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Nipple and Frenum Piercing

To me, piercing and tattoos are a very personal expression of my sexuality. Unlike many of the people who enjoy body modification, I neither show or discuss mine publicly. A big reason for that is my occupation. I am a full time police officer, and quite frankly, it's a very conservative group on the whole.

My first tattoo was a medium sized eagle on my right

shoulder which I got in Alabama during Army basic training.
Several of us had gone to town on an overnight pass and decided it was the "thing to do". Basically, it was a rite of passage for a bunch of 18 year olds on their own and away from home for the first time in their lives. For several years, I wavered between feelings of regret, and wanting to have it removed, to wanting more. Eventually, the piece began to fade slightly and lose some of it's original sharpness. Driving past a tattoo studio outside Ft. Leonard Wood, MO one evening, I decided to have it re-colored, and somewhere during that process, ended up enlarging the design and adding more to it.

I didn't feel satisfied, though, and I felt that

tattooing simply wasn't the medium that was right for me.
By then, a few years had passed and I was experiencing what most people eventually go through: marriage, career, family. I didn't feel I had any sense of individuality.
After my divorce at 30, I began to reevaluate and reconsider my priorities. I decided it was finally time to start taking care of myself, and my own needs.

One of those priorities had been a long-time need to

experience a D/s lifestyle that my ex-wife had simply not been willing to try. I had experimented with a previous lover, and had found stories and movies on the subject fascinating, but had never had the opportunity to explore my submissive side. My current girlfriend / Mistress of four years has been a much more willing participant and enjoys the fact that my nipples are extremely sensitive. I found pictures of pierced women very erotic, and for a long time had dreamed of meeting someone who had their nipples or genitals pierced. One day, while driving around on patrol, the solution suddenly struck me. I rushed back to the office and went through the phone books, looking for the nearest piercing shop. After years of feeling as though something was missing, I found that the solution was finally at hand. Over the next several days, I thought of little else. I was so anxious to get my work week over that I found it hard to concentrate. I had asked my Mistress for permission to get my nipples done, though I think she doubted I would actually go through with it.

I had made the appointment over the phone, and the time

finally came to drive the 30 miles to the shop. I was so nervous. I was excited, yet nervous about the pain that I knew was sure to come. As it turned out, I wasn't overreacting. The procedure was extremely painful. In fact, had it not been for my strong desire to have a balanced look, I probably would not have had the second one finished. But, I was there, and I really wanted it, so I toughed it out and walked out of the shop sporting two very sore nipples, each adorned with a 16ga half inch Niobium ring.

The healing process went amazingly well, and Mistress

seemed to like the way they looked. Unfortunately, we quickly found out that the rings were much too small. The gauge was far too thin for anything more than a gentle tug, and the diameter was too small for her to get her fingers inside. Over the next two years, I gradually stretched them to where I am now wearing a pair of 8ga, 7/8 inch
stainless steel rings. These work extremely well for our rough play, and I love their weight. I have just ordered a pair of 6ga, 1 inch circular barbells, and look forward to wearing them. I think that will probably be my final step.

About a year and a half  ago, I had the urge once

again, and after obtaining Mistress's approval, got my frenum pierced. Unfortunately, once we were able to have intercourse, she found that the barbell was a little too long, and caused her some discomfort. Changing the jewelry solved that problem, and we are now quite satisfied with the results.

We were at a party last weekend, and Mistress had been

talking to one of her friends from work who is a little on the wild side. I was pulled into an empty room with them, and told to raise my shirt. This was a first for me, because nobody else knew about my rings, but Mistress seemed quite pleased with herself. Her friend was amazed and for the rest of the night, both women took great joy in finding opportunities to tug, pull and otherwise play with them. I would have to say it was also one of my more enjoyable experiences as well.

Another surprise came from the party, too.  As a

result, Mistress and her friend now have a road trip planned. As near as I can tell, both will be sporting nipple and clit hood piercings when they return. I can hardly wait.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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