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"Female Nipples @ Kingpin Studios"

K, I've been contemplating getting my nipples pierced (14g CBB) for about a month. I've had my tongue pierced (currently 12g BB) for 4 months and 2 ear cart piercings (14g CBRs) for about a month. Even though I'm 18, due to my parents' displeasure of visible piercings, I won't be able to get anything on my face until I'm financially independent...but that's another story. So anyway, I figure I can get the nips done and not only will it be a "functional" piercing, but only people that I choose to tell will know about it--kind of like "my secret", you know? Only the more I thought about it, the more I fell in love with the way they would look. I surfed around on BME looking for pictures (sadly most were male) and the more I thought about it the more I wanted it done.

2 days before: I knew I didn't want to get it done at the two places I've been to previously (and I'm not going to name them). They weren't

bad or anything--they were clean and followed the basic procedures but

the rooms were small and the people there were in a rush and I knew that

for this particular piercing, I did NOT want to be rushed. I read a couple of

reccomendations on here for a place called Earth's Edge in

Winston-Salem, NC. Supposedly they had an APP member working for

them--I emailed him--his name was Byron Weeks--and he told me that he

worked at their other place, called Kingpin Studios in Greensboro. That

made me a little happier--about 35 miles less to drive. :) I emailed him and asked about prices, etc. He was very nice and answered the same day. I told him I'd be coming by with a friend on Wednesday.

That morning: I usually wake up early but I woke up today at 6:30 and

couldn't go back to sleep--I was already nervous! I'm a compulsive

worrier and I knew I'd be this way (I was the same way about my

tongue--no matter how many times people told me it wouldn't hurt) so I

just tried to think of other things...

On the way there: My friend and I drove up there--it took about 2 hours

and 20 minutes (actually it took longer because she forgot her ID and we

had to turn around after going 20 miles--arrgh!). I thought my

nervousness was going away but apparently I was wrong. We actually

passed the place while we were looking for a place to eat. It made me

more nervous because it looked small on the outside. We went to

Arby's to eat because the day I got my ear piercings I didn't eat

anything and had a dizzy spell and almost passed out about 15 minutes

after it was done. After we finished eating I was sitting there,

stalling, but I KNOW that I wasn't going to back out. So we went.

The Experience: We got there and I was happy to see that the place was

BIG on the inside. There was only one other client (?) there waiting.

There was a blonde guy behind a desk and I asked him for Byron and he called

him out. I told him I was the girl that emailed him and he was really

nice and friendly (as was the blond guy--who I don't think told us his

name. He had a labret with a clear die on the end that was

awesome looking). Byron had our jewelry ready and we filled out the

necessary forms, etc. The blond guy gave us our aftercare instruction

sheets and explained everything in them to us. He was very thourough.

(my friend was getting her eyebrow repierced, by the way.) Then it was

time for the piercing. I wanted to go first and found myself in this

HUGE room with a doctor/dentist chair in the middle and another chair

with wheels on the side and a big clean counter with all the supplies,

etc. on it. Just seeing the room made me feel better because it was so

big and clean but I was still about to die. Everything that

happened next is kind of in a fog because I was so nervous. I took off

my shirt and I wasn't embarassed at all which is funny because I'm

REALLY shy. Byron was telling me what he was doing, cleaning several

times, marking, etc., and he asked me where I heard of him from on the

internet...blah blah and I really don't remember it all. I really think

that I was so scared it was almost like being high or something.

Weird. I got on the chair and got my friend to come over and hold my

hand. She was worried about not watching (like I cared). He was

putting the clamp on (left one first--and NO it didn't hurt worse than

the piercing) and getting it in the right spot while I was staring at

the ceiling. What ended up happening was he told me to take deep breaths and I was just

concentrating on the ceiling and all of a sudden-WOOSH! The needle was

through. It really wasn't that bad and I started babbling about how it

was a lot better than what I thought it was going to be. He told me he

was going to put the jewelry on and I started deep breathing again and

the pain was about half as bad. He screwed the balls

on and I looked down. It was wonderful! I said something to that

effect and he asked me if I wanted some water or to wait a few minutes

and I said "yeah, thanks". He gave me some water (which I gulped down)

and proceeded to start on the other one. Exact same thing except this

one hurt twice as bad (but it only lasts for a second). Bad enough for

me to start to semi-yell "OH GODDAMN!" but I caught myself and said

"GODDARN!" so it must not have been THAT bad. (Hey, I've been trying to

cut down on the cursing, ok?) The jewelry was actually not as painful

on this one and then it was over. I sat looking at them for a second

and then got up. I think I went on for a few minutes about how great

they were in front of the mirror and then I finally put my shirt on

and it wasn't too bad.

The Aftermath: Not much to talk about here. My friend got her left

eyebrow done with a CBR (I'm not sure what gauge) because her right one

had scar tissue where the first one migrated. She said it was easy.
We left and said bye to

everybody and drove home. I almost had a fit when the automatic seat

belt about hit me but I caught it just in time. The nipples were sore

but nothing unbearable. About an hour later I contemplated taking some

Advil but I didn't. I was real careful cleaning them that night but

they didn't hurt much--even when I rotated the jewelry.

The next morning: UGH! Woke up only to find blood on the sports bra

and on my sheets. I gingerly tried to look in the bra and it was STUCK

to me! I took it off and cleaned them and they were fine. Mostly

getting dried blood crusties around the CBBs.

2 days later: Less crusties but still sore when

I bump them (what did I expect?) Overall I love the way they look and I

still can't believe I have them done. Anybody in NC who wants something

pierced go to Kingpin Studios and see Byron. Now I'm seriously

contemplating an outer labia pierce (but that will be WAY down the road)

but my next plans are for more ear piercings. I reccomend this highly

to other females. Maybe eventually I will have some pictures up, who


Thanks, Bye!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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