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Well, I decided to have another go with piercing the nips. Since I had a little money saved up, Monday, January 19th., found me back in THE URBAN TRIBE with Scott.

The first piercings had been right at the bases of the nipples but then I had had some nipple growth and it looked like we could pierce again right at the bases and be just below where the needle had gone the first time--maybe dipping into the areola just a bit. I liked this "dipping into the areola just a bit" thinking those tissues would be stronger and the nipples wouldn't be pulled down so badly by the rings; which proved to be true.

Up on the table, Scott sterilized my nips, marked them, clamped the first which didn't hurt at all, had me do the breathing thing then drove the needle through, it followed by one of the original 14ga., 5/8" CBR's (I had brought the rings with me). I reversed on the table and Scott clamped the second nipple, again the clamp not hurting at all. Again, breathing, the stick, the second ring and it was all over. The needles hurt like hell but not as bad as the first time my nips were pierced. Also different this time was there was no two hours of burning and stinging.

Aftercare was the usual twice daily washing with antibacterial soap. I have found that I do best with "pHisoderm," less drying out of the skin. (All the antibacterial soaps use the same active ingredient, Triclosan, so pick the one that best agrees with you.) The next five weeks go by with an uneventful recovery and then my old nemesis, BME steps in...


Tuesday morning, February 24th., Finds me up and onto BME's web site. Soon I'm clicking "multi-nipple piercings" and right off the bat here is this beautiful picture of a double pierced male nipple. I thought, 'Wow, that's got to be twice as good as one ring. If one ring to a nip is great then two rings has to be smashing!' I printed the picture on the Ink-jet studied it. I had to have it, that day!

When I arrived at THE URBAN TRIBE I was pleased to find no one waiting (they take people, first come, first serve). Showing Scott the picture, I asked, 'Do you think you could do that for me?' He answered, "Yeah, we should be able to do that..." We went back to the piercing room so he could have a good look at the situation.

I had brought the pair of 14ga., 1/2" CBR's that I had left over from the first nipple piercings. Showing these to Scott, I suggesting that we use them with the 5/8" rings already in place. This suggestion brought about him explaining the problems of too small rings in nipple piercings. Now I knew why things had gone sour the first time. I wanted to beat my head against the wall for having lost the first piercings unnecessarily. The lesson here: Don't do anything stupid like taking out the jewelry if something seems to be going wrong without FIRST ASKING YOUR PIERCER!

After studying me and assorted ring sizes, Scott came up with changing out the 5/8" rings for new 3/4" CBR's, and the new piercings would be with 9/16" CBR's; the smaller sitting comfortably within the larger. Fortunately I still had about $100 of what I had saved so was able to give the, 'Cool, go for it!'

Up onto the table I went. We would be doing the right nipple first.

Now this was all going to be a bit tricky; tricky for both nips for they were a little chewed up from the first piercings last year. I said that I would rather not have the new rings out toward the ends of the nips, ahead of the old piercings, pulling the nips down, and that I thought it would be nice if we were only slightly ahead of the back rings and just a tiny bit above the back ring and old piercings. That way, the back ring, it being held firmly just within the areola, plus the old scar tissue, would tend to support the new ring. Scott agreed with all this and marked up accordingly. This was our game plan and albeit fine and dandy, a bit tight.

Scott decided he wanted to do the piercings with the new 3/4" back rings in place so in they went. This would allow him to see clearly where they were so the needle could be kept out of their channels.

Now for the clamping with the Pennington Forceps. The problem here is that the ends of the forceps are closed with approximately 1/8" of metal so you can't get close to the back ring. Scott was mulling over the idea of doing the pierce freehand when I remarked, 'You ought to think about taking a file and opening up the ends of a pair of forceps for this sort of job.' He said, "I have already done just exactly that. I use them for doing tragus'." Soon these were being clamped on. Now this hurt. The nip was being compressed around the back ring with a maddening pinch. Scott asked, "Does that hurt?" I answered, 'Yeah but I'm okay. Let's go!' I held the forceps while he got the needle. "Alright, I want you to breath...again...again...again and hold it. Start letting it out..." The needle goes through. Yeah, it hurt but I was so glad to have the forceps come off. In goes the ring. I sit up on the table and Scott asks, "How does it look in the mirror?" I answer, 'Great, you are truly an artist!' (The truth is, my eyes were watery and I couldn't see anything.)

I reversed on the table for the left nip. Scott asks, "Are you alright?" I answer, 'Yeah.' Scott asks, "Are you sure?" I answer, 'Yeah, I'm just fine. Don't worry about me, I'm tough. You just worry about hitting your marks dead on with the needle. No sweat!'

Like the right, clamping the left nip hurt like hell. There was a three way pinch between the forceps, nipple and back ring. All three were in play and two were made of steel and the other living, quivering flesh. Again, Breathing, the needle and then off come the forceps at last. Now for the ring...

Scott starts to push the needle on through with the ring. The needle pops through and the ring locks up halfway. He tries a couple of times to force the ring through without anything leading it. No cigar. He next tries to work a lubricant into the exit hole to meet the ring. No cigar. Scott says, "I'm not going to put you through much more but we are going to have to run a 14ga. taper through and follow it with the ring." I answered, 'That sounds like a great idea. Go for it...' Soon the taper is in hand and, "Breath...again...again...hold it in...now start letting it out..." The taper goes through with a little less hurt than a needle. The ring follows the taper, the bead goes into the ring. Finished...


I sit up on the table finding myself in good shape. I look at Scott. Poor Scott, his brow is covered with sweat. I then realize that he and I have been going on with my nips for the better part of an hour. I said, "Scott, I sure am sorry I have worked you so hard. You have done a great job, though." Scott answered that he was sorry things didn't go smoother but that sometimes they just don't and that he was working toward the end whereby the piercings would be just what I wanted. I told him, 'Again, my thanks!', and with a good tip, homeward I go...


These were tricky piercings. The nips had been pierced before. There were problems that had to be worked through. Here is the time you want someone like Scott Barbeau working for you. Remember, anyone can stick a needle through you but it is the times like these when things don't work exactly as planned that it is comforting to know that you are in the hands of an expert and experienced professional.

And what kind of results did I get after all this? Why, a perfect job!


And finally, and as promised, and to put your mind at ease, a quick word about "hurt," relative to having your nipples pierced:

Getting your nipples pierced hurts and hurts very, very badly. Anyone who has had the experience will tell you this. It starts as a tiny stick that quickly becomes excruciating pain. It will come in two or three agonizing waves as the needle penetrates in steps. ((( BUT, ))) by the time you realize that this hurts, and see how badly it really does hurt, it will already be over with. It only will last for a few seconds. You don't get the time to get caught up with the pain, so therefore, if you think about it, you can see that THERE IS NOTHING TO IT! Don't be afraid! Again, THERE IS NOTHING TO IT! You may cry a little, maybe even do a little screaming (clears out the waiting room), and that's okay, but please, believe me, you'll be alright!

Have fun and by-bye! ((( Ouchhhhhhh...! )))


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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