of blood and that was it. I didn't need to sleep in a bra, though wearing a tanktop was more comfortable that sleeping topless for the first 2 weeks.

My left pierce hardly ever got crusties. The right one was a bit more trouble. It crusted up every now and then for about 6 months. Now, 9 months after getting them done, they are all healed up. Now, I'm thinking about stretching them up to 12 ga. :-)

I totally recommend that anyone thinking about getting their nipples done GO FOR IT! It was the best experience for me. It was my first non-ear pierce and I've never had a moment of regret.

Thanks for reading.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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