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Ex-square's Nipple Experience

started a really long time ago. When I was a freshman in high school the girl who had a locker across from mine, and who was in my math class was kind of strange. She was into drugs, had about 20 holes in each ear and had greenish hair. Despite my preppy clothes and plain blond hair, we talked some, and it ended up she invited me to a party one Friday night. I decided to go, and while there I had the terrible experience of watching her pierce her own tongue with a safety pin. A dull safety pin. It took a really long time and she was bleeding everywhere. I pronounced her "crazy" and left.

Obviously, after this eye-opening experience, I never wanted to put another hole in my body (my ears were pierced twice on each side). Well, about two years later I was assigned an article for the school newspaper about the people at school who had unusual piercing and tattoos. This was when piercing were just on the verge of becoming trendy and popular, but these three people at my small school were considered freaks. Anyway, after the article got labeled "too risque" by the administration, I was intrigued. But, being too young and way too needle phobic, I didn't do anything about it.

At the beginning of that summer, I had one more hole added to my left earlobe, done with a gun. My mother stood there the entire time saying, "You're gonna pass out, you're gonna pass out," because needles have a tendency to make me queasy. So naturally, I almost did. I decided that was enough for me, and just dreamed about piercing my tongue.

During the last year, nearly everyone I know got their bellybutton pierced. I was still hooked on my tongue until I saw one of my friends teeth fly across the table while we were sitting at a restaurant, and I decided that that would probably happen to me. I spent a lot of time debating about getting this or that pierced, and then one day I just decided to get my nipples done. I didn't know of any other girls who had done this, and I figured it would be sorta my own private thing. I told my friend and he wanted to come with me to see it, so I said, "next Wednesday." Next Wednesday came, and I was nervous at work all day long, just jittery and shaky.

Anyway, when we arrived at the studio (Rock Xpress, which was highly recommended) I was about to keel over from nervousness. The owner, Robert, was very nice, explained what was going on, and everything was very very sterile. He talked to me the whole time, and after some paperwork and choosing 14 gauge hoops, told me to take off my shirt. He marked exactly where the holes would be, and showed me a mirror. They looked fine to me, and then he told me to sit down. I asked if I could lay down, but his chair didn't recline, so he wiped down the desk. I lay there, shaking and squeezing my friends hand way too hard, and he put the clamp on my left nipple. (For some reason I'd convinced myself that the left nipple would hurt worse than the right, so I wanted him to do it first). He told me he was going to count back from 5 to 1 and then put the needle through. I knew he was going to trick me, but I didn't expect him to do it on four. I must say the pain wasn't as bad as I thought, but it was pretty bad. He put the hoop through, and I just stared at it for a minute while he cleaned it and put the bead on. I was so amazed, but I wasn't sure if I could handle another one. Finally after a couple minutes I told him to do it, and, as the story goes, it hurts much worse the second time. This one stung much more than the other one, and I was actually quite surprised. Robert put the bead on, cleaned me up and left the room, saying, "I don't care if there are a hundred people out there, take as much time as you want." I'd done it! I was so happy.

The first night cleaning the newest holes in my body made me sick, but after that they've been okay. The right hole bled for a day, and the nipple was bruised. I'm convinced that Robert nicked a vein, which was right at the surface and could be seen anyway. They are doing wonderfully, but I have the urge to show people my new holes all the time. They're not as private as I thought, but they're still wonderful.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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