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A Professional's Piercings

rofessional's Piercings

A Professional's Piercings

As a 31 year old professional analyst, piercing goes against all of the norms that people come to expect of me. Most professionals are viewed as stuffy, three piece suit, white collar kind of guys. While that may be the appearance from the outside, no one really knows what is hiding under the clothes. That is where I derive a lot of pleasure from my piercings. No one knows but me. Under the uniform, I'm really an adventurous man with metal piercing his body.

I wrestled with the idea of getting a piercing for quite some time. I called tattoo parlors and the likes to ask them if they did piercings. In doing that, I got a referral to a body piercer named Byron Weeks. I have had so much confidence in Byron, not only because he is a member of APP, but because he is a truly good friend as well. Byron and his wife Kelly have been instrumental in opening my views to new and exciting venues. It has been with their encouragement that I have truly become a big fan of piercings.

My first piercing was my left nipple. Not knowing what to expect, I cautiously made an appointment to get the piercing. At first, I was overhwhelmed, because Byron and Kelly were so sincere about wanting me to have a good experience. Byron and I talked about the jewelry (14 GA. Captive Bead Ring), the procedure of the piercing, and the aftercare. Right away, I knew that I was in good hands. He told me and showed me about the extra care the he uses for sterilizing his equipment for my safety and his. So, I go ahead with their piercing.

After the tray was set up, Bryon had me remove my shirt and he began to mark the piercing. After the clamps were in place, he said count to three, take a deep breath, and let it out. In one swift move, the needle pierced my nipple. My body felt a pleasurable fire from head to toe. Then he inserted the jewelry. I was now the proud owner of a pierced nipple. In a short period thereafter, I had my right nipple pierced. Again, the experience was much the same. Purely wonderful.

My next piercing was an ampalang. I wanted it so bad that I finally built the courage to do it. This was Byron's first ampalang, and together we had a really good experience. He marked the piercing, and in no time, I had a neede through the head of my dick. I really got off on knowing that I had something that most men would never even imagine. Unfortunately, my body didn't accept that piercing very well and I had to remove it.

Next, I had two hafada piercings. Again Byron did those.

I kept all of these piercings for quite some time. But then, I had convinced myself that piercing was just a stage for me. I made the worst mistake of my life. I took out all of my piercings and let them heal closed. I still can't believe that I did that.

Well, you can believe that I have started collecting my piercings again. I am now wearing a 10 Ga. Prince Albert. I just can't wait to get it stretched. I'm planning to redo my nipples, and who knows what else it will lead to.

In closing, I want to say that piercing is not only for young kids, rock and roll punks, gays, lesbians, or bikers. It is a very liberating experience for anyone. If you think that you might like a piercing, get one! You can always take it out if you change your mind. If you ever make through Winston-Salem, NC, drop by and see Bryon and Kelly at Earth's Edge. You meet a professional piercer, have a good laugh with Kelly, be exposed to a really nice group of people, and possibly make new friends of life time.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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