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Nipple Piercing at Medusa's Circle

cing at Medusa's Circle

Nipple Piercing at Medusa's Circle

(Please pardon the informality. I was debating whether to be more formal or write like I usually do in newsgroups/email. Felt easier writing as I usually do for this medium :). The described procedure might be out of order - I'm writing it as thoughs occur to me.)

Welp, finally went and did it. Got my nipple pierced yesterday (Apr 20). The piercer was Pier Zambrano at Medusa's Circle; 3268 N Clark, Chicago, IL; 312-935-5950. He had done 2 of my earlobe pierces and I highly recommend him. Great bedside manner!

This was my first non-ear pierce so I wasn't sure what to expect. The posts on r.a.b and ppl I talked with helped alot in prepping me for the experience. I wanted a barbell instead of a ring. Pier chose a 3/8" 14g straight barbell. I thought it was a bit short, thinking maybe a 1/2" would be better for cleaning but decided to go with Pier's decision.

He swabbed the area with two liquids, brown (betadine?) and clear (bactine?). He held a q-tip up to the bar and put two marks on the q-tip so as to allow room for swelling and cleaning. he then dotted the center of my nipple and centered the two marks on the q-tip, marking either side of my nipple. I looked at them and it seemed shorter than I expected. Good, I thought, less flesh to go thru. We went thru breathing in such to take my mind off the pain. I had gone thru this b4 but my heart was still racing. He spent some time making sure I was calm b4 having me lie on the table. Some ppl tell me the clamp was the most painful part of the procedure so I asked to see the clamp in place before proceeding with the pierce. I figure I'd like to know when the worst was over.

I had been "practicing" b4 the pierce, pinching my nipple with my fingernails to get used to the clamp and needle. I was sure to apply a lot of force so as to better prepare :). So Pier clamps me and I get a sensation similar to my practicing. I hadn't begun the patterned breathing yet. So this is the worst part? It was very noticeable, but expected. I decide I didn't want to see the needle passing thru :) and began my breathing. I was counting the time in between breaths, my heart had slowed, and I just waited. It seemed like a long time until I felt the sharp needle. This was unlike my practicing! The pain was concentrated, focused. My breathing rate increased and my heart picked up. Damn this stung! I wondered if Pier had applied anasthetic. He probably noticed my state and stopped pushing the needle. I couldn't tell if it was all the way thru - my eyes were closed and I was breathing fast. The pain had become a dull throb. Pier put his hand on my heart and went over the patterend breathing with me. In thru nose, hold for 3, out thru mouth. I kept hearing the words repeating in my mind as I did it. Focus on the words. the sharp pain resumed - did the needle not go thru all the way or was he inserting the jewelry? I continued my breathing. It then seemed Pier stepped back, possibly examining the alignment, placement, whatever. I noticed him gone for a while, then coming back, adjusting the needle/barbell (I didn't know how far along the procedure we were), stepping back again. By now the pain had subsided to a throb but I was still breathing heavily and focused on the pattern. Then I felt him attaching the bead and knew it was done. He calmed me a bit and said I could sit up when I felt up to it. My eyes opened slowly and first thing I wanted was a mirror! :) I wanted to see! It had stopped bleeding and was swollen, but otherwise felt fine. I was told later that it had bled alot, so much so Pier couldn't see the marks anymore. But it was done and felt great! I had noticed a slight enlargement, but that could've been due to the swelling. Pier put some neosporin on my nipple and went over aftercare.

That same day I went to a concert. Decided to hang back and not move around too much. Sensations definitely increased! I could feel the bass thumping thru my nipple :). The throbs intensified slightly with each beat. It was quite interesting! The concert was so hot, my shirt was soaked with sweat and I didn't know if I had bled. But as long as it didn't hurt I wouldn't worry. Accidental bumps gave me a brief shock but it went away immediately.

After I got home I went to clean it. There was dried blood around the sides, but no serious bleeding. The next morning, I noticed the same thing. These came off easily under water or bactine and a q-tip. It still looked a bit swollen this morning, but I was able to move the bar in, out, and rotate with ease. I wasn't sure if I was rotating the bar or if my fingers were just slipping on the beads.

Day 1 after the piercing and i'm relearning things like putting on/removing shirts, carrying backpacks, using seatbelts, etc so as not to bump my nipple :). It was a great experience but I don't think i'll do the other one just yet.

tnx fer reading!

Ted Liu, dcn@uiuc.edu

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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