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Shawn's First Nippple Pierces (HTC)

remember as a child when I first became attracted to body piercings. My mother took a girlfriend and me to a carnival which was in town. As we wandered around the back lot we came across a tent, and through the open flap we saw a young mother nursing her baby. She smiled and invited us to come in. Immediately my gaze riveted on all the gold rings she was wearing. I had never seen so many rings, especially on one person. She had gold rings on her fingers and toes, and more rings pierced through her ears and nose. But my attention suddenly dropped to her breasts where she had a gold ring going through each nipple. For some reason those rings fascinated me.

I knew a lot about breast-feeding; I often watched Mom nurse my baby brother. But at age 6 it didn't occur to me whether nipple rings affected nursing. All I knew at that moment was I suddenly wanted to have pierced nipples and gold rings like hers. But shyly lifting my tee shirt, and peeking down at my flat little chest, I stared up at her again and thought: "Oh well, forget that idea!"

A few years passed, and I discovered there had been something lacking in my education back then! By 12, my breasts were developing. They weren't large, - but what was more exciting to me - I had good size nipples. In fact, I sometimes imagined having two rings in each nipple - (a fantasy which actually came true later). But I am getting ahead of my story.

As a high school freshman, the first order of business was pierced ears. I mean - like EVERY kid who was ANYBODY had pierced ears right? So my girlfriends and I went down to the local jewelry store and picked out some long, dangly earrings. However, when we asked about the piercing, they told us we had to have signed permission forms from our parents.

My heart sunk; I had a feeling I wasn't going to get anywhere. But on the brighter side, at least I wasn't asking approval for nipple piercings! So that night after dinner, I casually announced I had a little form for them to sign - nothing at all important of course.

"What's it for"? Mother asked, suspiciously.

"Oh nothing really", I replied nonchalantly; "..just an ok to get my ears pierced. You know ALL the kids at school have pierced ears now."

"What? No way! As long as you live here, you're not getting holes punched in your body."

"But Mom! You don't understand! All the kids have them! I mean - I'm going to be an old NOBODY!"

I looked at Daddy for some support, but he was just staring down at his coffee cup. So that was that; nobody argued with Mom. So, poor me; I had to suffer through high school with clip-ons which I got teased a lot about. (Come on now, have you ever tried to find long dangly clip-ons?)

But once off to the university, now 18 years old, I went berserk! As soon as I registered for my classes, I headed for town, hit the first jewelry store I came across, bought some really big dangly earrings, signed my own form and got my ears pierced.

Ouch! That hurt! (....but I'm not sure why I thought it wouldn't....)

Family finances being limited, I had to work to earn my room and board. By luck (and a sparkling personality!), I landed a job in the wealthiest, most prestigious sorority house on campus, as the "all-purpose house slave" - bussing tables, cleaning, doing the sorority sisters' laundry, and running errands for them. My favorite assignment was greeting the visiting Frat guys at the door in the evening. I'd take their coats, and serve them a beer or cocktail while they waited for their dates to come down that formal staircase. I had my own little room in the basement off the laundry, and though I felt sometimes like Cinderella, it was a quiet place to study.

Like many Greek sorority houses, the sisters would run around the upper floors half the time in their underwear. Now and then, I would think about my little dream, and wonder if any of them had pierced nipples hiding under their bras!

I worked hard at the sorority house, did very well in my scholastic studies and still found time for a sport or two. One day, I decided it was time to "Do It!" To go for that childhood dream of having my nipples pierced! I was telling a teammate, when our coach unfortunately overheard the conversation, and said something that was to put my dream on hold for a lot more years.

        But more of that later.

Four years of college passed; then grad school, career, marriage, a house with mortgage, and well... the usual story. (OK, OK I'm showing my age...)

It seemed I never got back to my "dream". And worse yet, I read in the Piercing FAQs that nipple piercings can take a long time to heal, require conscientous cleansing, can get irritated if you wear a bra, and other not very encouraging facts. And I wasn't sure about my new bed-partner, who I suspected had a more "traditional' view of women's jewelry - like maybe, it should be worn on the outside of the clothes?

Then one day early last year I awoke with the strangest feeling. I couldn't describe it in any words except: "delightfully naughty!" That had to be my signal to Go For It! Intoxicated by this little high I floated over to the HTC Body Adornment Studio in Campus Town, at Arizona State University.

I found the studio exceptionally tidy and clean - quite professional. The reception and waiting area resembled a combination medical office and jewelry store. The carpeting and furniture in the waiting room appeared new and, in fact, a couple staffers were down on hands and knees painting the baseboards.

