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Nip and Prince Albert Self Pierce

and Prince Albert Self Pierce

Nip and Prince Albert Self Pierce

After reading the material in BME I've decided I'm not as unusual as I had thought. I'm a nearly 44 year old white male, living in the suburbs with a wife and some kids. Suit by day, Levis at night and on the weekends.

I made it through the sixties without getting my ear pierced, didn't even think it was cool! My first desire to put a hole in my body, other than what was already there, happened about five years ago when I was on vacation. My wife and I were standing in line at an espresso stand. In front of us was a young man who was shirtless. Hanging from his left nip was a 16g gold ring. I was immediately drawn to it and my own left nip tingled as I tried not to stare.

After he had paid for his latte and moved on I asked my wife if she had seen it and what she thought about it. She said she had seen it and thought it was sexy! That's all I needed. The rest of vacation I thought about how I would pierce my nip.

A few days after we had returned home my wife turned in early for bed. That was my chance. I downed a couple of beers (not a good idea when you want to use sharp objects to alter your body). Found a large 14g darning needle and got all the other stuff I thought I would need.

In the bathroom, I took off my t-shirt and prepared the site. I washed it down with alcohol (not the beer) and used a little topical numbing salve on it. After a couple of minutes I picked the needle out of the alcohol, positioned it against the side of my left nip and pushed. And pushed. And pushed. It wouldn't go through!

First Lesson: darning needles were not made for body piercing.

With the needle half way through my nip I pushed even harder. The pain was intense but sensual. Eventually, with enough pressure, the needle point came out the other side but I couldn't get it to go any further.

With my shirt off, a darning needle stuck half-way through my nip and blood trickling down my chest I went to the garage and got my needle nose pliers. Back at the bathroom I used the pliers to grab hold of the needle and pull it on through.

Lesson Two: Nipples are tough!

Once the needle was through I reached into the dish of alcohol and picked up the 'ring'. I had taken one of my wife's gold earrings which was about the size of the needle. I slid the ring through and...BAM...I had a ring in my nipple! I fell in love with it immediately.

The next morning my nipple was very sore, but looked great with the gold ring through it. I decided to take an extra long lunch hour and visit a local sex/fetish store to read up on what I had done. For about an hour I visited with a guy behind the jewelry counter and learned more than I knew there was to know about piercing, jewelry, etc. The guy got a kick out of my experience, but warned me about infections, rejections, etc. He also sold me a 14g curved barbell that I inserted once I got back to my office. This was great...but by now my nip was really sore.

A week later I stretched the hole to a 12g with a barbell (shouldn't have done it that soon). With a traumatized nip, I decided to leave it alone.

Lesson Three: Your wife will want to play with it as soon as you can stand it! Unfortunately, because I had not done it the right way, it was about a month before I could stand to have it worked over.

While at the sex store that day I couldn't take my eyes off something called a "Prince Albert". They had a picture of one on display and I knew then and there, that would be my next piercing.

My wife wasn't sure about that one, but said it was my body so do what I needed to do. For the next two months I researched on the internet and by asking questions at the local store. I watched a Gauntlet video. Feeling confident, I decided to self pierce my PA, but do it right this time!

I bought the piercing kit with a 10g needle and purchased a 10g curved bar bell to insert.

After getting everything sterilized per instructions, I inserted the receiving tube in my urethra and proceeded to pierce through my frenum, but couldn't. I don't know why, but I didn't like that approach. Instead, it made more sense to me to pierce through the urethra and out the frenum. Yes, I'm a control freak and tend to do things MY way.

That worked for me. With a sharp pain, the needle effortlessly slid through the flesh and out the other side. I looked it over as I prepared the jewelry to insert. Following the needle through, the curved barbell slid into place and I screwed the ball on. I had bled about two tablespoons full (I clot very easy).

WOW! I loved the look and feel! My penis was wrapped in layers of gauze and tucked inside my jock strap (I learned this technique from my urologist when he did my vasectomy.

I went to bed and at about 2:00 A.M. woke up with intense pain/pleasure/pressure in my 'down under' regions. As I came to, I remembered what I had done to my friend there and realized he was very hard and needed some relief.

At the toilet, I unwrapped him and when my erection had subsided enough, took my first piss with a PA. I splattered all over the wall and floor. My urine had some dried blood in it, but nothing to worry about. My penis was rewrapped and tucked away till morning.

The next week was great. I loved the sense of something extra being down there.

My after care went without a hitch (except for day six when I got a little carried away and had my first post pierce orgasm. It worked!

My wife loved it and couldn't wait to...well, I won't go into that. Let's just say she enjoys playing with both my rings. A month later, I stretched it to a 10g 3/4 inch curved barbell and that is where it has stayed.

Last year I added two new piercings: a horizontal (CBR) and vertical (barbell) in my right nip (done the right way). No more needle nose pliers and darning needles for me! This really looks hot!

What's next? Not sure, but the Prince's Wand is something that intrigues me. If any of you have one and want to email with your experience, please do. And if any of you are hesitant about getting your first piercing, don't be. Go for it. You won't regret it.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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