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Nipple Piercing at HTC

I have been fascinated with body piercing for almost 3 years now, although my personal practice of the art only extends to a pierced eyebrow (now removed), a pierced tongue, and a pierced nipple, my fascination extends deeply into the extreme. And although most of it not something I would want for myself, I find it all very beautiful and innovative and I have a great deal of admiration and respect for those of you out the who, on a daily basis, push the limits of the body and the flesh.

I would now like to share a personal experience of mine that is still quite fresh in my head as it

happened less the twenty-four hours ago at the prestigious Hayworth Technological Company (H.T.C.) in Tempe, AZ.

Having made an appointment the day before, I preceded down to the studio at 8:00 P.M., for my

scheduled visit. Upon entering I was greeted by two beautifully decorated women. The woman behind the counter (I didn't get her name) had a small cluster of SS piercings under and above the orbit of her left eye and I think I spotted two or three barbells in her tongue, she had a few tattoos that I could see and a small brand that wrapped around her left arm. My piercer Sarah was honestly one of the most beautifully decorated women I have ever encountered, and I complimented her as to this fact. She had hard edged tribal bandwork in a solid white ink around her neck and arms, a large chest piece, a large tattoo across her back, various piercings about her face, she had a ring though the skin in her neck just below the trachea (can't remember what that's called, starts with a "M" I think) and I just thought she had done an exquisite job of painting and adorning her body I just had to mention it.

Anyways, after signing the necessary forms of consent, I selected my jewelry (a 12Ga. 7/16DIA.

Circular Barbell), paid, and was escorted by the piercer to her workspace just behind the lobby area. I was asked to remove my shirt. She was very nice, I asked he if she had been on this site as a matter of fact and she responded in the positive. As she was preparing her tools for the procedure I brought up the fact of my anxiety problems that I had been having lately, and she informed me that she had been having the same, until she had recently taken steps to eliminate them. After having my left nipple and the surrounding area wiped with betadine she applied a mark for the entry/exit points and asked me if they were where I wanted them to be. I looked in the mirror and agreed that they were fine. And she then told me to lie down in the now reclined dentist's chair. She applied a clamp to the area about to have a rather large looking needle shoved through it. She then instructed me to take a deep breath and told me that on the exhale she would push the needle through. I did so and I felt a sharp but surprisingly ticklish pain in my nipple. I dunno if I was the surprise of how much I actually enjoyed the sensation or just the endorphins I now had racing to my brain that I in a shaky chuckling voice I informed her that "I though that was gonna hurt really bad, but it was actually a fuckin' joke if you don't mind my saying so." She smiled down at me and said something to the effect of "See I told you not to worry."

I then got up, admired my new toy, put my shirt back on, and after apologizing for only being able

to afford a meager tip and being the elated to hear "Don't sweat it, I get a paycheck." I then thanked her enthusiastically and staggered euphorically out the door.

All in all this was a wonderful fulfilling experience and even though I've only had it for a little

less than a day I would very wholeheartedly recommend this very pleasurable piercing to EVERYONE!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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