However, I was beginning to worry about this whole thing -- I mean, ears are one thing - like the holes are pretty small. But nipples are something else - those rings look huge!. Did I know what I was doing? Would it hurt a lot? What a confusing array of jewelry in that huge glass case! How would I choose? I was beginning to get cold feet.

Two ASU coeds emerged from one of the piercing rooms excitedly babbling. Each carried a bottle of blue Listerine so I could pretty well guess what body part they had pierced. But they were so relaxed and happy I thought: 'This can't hurt much.' (talk about naive!)

The friendly girl behind the counter helped me choose something suitable for a first-timer. (She had more pierced jewelry than the woman back at the carnival.) I said I wanted something that wouldn't rust inside me, wouldn't glue me to an MRI tunnel, and wouldn't get me strip-searched at the airport. So that settled it - CBRs of surgical implant steel. Now as to size, 1/2" inch seemed good and she suggested either 12 or 14 gauge.

Suddenly I felt "naughty" again. I remembered something in the Piercing FAQs about BDSM nipple play - that 12 gauge (and preferably 10 or 8 gauge) is the minimum for safe playing. Since my love and I occasionally play (lightly!) I chose 12 gauge. As for doing one nipple or both, I replied "both", saying I had to have symmetry. (Actually I was scared that if I only did one - and it hurt real bad - I might not come back - thus getting only half-a-dream.)

I wondered if anyone was going to check my nipples to verify they were suitable for piercing. Actually I just couldn't wait to show them off! I knew I could have two piercings in each someday.) Then Kelsey, the piercer, came by and took a look at them and said: "no problem". [No problem? Is that all she can say?' I was pouting; I hoped she'd say something like she could tunnel a highway through them.

Then I bought the rings and paid for the pierces, but not before showing my driver's license to prove I was 18. I was flattered; no one has carded me in ......well..lots of years. I also had to sign a consent form, confirming that I knew what I was doing. Of course I didn't know what I was doing! - but that didn't seem like a good answer, if I was going to get my piercings done.

I took a seat and waited my turn. There were good magazines to read, a lot of informative literature on types and care of piercings and some interesting pictures on the wall. If your mind was focused on piercings, you could see subtle shapes and features about the art in the pictures.

I was fascinated by that young girl at the jewelry case. Whenever she wasn't waiting on customers or doing some other task, she was spraying the glass case with window cleaner and shining it. When customers came in and put their hands on the glass, she sprayed and polished it again when they left. Maybe it is a disinfectant? HTC operates a very sterile studio.

Now it was my turn - my heart was beating fast. Should I back out? I mean - like - nobody I know would know if I turned chicken. And was I doing the right thing? Like when I once cut my long hair, which took me four years to grow back......Oh no......Would I hate myself in the morning?.

'Don't be silly,' I told myself; 'if I don't like the rings I just take them out and let the holes close. All I have to lose is a little pain and about seventy-five bucks - and it is my childhood dream, remember that.' So I meekly entered the little room.

Each piercer at HTC has a private room and chair. The chair lookeed like the dentist's but I found it more roomy and comfortable. Kelsey had a hospital cart all made up with the sterilized rings and instruments, and the needles in sterile packages. I asked her if the piercings would hurt. She smiled sweetly and tactfully replied: "Let's just say... you haven't chosen the ..(pause).. 'most pleasant' type of piercing. The words stopped me cold. I thought: ..oh oh....time to split! But it was too late; I wouldn't, couldn't back out now..

Kelsey spent a fair amount of time marking and remarking the holes, standing back and squinting and readjusting. At one point she had me stand up, and she continued her squinting and remarking. (Her perfection at this was sure worth it because my first set of rings came out perfectly horizontal and at the exact same position on each nipple.)

Except that I am again ahead of my story. I hadn't been pierced yet. And I hadn't found out why a nipple piercing is not one of the 'more pleasant.' I soon learned. The clamp went on my left breast first, but it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I thought to myself: 'If this is the worst of it, this'll be a breeze.'

She had me practice slow steady breathing (which I promptly forgot when the needle started in!) and she splashed some cold liquid on the breast. The next event was a searing pain, like touching a hot iron or something, I thought I might black out, but within 2 seconds the needle was through with the ring behind it and I felt no pain at all. In fact I was suddenly somewhere in the stratosphere with my very first "endorphin rush." Woooooo----eeee! I could go for a pierce or two every day, just to have a couple of these!

Too bad - I was to learn that even people who have endorphin rushes - and not everyone does - don't always experience them all the time. And I was about to discover this truth painfully with the right nipple. I was also about to learn another peculiar phenomenon. When clients get two pierces at one visit, most report that the second hurts worse than the first!

