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Nipple piercing at Extremus

ple piercing at Extremus

Nipple piercing at Extremus

 About two years ago, I began to pursue and develope my interest in

bondage, s/m and piercing. For a long time I have been in denial about what I enjoy and who I am personally and sexually. For a long time, I've dreamed about piercings and wondered if they highlight sensations or actually deadened the senses. I have always wanted to have a PA and at least one nipple pierced.

 For the last year, I have become involved with a lover who knew that I

was considering being pierced. We often talked about him piercing me as part of a scene. Since he has a medical background, I considered it. We have ordered catalogs and talked to many different people about what piercing consisted of. The only problem was for me to make a commitment to have it done.

 Finally, I decided to do it and we went in to Extremus in Kansas City.

We looked over jewlry and asked a lot of questions. To be honest, I began to feel real comfortable with the person we were talking to. He had mulitple piercings himself and was very personable. After much thought, I decided to have both of my nipples pierced.

 We sellected a set of large hoops to be inserted and I asked for them to

placed rather deeply into my chest. Several people that I talked to discussed how they had rings pulled out as they were involved in a scene. The gentleman who did the piercing was professional and knew what he was doing. My partner now admits that if he had done the piercing, it would not have been as deep or as well done as what he did.

 I went into the room while preparations were made for the piercing.  I

was marked and great care was taken to make everything as antiseptic as possible. It was decided that I would have my right nipple pierced first.

As the forcepts were applied, I was surprised by how they didn't hurt. My bigest fear was dealing with the clamps but they were relatively painless.

When the needle was inserted however, it was all I could do to hold still.

The needle went in and I felt every nerve in my breast light up. There was some bleeding but it didn't last for long. I did have to wait for about 30 minutes to work up my resolve to have the other one done.

 I knew that if I didn't have both of them done, I would regret it.  As

much as it hurt, I liked how the piercing adorned my body and wanted the other one to be as symetric as possible. So I agreed to having the second one done as well. Again, when the clamp was applied, it was painless but the second piercing hurt three times more than the first. The person doing the piercing said that this was because my endorphines had dropped from the first piercing. Regardless, I nearly went through the roof when the peircing was done.

 My lover was there by my side all of the time and held me after the

piercing was complete. Once again, the gentleman who did my peircing was great. He understood the situation and was great to work with. Out of all piercings, he said the nipples have the most pain because of the nerves.

 It has now been over a month and the piercings are still healing very

well. I have had no complications and have been taking care of them per the instructions given. My nipples are much more sensitive and the slightest touch is very erotic and soothing. The rings constantly remind me of my sexuality and are always present. They are symbolic of my relationship with my partner and bring much pleasure. It will still be awhile before we do any heavy play with them, but for now they give great pleasure and are healing nicely.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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