She could tell I was still surfing the endorphin sea and asked if I wanted to continue with the right nipple. I remember mumbling yes - that I didn't want to walk out of the studio leaning to the left. So again the clamp, the splash of cold liquid and then the most seering pain I could imagine. And no endorphin rush! I involuntarily twisted my body, making it hard for her to keep the needle on track toward the marked hole. As the point neared the end, she sensed that it was going to exit off the mark so she pulled back a bit and readjusted direction. Just when I thought I was going to scream and frighten all the other customers out of the shop, the point emerged right in the circle. Bulls eye! Again the ring behind and once again no pain. But as I peeled myself off the chair I was complaining: "Where were those endorphins when I needed them?" That second pierce hurt twice as much as he first!.

That's when she smiled and assured me I was typical. I looked in the mirror and was just thrilled with the exact symmetry of the two piercings. Now I was really feeling naughty!. I was so pleased I gave her a nice tip. I think when you're very pleased you should give your piercer a nice thank you.

(Hey - no this isn't a commercial for piercers. I mean - we give our hair stylists tips, and they don't have to work on us when we are hanging onto the chair for dear life and trying not to scream! The only thing is: if I ever design a piercer's chair it will an optional shoulder restraint, to keep me from turning my upper body in the direction of the pierce. When the pain was too intense, I instinctively turned, and I think it was that twist that got the needle off course.

The pretty girl brought me some orange juice as I was still rather unsteady. As I sipped it, I noticed a sign on the wall that read: "Corsets Made to Order". I thought about that for a few seconds - my brain still somewhere else - and decided: 'don't ask' - like corsets went out in the 19th century or something - (I hope). (I'm no longer naive today! but back then, I decided the sign was not something I'd mention that night at bedtime.)

HTC sent me home with their professional looking booklet on the care of piercings in general, and a sheet specifically for nipple and navel piercing care. ...hmmmm... navels....now that's an interesting thought...

HTC recommends Betadine as the disinfectant and calls for two cleansings a day. They also sell it, and their price was 30% less than my discount drug store. I used an old, very soft toothbrush and Softsoap to remove the crusties and rinsed in water by rotating the rings. Then I squirted the rings and holes with Betadine, rotating the rings for 4-5 minutes, and thoroughly washing the Betadine out. Essentially I followed the regimen in the Piercing FAQs. The only really big problem was old you-know-who, inquiring why I was suddenly taking two showers a day; certain there must be someone else in my life. (I soon 'fessed up", and after showing off my new acquisitions. I was surprised to hear that I should get more of that women's jewelry installed under my clothes!

The healing process was lengthy - well, certainly compared to ear piercings. The left nipple was fully healed at 4 months. However I had an accident at the 3 month point with the right nipple, snagging the ring on something sticking out of a doorway. That tore the hole and hurt far worse than the two original pierces put together! I was in pain for two weeks as I kept the ring immobilized with strips of paper tape, and gently cleaned it 4 or 5 times a day. But by 5 1/2 months the right nipple had healed completely also. One day I stopped by the shop and had another piercer check them out. He said they had healed perfectly - that I obviously had taken very good care of them. Of course I told him that I followed the recommendations in the Piercing FAQs.

Bondage play is little different with rings in my nipples. Some clamps don't fit anymore, but that's more than compensated by being able to hang little weights from a chain. And we discovered another mentally stimulating game. For each nipple, take about a 10-foot piece of Christmas ribbon, push it through the ring and tie the two loose ends together around the bed frame, (out of the reach of my little fingers.) It doesn't hurt a single bit, but I know I'm not going anywhere for awhile!

And yes - my nipples have expanded from the pierces, and they are still quite sensitive. The sensation stroking them is - ooooh ..... ..ooops...... pornographic - (enough said).

And best of all, I cherish having what I dreamed of for _ _ years.. (no - I'm not going to fill in the blanks.)

Now we've come to the end of Shawn's First Nipple Pierces. Will there be a sequel? - like Shawn's Second Nipple Pierces? Hopefully there will be - starting when my 1/2" 12 ga. CBRs suddenly turned into 3/4" 10ga.. (The piercer is still puzzling how those "10s" slid easily into my 12ga holes with just a tiny dab of lube. And they were loose in there! I know the secret, but I won't tell him. And I didn't stretch them either!

I now have two rings in my left nipple, with the hopes of getting a second ring in the right nipple if the left heals satisfactorily. Then there will have to be a Shawn's Second Nipple Pierces.

Oh - I almost forgot. I was going to relate what my dear, sweet coach in college said to me, that iced my planned piercings. The coach said:"On my squad, I ain't havin' NO six-foot-three, two-hundred-sixty-pound linebacker with tit-rings!!"

(g) grin

Love, Shawn


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on: 01 March 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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